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  • scripts/make-egg-rss-feed.scm

    diff --git a/scripts/make-egg-rss-feed.scm b/scripts/make-egg-rss-feed.scm
    index 4ecde7b..1e04e49 100644
    a b  
    6363(define (channel title)
    6464  (let ((date (seconds->string (current-seconds))))
    6565    `((title ,title)
    66       (link "http://galinha.ucpel.tche.br/chicken-projects/egg-rss-feed-4.xml")
     66      (link "http://wiki.call-cc.org/chicken-projects/egg-rss-feed-4.xml")
    6767      (description "RSS feed for publishing latest CHICKEN extensions")
    6868      (language "en-us")
    69       (copyright "(c)2009 The CHICKEN Team")
     69      (copyright "(c)2010 The CHICKEN Team")
    7070      (pubDate ,date)
    7171      (lastBuildDate ,date))))
    9292                                  (c (assq c1 +categories+)))
    9393                             (if c (cadr c) (sprintf "unknown category: ~a" c1)))))
    9494          (guid (@ (isPermaLink "false")) ,(symbol->string (car egg)))
    95           (link ,(sprintf "http://chicken.wiki.br/eggref/~a/~a" *major-version* (car egg)))
     95          (link ,(sprintf "http://wiki.call-cc.org/eggref/~a/~a" *major-version* (car egg)))
    9696          (description ,(prop 'synopsis "unknown" string?))
    9797          (author ,(prop 'author "unknown" name?))))))
    9898   eggs))