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1== CHICKEN Coding Jam 2021
3Due to the current difficulties to have a physical  CHICKEN meetup, there will be
4an online event this year, to get together to discuss the roadmap for the next
5CHICKEN version, and as a general get-together and exchange for the CHICKEN community.
7As we need to set new goals for the next CHICKEN release, this meeting will
8be an opportunity to collect ideas, discuss them and plan how and when to
9implement improvements, bug fixes and/or new features for CHICKEN 6. If you
10have suggestions, please create a document that describes the changes you
11have in mind, ideally as a page in this wiki, the more detailed it is and the more
12thought out, the better, as this makes it easier to assess the feasability and the required work
13for what should go into the next release(s). These projects may be ambitious,
14but if they are, then some thought should have gone into it, in other words:
15just asking for native thread support without some concrete idea of how to
16do that is not going to make it ... :-)
18A dedicated IRC channel on will be announced shortly before the event.
19We plan to use Jitsi video conferencing, the hosting of which is kindly provided by
20[[|bevuta IT GmbH]]. IRC is of course also available for separate
21discussions and frequent consulting of Vandusen in philosophical matters.
23The event will take place from Friday, 9th to Sunday, 11th of April.
25It is planned to start Fridays at noon (UTC) and keep it
26open for 48 hours until Sunday noon, so there will be opportunities to join for people
27of all timezones.
29It would be great if participants are willing to give talks or presentations on interesting
30subjects, please tell us in advance if you'd like to show or present something so we can make up
31a schedule.
33We plan to have an open video-conferencing session on Friday, 9th and Saturday, 10th,
34from 19:00-22:00, where we can discuss things in person (so to speak) and make
35presentations and demonstrations.
37Everybody is welcome, so check your calendars.
39Current list of development proposals:
41* [[/c6-proposal-pump|New event dispatching system]] (by felix)
43Current list of presentations:
45* Testing CHICKEN and eggs (by mario-goulart)
47* Experiences using Chicken in a corporate compute environment for design automation (by Matt Welland): I'll give a quick overview of Megatest, logpro, refdb and sauth and then cover challenges encountered, mistakes made, lessons learned and end with a few thoughts on what might help us from the Chicken side.
49* Towards a better Duckyscript toolchain (by Vasilij "wasamasa" Schneidermann): I'll present [[|plucky]], a [[|Duckyscript]] compiler I wrote out of frustration with the existing toolchain. It processes a BASIC-style language describing human keyboard input, intended to be used for red teaming security assessments.
51* Bintracker: Writing a chiptune music editor in Chicken. (by utz)
53Current list of discussion panels:
55* Discussion on the results of the [[//|State of CHICKEN 2021 survey]]
58More details will follow.
61Till then,
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