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Ticket Summary Milestone Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#1193 Ambiguity in csc's command line options 5.0 core tools 4.9.x defect new 05/24/15
#1196 Static compilation doesn't respect $LIBDIR. someday build system 4.9.x defect new 06/24/15
#1204 chicken-install permissions with executables someday unknown 4.9.x defect new 07/26/15
#1235 Issue with parameters someday core libraries 4.10.x defect new 12/15/15
#1252 utf8-srfi-13 string-index-right treats bounds differently to srfi-13 someday extensions 4.10.x defect ashinn assigned 01/06/16
#1262 suspension tests: assertion failure: Low-level type assertion C_blockp((C_word)C_VAL1(C__PREV_TMPST.n1))=#t someday extensions 4.10.x defect felix new 02/25/16
#1291 lowdown: markdown->sxml produces unnormalised SXML someday extensions 4.10.x defect syn assigned 05/26/16
#1313 map/for-each sometimes misbehave in interpreted code someday unknown 4.11.0 defect new 08/13/16
#1346 define-external variables can't be exported someday compiler 4.12.0 defect new 02/26/17
#1350 Static linking is broken on Solaris someday unknown 4.12.0 defect new 03/08/17
#1399 Scrutinizer produces incorrect procedure types after merge 4.13.0 scrutinizer 4.12.0 defect new 09/09/17
#988 Add drop-prefix to import specifiers 5.1 unknown 4.8.x enhancement new 02/21/13
#1222 Rework error handling to make it work better with non-POSIX functions 5.1 core libraries enhancement new 10/31/15
#744 spock: implement non-trivial example and test on all platforms extensions 4.7.x task felix assigned 12/13/11
#125 cross-chicken should prefer loading uncompiled import libraries 5.1 core tools 4.2.x defect assigned 11/21/09
#1220 Problems with chicken-status -f after using chicken-install -p someday unknown 4.10.x defect ckeen reopened 09/11/15
#1307 invalid number of parameters in install target on Windows someday build system 4.11.0 defect new 07/20/16
#1340 Unable to compile a mathh gama instruction at or above optimize-level 3 4.13.0 unknown 4.11.0 defect new 01/16/17
#1363 when compiled, set! will clobber previous lambda-info's 5.1 unknown defect new 04/13/17
#1370 Build-dependencies between import libraries and core units don't seem to be completely right 5.0 build system 5.0 defect new 05/09/17
#1371 locative table is only grown, never shrunk 5.1 core libraries 4.12.0 defect new 05/12/17
#258 z3 egg improvements extensions enhancement zbigniew new 05/29/10
#739 Allow more specific foreign types compiler 4.7.x enhancement felix new 12/11/11
#757 provide ##core#inline-routines for cheap SRFI-4 vector primitives 5.1 compiler 4.7.x enhancement felix new 12/17/11
#938 Feature Request: Load type files for units 5.1 compiler 4.8.x enhancement felix assigned 10/21/12
#957 crunch: multi-arg primitives could be simulated via syntax someday extensions 4.8.x enhancement felix new 12/06/12
#1176 Support capturing multiple value type in `forall`, etc. someday scrutinizer 4.9.x enhancement new 01/12/15
#1225 Strange static compilation behaviour someday compiler 4.10.x enhancement new 11/19/15
#1311 feathers: Implement "Next" someday core tools 4.11.0 enhancement new 08/11/16
#1383 Add unexport form for modules someday compiler 5.0 enhancement new 07/04/17
#1155 values and the scrutinizer someday scrutinizer 4.9.x defect new 09/19/14
#237 extend chicken-install functionality core tools 4.5.0 enhancement new 05/15/10
#349 think about keeping statistics of explicit extension downloads infrastructure 4.5.x enhancement new 08/22/10
#736 make CHICKEN_REPOSITORY support a search path 5.0 core libraries enhancement zbigniew assigned 12/06/11
#741 add compiler option for selective profiling compiler 4.7.x enhancement felix new 12/12/11
#776 shared lib link arguments in makefile are not transmitted to eggs build system 4.7.x enhancement new 01/13/12
#809 allow to specify argument-type enforcement in type signatures compiler 4.7.x enhancement felix assigned 04/07/12
#264 try setting up cross-chicken for a windows target documentation 4.5.x task assigned 06/03/10

Estimated difficulty: hard (37 matches)

