Ticket #647: run-salmonella.log.txt

File run-salmonella.log.txt, 12.2 KB (added by Mario Domenech Goulart, 13 years ago)
2rm -rf salmonella-report
4rm -rf /root/salmonella/chicken-core
6rm -rf henrietta-cache.log
8rm -rf make-check.out.txt
10git clone -b master http://code.call-cc.org/git/chicken-core.git
12svn up --username anonymous --password ''
13wget --user=anonymous --password= http://code.call-cc.org/svn/chicken-eggs/release/4/egg-locations -O /root/salmonella/egg-locations
14/usr/local/chicken-4.6.0rc1/bin/henrietta-cache -c /root/salmonella/chicken-eggs -e /root/salmonella/egg-locations
16touch *.scm
18make PLATFORM=linux CHICKEN=/usr/local/chicken-4.6.0rc1/bin/chicken boot-chicken
20touch *.scm
22make PLATFORM=linux PREFIX=/root/salmonella/chicken CHICKEN=./chicken-boot spotless install
24make PLATFORM=linux PREFIX=/root/salmonella/chicken check
25Command 'make PLATFORM=linux PREFIX=/root/salmonella/chicken check' exited abnormally with status 2
26make -f ./Makefile.linux CONFIG= check
27make[1]: Entering directory `/root/salmonella/chicken-core'
28cd tests; sh runtests.sh
29copying required files to /root/salmonella/chicken-core/tests/test-repository ...
30  cp -r /root/salmonella/chicken/lib/chicken/6/setup-api.so /root/salmonella/chicken-core/tests/test-repository
31  cp -r /root/salmonella/chicken/lib/chicken/6/setup-api.import.so /root/salmonella/chicken-core/tests/test-repository
32  cp -r /root/salmonella/chicken/lib/chicken/6/setup-download.so /root/salmonella/chicken-core/tests/test-repository
33  cp -r /root/salmonella/chicken/lib/chicken/6/setup-download.import.so /root/salmonella/chicken-core/tests/test-repository
34  cp -r /root/salmonella/chicken/lib/chicken/6/chicken.import.so /root/salmonella/chicken-core/tests/test-repository
35  cp -r /root/salmonella/chicken/lib/chicken/6/lolevel.import.so /root/salmonella/chicken-core/tests/test-repository
36  cp -r /root/salmonella/chicken/lib/chicken/6/srfi-1.import.so /root/salmonella/chicken-core/tests/test-repository
37  cp -r /root/salmonella/chicken/lib/chicken/6/srfi-4.import.so /root/salmonella/chicken-core/tests/test-repository
38  cp -r /root/salmonella/chicken/lib/chicken/6/data-structures.import.so /root/salmonella/chicken-core/tests/test-repository
39  cp -r /root/salmonella/chicken/lib/chicken/6/ports.import.so /root/salmonella/chicken-core/tests/test-repository
40  cp -r /root/salmonella/chicken/lib/chicken/6/files.import.so /root/salmonella/chicken-core/tests/test-repository
41  cp -r /root/salmonella/chicken/lib/chicken/6/posix.import.so /root/salmonella/chicken-core/tests/test-repository
42  cp -r /root/salmonella/chicken/lib/chicken/6/srfi-13.import.so /root/salmonella/chicken-core/tests/test-repository
43  cp -r /root/salmonella/chicken/lib/chicken/6/srfi-69.import.so /root/salmonella/chicken-core/tests/test-repository
44  cp -r /root/salmonella/chicken/lib/chicken/6/extras.import.so /root/salmonella/chicken-core/tests/test-repository
45  cp -r /root/salmonella/chicken/lib/chicken/6/srfi-14.import.so /root/salmonella/chicken-core/tests/test-repository
46  cp -r /root/salmonella/chicken/lib/chicken/6/tcp.import.so /root/salmonella/chicken-core/tests/test-repository
47  cp -r /root/salmonella/chicken/lib/chicken/6/foreign.import.so /root/salmonella/chicken-core/tests/test-repository
48  cp -r /root/salmonella/chicken/lib/chicken/6/scheme.import.so /root/salmonella/chicken-core/tests/test-repository
49  cp -r /root/salmonella/chicken/lib/chicken/6/srfi-18.import.so /root/salmonella/chicken-core/tests/test-repository
50  cp -r /root/salmonella/chicken/lib/chicken/6/utils.import.so /root/salmonella/chicken-core/tests/test-repository
51  cp -r /root/salmonella/chicken/lib/chicken/6/csi.import.so /root/salmonella/chicken-core/tests/test-repository
52  cp -r /root/salmonella/chicken/lib/chicken/6/irregex.import.so /root/salmonella/chicken-core/tests/test-repository
53  cp -r /root/salmonella/chicken/lib/chicken/6/types.db /root/salmonella/chicken-core/tests/test-repository
54======================================== compiler tests ...
