source: project/release/4/parley/trunk/parley.setup @ 24830

Last change on this file since 24830 was 24830, checked in by Christian Kellermann, 10 years ago

parley: now nestable, will mimick csi's behaviour when reading from stdin

Parley can now be called within csi, it will always resort to the last
usable input port (which should be a port that can be converted to a
file descriptor)

Also this fixes corner cases when cat'ing scripts to csi from stdin.

Nesting now also works for "dumb" terminals.

And while i was at it I fixed the loop.scm example so it will properly
terminate on #!eof.

Bump version to 0.6

File size: 145 bytes
1(compile -s "parley.scm" -J)
2(compile -s "parley.import.scm")
5 'parley
6 '("" "")
7 '((version 0.6)))
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