source: project/release/4/qwiki/trunk/qwiki.setup @ 15351

Last change on this file since 15351 was 15351, checked in by sjamaan, 12 years ago

Move the SXML rules into their own file, and update them to make complete and correct HTML pages (assuming a complete SXML ruleset for the output of wiki-parse)

File size: 306 bytes
[15329]1(compile -s -O2 qwiki.scm -j qwiki)
2(compile -s -O2 qwiki.import.scm)
[15351]4(compile -s -O2 qwiki-sxml.scm -j qwiki)
5(compile -s -O2 qwiki-sxml.import.scm)
8  'qwiki
[15351]9  '("" "" "" "")
[15329]10  `((version 0.1)
11    (documentation "qwiki.html")))
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