55../chicken compiler-tests.scm -output-file a.c -include-path ..
56gcc a.c -o a.o -c  -fno-strict-aliasing -fwrapv -DHAVE_CHICKEN_CONFIG_H -DC_ENABLE_PTABLES -Os -fomit-frame-pointer -I.. -I"/root/salmonella/chicken/include/chicken"
57rm a.c
58gcc a.o -o a.out -L.. -L"/root/salmonella/chicken/lib"  -Wl,-R"/root/salmonella/chicken/lib" -lchicken -lm -ldl
59rm a.o
661 2 3
671 2 3 :1:2:3
681 2 3
69Good, unrepresentable C strings cause errors
70======================================== compiler tests (unboxing) ...
71../chicken compiler-tests-3.scm -output-file a.c -include-path .. -unsafe -unboxing
72gcc a.c -o a.o -c  -fno-strict-aliasing -fwrapv -DHAVE_CHICKEN_CONFIG_H -DC_ENABLE_PTABLES -Os -fomit-frame-pointer -I.. -I"/root/salmonella/chicken/include/chicken"
73rm a.c
74gcc a.o -o a.out -L.. -L"/root/salmonella/chicken/lib"  -Wl,-R"/root/salmonella/chicken/lib" -lchicken -lm -ldl
75rm a.o
76======================================== compiler inlining tests  ...
77../chicken inlining-tests.scm -output-file a.c -include-path .. -optimize-level 3
78gcc a.c -o a.o -c  -fno-strict-aliasing -fwrapv -DHAVE_CHICKEN_CONFIG_H -DC_ENABLE_PTABLES -Os -fomit-frame-pointer -I.. -I"/root/salmonella/chicken/include/chicken"
79rm a.c
80gcc a.o -o a.out -L.. -L"/root/salmonella/chicken/lib"  -Wl,-R"/root/salmonella/chicken/lib" -lchicken -lm -ldl
81rm a.o
82======================================== scrutiny tests ...
83../chicken scrutiny-tests.scm -output-file a.c -include-path .. -scrutinize -analyze-only -ignore-repository -types ../types.db
84======================================== callback tests ...
85../chicken callback-tests.scm -output-file a.c -include-path ..
86gcc a.c -o a.o -c  -fno-strict-aliasing -fwrapv -DHAVE_CHICKEN_CONFIG_H -DC_ENABLE_PTABLES -Os -fomit-frame-pointer -I.. -I"/root/salmonella/chicken/include/chicken"
87rm a.c
88gcc a.o -o a.out -L.. -L"/root/salmonella/chicken/lib"  -Wl,-R"/root/salmonella/chicken/lib" -lchicken -lm -ldl
89rm a.o
90callbacks ...
92callbacks ...
95[panic] callback returned twice - execution terminated
97callback-tests.scm:16: print
100callback-tests.scm:7: call/cc
101callback-tests.scm:9: print
102callback-tests.scm:19: command-line-arguments
103callback-tests.scm:20: k1
104callback-tests.scm:9: print     <--
105double-return from callback failed as it should.
106======================================== runtime tests ...
107many arguments supported.
108../chicken test-gc-hooks.scm -output-file a.c -include-path ..
109gcc a.c -o a.o -c  -fno-strict-aliasing -fwrapv -DHAVE_CHICKEN_CONFIG_H -DC_ENABLE_PTABLES -Os -fomit-frame-pointer -I.. -I"/root/salmonella/chicken/include/chicken"
110rm a.c
111gcc a.o -o a.out -L.. -L"/root/salmonella/chicken/lib"  -Wl,-R"/root/salmonella/chicken/lib" -lchicken -lm -ldl
112rm a.o
113major gc ...
