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colorize: Improve support for Scheme keyword syntax

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2(use irregex) ; irregex, the regular expression library, is one of the
3              ; libraries included with CHICKEN.
5(define (process-line line re rplc)
6  (irregex-replace/all re line rplc))
8(define (quickrep re #!key rplc)
9  (let ((line (read-line)))
10    (if (not (eof-object? line))
11        (begin
12          (display (process-line line re rplc))
13          (newline)
14          (quickrep re rplc)))))
16;;; Does a lousy job of error checking!
17(define (main args)
18  (quickrep (irregex (car args)) rplc: (cadr args)))
19(define (alternative-main args)
20  (quickrep (irregex (car args)) #:rplc (cadr args)))
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