source: project/release/4/sxml-transforms/trunk/sxml-transforms.setup @ 25833

Last change on this file since 25833 was 25833, checked in by Jim Ursetto, 9 years ago

Treat IMG and a few others as inline in entag-xhtml, fixing whitespace issues; also add HTML5 inline elts

File size: 303 bytes
1(compile -s -O2 -d0 -o "" -j sxml-transforms chicken/sxml-transforms.scm)
2(compile -s -O2 -d0 sxml-transforms.import.scm)
4(install-extension 'sxml-transforms
5  `(""
6    "" )
7  `((version "1.4.1")
8    (documentation "sxml-transforms.html")))
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