114>>>>> GC pre hook - mode=0, count=0
115[GC] level  1   gcs(minor)  4   gcs(major)  1
116[GC] stack      0xbfb53a20      0xbfb67ab0      0xbfb73a20
117[GC]  from      0x404c5008      0x404da6d8      0x40502098      0x000156d0
118[GC]    to      0x40487008      0x40487008      0x404c4098
119[GC] 0 locatives (from 32)
120<<<<< GC post hook - mode=1, count=0, ms=0
121minor gc ...
122>>>>> GC pre hook - mode=0, count=0
123<<<<< GC post hook - mode=0, count=0, ms=0
124alloc ...
125>>>>> GC pre hook - mode=0, count=0
126[GC] level  1   gcs(minor)  1   gcs(major)  2
127[GC] stack      0xbfb53a20      0xbfb72600      0xbfb73a20
128[GC]  from      0x40487008      0x4049c6d8      0x404c4098      0x000156d0
129[GC]    to      0x404c5008      0x404c5008      0x40502098
130[GC] 0 locatives (from 32)
131<<<<< GC post hook - mode=1, count=0, ms=0
132>>>>> GC pre hook - mode=2, count=0
133[GC] (old) fromspace:   start=0x40487008,       limit=0x404c4098
134[GC] (old) tospace:     start=0x404c5008,       limit=0x40502098
135[GC] resized heap to 11000004 bytes
136[GC] (new) fromspace:   start=0x40503008,       limit=0x40a41c6a
137[GC] (new) tospace:     start=0x40a42008,       limit=0x40f80c6a
138<<<<< GC post hook - mode=2, count=0, ms=0
139>>>>> GC pre hook - mode=2, count=0
140[GC] (old) fromspace:   start=0x40503008,       limit=0x40a41c6a
141[GC] (old) tospace:     start=0x40a42008,       limit=0x40f80c6a
142[GC] resized heap to 32000012 bytes
143[GC] (new) fromspace:   start=0x40f81008,       limit=0x41ec340e
144[GC] (new) tospace:     start=0x41ec4008,       limit=0x42e0640e
145<<<<< GC post hook - mode=2, count=0, ms=0
146resize ...
147>>>>> GC pre hook - mode=2, count=0
148[GC] (old) fromspace:   start=0x40f81008,       limit=0x41ec340e
149[GC] (old) tospace:     start=0x41ec4008,       limit=0x42e0640e
150[GC] resized heap to 64000024 bytes
151[GC] (new) fromspace:   start=0x42e07008,       limit=0x44c8b814
152[GC] (new) tospace:     start=0x40487008,       limit=0x4230b814
153<<<<< GC post hook - mode=2, count=0, ms=0
154major gc ...
155>>>>> GC pre hook - mode=0, count=0
156>>>>> GC pre hook - mode=2, count=1
157[GC] (old) fromspace:   start=0x42e07008,       limit=0x44c8b814
158[GC] (old) tospace:     start=0x40487008,       limit=0x4230b814
159[GC] resized heap to 32000012 bytes
160[GC] (new) fromspace:   start=0x44c8c008,       limit=0x45bce40e
161[GC] (new) tospace:     start=0x40487008,       limit=0x413c940e
162<<<<< GC post hook - mode=2, count=1, ms=0
163[GC] level  1   gcs(minor)  0   gcs(major)  3
164[GC] stack      0xbfb53a20      0xbfb71320      0xbfb73a20
165[GC]  from      0x44c8c008      0x44ca16d8      0x45bce40e      0x000156d0
166[GC]    to      0x40487008      0x40487008      0x413c940e
167[GC] 0 locatives (from 32)
168<<<<< GC post hook - mode=1, count=0, ms=0
169minor gc ...
