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Last change on this file since 25601 was 25601, checked in by Jim Ursetto, 9 years ago

chickadee 0.9.11: Improve response time & Firefox rendering with <script> at end; fix TOC flash

Move <script>s to end of HTML, improving responsiveness, avoiding starting mid-page
in Firefox, and correcting flash of unhidden TOC. Introduce js/no-js class into
<html> a la Modernizr, though we do it with a one-line inline script.

File size: 673 bytes
1;;; -*- scheme -*-
3((egg "chickadee.egg")
4 (synopsis "chicken-doc web server")
5 (author "Jim Ursetto")
6 (category doc-tools)
7 (license "BSD")
8 (doc-from-wiki)
9 (needs matchable uri-common intarweb
10        (spiffy 4.8) spiffy-request-vars
11        (chicken-doc 0.4.0)
12        sxml-transforms uri-generic (chicken-doc-admin 0.4.0) 
13        (chicken-doc-html 0.2.4))
14 (files "chickadee-cmd.scm" "chickadee-config.scm" "chickadee-driver-3e8.scm" "chickadee.setup" "chickadee.release-info" "jquery.metadata.min.js" "chickadee.meta" "mag.png" "chickadee.js" "chickadee.scm" "chickadee-config-nginx.scm" "" "chickadee-jquery.js" "chickadee.css" "chickadee-driver.scm"))
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