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update (almost) all eggs' meta files to include a complete (files ...) entry for compatibility with THE SYSTEM

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1;;; dbus.meta -*- Scheme -*-
3((synopsis "A binding for libdbus, the IPC mechanism")
4 (category os)
5 (license "MIT")
6 (depends easyffi protobj matchable miscmacros foreigners)
7 (doc-from-wiki)
8 (author "Shawn Rutledge")
9 (files "dbus.meta" "dbus.release-info" "doc/api.txt" "examples/send-car-turn.scm" "examples/receive-car-turn.scm" "examples/introspect-phonekit.scm" "examples/send-signal.scm" "examples/send-example-query.scm" "examples/introspect-services.scm" "examples/listen-example.scm" "examples/receive-signal.scm" "examples/introspect-hal.scm" "examples/introspect-avahi.scm" "examples/paranoid-android.scm" "dbus.setup" "dbus.scm"))
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