170>>>>> GC pre hook - mode=0, count=0
171<<<<< GC post hook - mode=0, count=0, ms=48
172>>>>> GC pre hook - mode=0, count=0
173>>>>> GC pre hook - mode=2, count=1
174[GC] (old) fromspace:   start=0x44c8c008,       limit=0x45bce40e
175[GC] (old) tospace:     start=0x40487008,       limit=0x413c940e
176[GC] resized heap to 16000006 bytes
177[GC] (new) fromspace:   start=0x413ca008,       limit=0x41b6b20b
178[GC] (new) tospace:     start=0x40487008,       limit=0x40c2820b
179<<<<< GC post hook - mode=2, count=1, ms=0
180[GC] level  1   gcs(minor)  1   gcs(major)  4
181[GC] stack      0xbfb53a20      0xbfb73610      0xbfb73a20
182[GC]  from      0x413ca008      0x413df704      0x41b6b20b      0x000156fc
183[GC]    to      0x40487008      0x40487008      0x40c2820b
184[GC] 0 locatives (from 32)
185<<<<< GC post hook - mode=1, count=0, ms=0
186======================================== library tests ...
187../chicken records-and-setters-test.scm -output-file a.c -include-path ..
188gcc a.c -o a.o -c  -fno-strict-aliasing -fwrapv -DHAVE_CHICKEN_CONFIG_H -DC_ENABLE_PTABLES -Os -fomit-frame-pointer -I.. -I"/root/salmonella/chicken/include/chicken"
189rm a.c
190gcc a.o -o a.out -L.. -L"/root/salmonella/chicken/lib"  -Wl,-R"/root/salmonella/chicken/lib" -lchicken -lm -ldl
191rm a.o
192======================================== reader tests ...
193======================================== dynamic-wind tests ...
194../chicken dwindtst.scm -output-file a.c -include-path ..
195gcc a.c -o a.o -c  -fno-strict-aliasing -fwrapv -DHAVE_CHICKEN_CONFIG_H -DC_ENABLE_PTABLES -Os -fomit-frame-pointer -I.. -I"/root/salmonella/chicken/include/chicken"
196rm a.c
197gcc a.o -o a.out -L.. -L"/root/salmonella/chicken/lib"  -Wl,-R"/root/salmonella/chicken/lib" -lchicken -lm -ldl
198rm a.o
199*** Skipping "feeley-dynwind" for now ***
200======================================== lolevel tests ...
201../chicken lolevel-tests.scm -output-file a.c -include-path ..
202gcc a.c -o a.o -c  -fno-strict-aliasing -fwrapv -DHAVE_CHICKEN_CONFIG_H -DC_ENABLE_PTABLES -Os -fomit-frame-pointer -I.. -I"/root/salmonella/chicken/include/chicken"
203rm a.c
204gcc a.o -o a.out -L.. -L"/root/salmonella/chicken/lib"  -Wl,-R"/root/salmonella/chicken/lib" -lchicken -lm -ldl
205rm a.o
206======================================== arithmetic tests ...
207======================================== pretty-printer tests ...
208======================================== syntax tests ...
210Error: unbound variable: bar
212        Call history:
214        <syntax>          (##core#if (not540 (equal?541 (quote (1 2 3 a)) tmp538)) (error542 "test failed" (quote (1 2 3 a)) t......
215        <syntax>          (not540 (equal?541 (quote (1 2 3 a)) tmp538))
216        <syntax>          (equal?541 (quote (1 2 3 a)) tmp538)
217        <syntax>          (quote (1 2 3 a))
218        <syntax>          (##core#quote (1 2 3 a))
219        <syntax>          (error542 "test failed" (quote (1 2 3 a)) tmp538 (quote543 (foo a)))
220        <syntax>          (quote (1 2 3 a))
221        <syntax>          (##core#quote (1 2 3 a))
222        <syntax>          (quote543 (foo a))
223        <syntax>          (##core#quote (foo a))
224        <syntax>          (pp544 tmp538)
225        <syntax>          (foo a)
226        <eval>    (##sys#list (##core#quote bar) (##core#quote a) (cadr x))
227        <eval>    (cadr x)
228        <syntax>          (bar548 a547 a)
229        <eval>    (bar548 a547 a)       <--
232(M1: (m1 n))
239(1 2 3 a)
240(1 2 3 a)
241make[1]: *** [check] Error 70
242make[1]: Leaving directory `/root/salmonella/chicken-core'
243make: *** [check] Error 2