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salmonella-custom-feeds: converted all config files to the new syntax

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1(title "Eggs that Mario is following")
3;; my eggs
4(egg ansi-escape-sequences)
5(egg autoform)
6(egg autoform-jquery)
7(egg autoform-postgresql)
8(egg awful)
9(egg awful-postgresql)
10(egg awful-sql-de-lite)
11(egg awful-sqlite3)
12(egg html-tags)
13(egg html-utils)
14(egg http-session)
15(egg jsmin)
16(egg spiffy-cookies)
17(egg spiffy-directory-listing)
18(egg spiffy-request-vars)
19(egg salmonella)
20(egg slice)
21(egg statvfs)
23;; other persons' eggs that I follow
24(egg qwiki)
25(egg readline)
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