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1=== Viking CHICKEN 2014
3Please join us for this Viking CHICKEN event!
5* Start: Wednesday, April 30th
6* End: Sunday, May 4th
7* Where: [[,5.322054&sspn=0.613373,2.108002&hnear=Thorm%C3%B8hlens+Gate+55,+5008+Bergen,+Hordaland,+Norway&t=m&z=16|HÞyteknologisenteret, Room 2142, Bergen, Norway]]
9=== Agenda:
11We're planning to do mostly Lisp workshops, where people work on their favorite eggs, share code and experiences and show off their newest Emacs-shortcuts.
13We have two talks scheduled on Friday 2nd May, starting at 12:00:
14* Lisp for newbies intoductory talk (starting from the basics) (by Adellica)
15* Features of CHICKEN, pros and cons (by Felix Winkelmann)
17There will also be a tour around Bergen for those who wish to join, depending on weather and interest. And we'll taste some local beer!
19=== Attendees
21* Sjamaan
22* Peder Refsnes
23* Kristian Lein-Mathisen
24* Thomas Chust
25* Juergen Lorenz
26* Alexander Shendi
27* Felix Winkelmann
28* Shawn Rutledge
29* Moritz Heidkamp
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