Ticket Summary Milestone Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#768 s11n: reconstruction of hash-tables incorrect on de-serialization extensions 4.7.x defect new 12/30/11
#1112 Figure out a way to safely release objects someday core libraries 4.8.x defect new 04/16/14
#1236 equal? can break at random moments someday core libraries 4.10.x defect new 12/22/15
#488 SLIME completion does not complete up to first non-unique point in string extensions 4.6.x defect nickg new 01/30/11
#813 Extension tiger-hash fails on big-endian machines extensions 4.7.x defect kon accepted 04/07/12
#960 Need API to box and unbox FILE* pointers as Scheme ports someday core libraries 4.8.x defect new 12/18/12
#961 option quoting in csc is a complete mess 5.0 core tools 4.8.x defect new 12/27/12
#1113 chicken-install -s should not use sudo if it is not necessary someday unknown 4.8.x defect new 04/17/14
#1128 stty termios struct, add feature test for speed attributes someday extensions 4.9.x defect ashinn new 06/03/14
#1132 Expansion of internal definitions ignores import status/redefinition of `define` et al. someday expander 4.9.x defect new 06/14/14
#1145 Issue with matchable and the module system someday extensions 4.9.x defect sjamaan assigned 08/05/14
#1166 Globally defining an identifier previously bound to a macro should shadow the macro fully 5.1 expander defect sjamaan new 10/29/14
#1172 The overhead of loading import files is noticable 5.1 core libraries 4.9.x defect new 12/09/14
#1218 chicken-install may fail if TMPDIR is mounted noexec (depending on setup-file details) 5.0 extensions 4.10.x defect new 08/29/15
#1226 This code will trigger an inlining loop someday compiler 4.10.x defect new 11/27/15
#1294 define-record-printer messes with internal defines 5.1 expander 4.11.0 defect new 05/29/16
#1295 module-environment use with macros someday core libraries 4.11.0 defect new 06/07/16
#1303 File ports should be nonblocking someday unknown 4.11.0 defect new 06/30/16
#1320 henrietta-cache & openssl crash someday extensions 4.11.0 defect new 08/26/16
#1323 Teach compiler that fold and map with clean procedure is itself clean someday compiler 4.11.0 defect new 08/29/16
#1343 Unable to create R7RS libraries which don't import quote someday unknown 4.11.0 defect new 01/30/17
#1355 define strips hygiene from defined identifiers at top-level 5.0 expander 4.12.0 defect new 03/20/17
#1374 `display' issue with UTF-8 someday core libraries 4.12.0 defect new 05/27/17
#951 print-length-limit someday core libraries 4.8.x defect new 11/08/12
#985 read-line blocks intermittantly on Atom based netbook someday unknown 4.8.x defect kiatoa assigned 02/18/13
#1258 At higher optimization levels, some scrutiny warnings disappear 5.0 scrutinizer 5.0 defect new 02/12/16
#1287 csc -deploy fails with modules someday unknown 4.10.x defect new 05/23/16
#1302 Syntax error for csc -postlude '(main)' someday unknown 4.11.0 defect new 06/17/16
#1198 Allow `the` to override inferred types someday scrutinizer 4.9.x enhancement new 07/05/15
#1215 Warn about too specific type declarations someday scrutinizer 4.10.x enhancement new 08/25/15
#1286 define-constant and define-inline should shadow imported identifiers 5.0 compiler 4.10.x enhancement new 05/22/16
#1354 Clean up the expander a bit 5.1 expander 5.0 task sjamaan new 03/18/17
#760 allow exporting compiler syntax compiler 4.7.x enhancement felix new 12/20/11
#767 random seed should be more random core libraries 4.7.x enhancement assigned 12/29/11
#958 continue compilation for toplevel forms, if possible someday compiler 4.8.x enhancement felix new 12/12/12
#1061 syntax-rules should be able to automatically determine implicit exports someday expander 4.8.x enhancement new 11/08/13
#1134 with-input-from-pipe should be rewritten so it does not block someday core libraries 4.9.x enhancement new 06/25/14

Estimated difficulty: insane (9 matches)

Ticket Summary Milestone Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#1131 Kill ##sys#alias-global-hook with fire 5.1 unknown 4.9.x defect new 06/09/14
#1293 eq?-hash tables calculcate different value for objects after they're mutated and lose locatives after GC someday core libraries 4.10.x defect new 05/27/16
#991 spiffy-request-vars' test fails sometimes someday unknown 4.8.x defect reopened 03/01/13
#1077 Symbols containing newlines don't get quoted by write 5.1 core libraries 4.8.x defect sjamaan new 11/27/13
#1217 Unit Posix time/date behaviors differ across operating systems someday core libraries 4.9.x defect new 08/28/15
#1259 slow polling someday core libraries 4.10.x enhancement new 02/19/16
#1339 char-ready? returns #f even when input is available 5.0 core libraries 4.11.0 defect new 01/11/17
#872 run finalizers in a dedicated thread unknown 4.7.x task new 06/19/12
#1367 Possible memory leak related to mutexes 4.13.0 core libraries 4.12.0 defect new 05/04/17
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