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#121 srfi-19 dumps core in response to bad arguments defect major extensions
#124 `-force' should override check of chicken version in `chicken-install' defect minor core-pending
#126 don't use internal hook in tinyclos for instance foreign type defect not urgent at all core-pending
#127 use internal form of 'syntax' to avoid capturing defect minor core-pending
#128 remove read-syntax for `syntax' task minor core-pending
#129 `cond-expand' doesn't work when introduced by macro defect major core-pending
#139 wrong nesting in irc egg defect minor extensions
#140 "make clean" does not clean up generated files setup-api.import.scm and setup-download.import.scm defect major build system
#159 chicken-install fails to check required versions properly defect critical core tools
#166 on windows, extensions and import-libraries are not linked with the correct library defect major build system
#179 add `platform` extension property enhancement minor core tools
#182 enable terminal-port? on windows enhancement minor core libraries
#183 symbols starting with # do not have read-write invariance defect minor core libraries
#184 NetBSD is omitted from list of ELF platforms in csc defect major 4.5.0 unknown
#189 "Deployment" page from the User's Manual TOC (wiki) points to an empty page defect minor documentation
#190 sandbox egg seems to endlessly loop when loaded on chicken 4.4.0 defect major extensions
#192 Only the last clause in COND may be an ELSE clause defect minor 4.5.0 compiler
#194 chicken-install -test should not apply to dependencies defect minor 4.5.0 core tools
#201 lazy-ffi: ##sys#cons-flonum doesn't exist anymore defect major 4.5.0 extensions
#204 "Shell argument quoting" section is duplicated in "Unit utils" defect minor documentation
#205 number->string does not accept abritrary radixes enhancement not urgent at all 4.5.0 unknown
#212 expand* and ppexpand* break on the "and" macro defect minor extensions
#213 csc compilation fails on cygwin defect major 4.5.0 core tools
#214 NEWS for 4.4.5 and 4.4.6 are the same defect minor infrastructure
#217 peek-char works incorrectly for tcp ports defect major core libraries
#222 Export `ssax:warn' enhancement major extensions
#223 unbound proc error in alist->hash-table defect major unknown
#226 register `chicken-MAJOR.MINOR` feature identifier enhancement not urgent at all core libraries
#230 find-files doesn't see dotfiles defect minor core libraries
#236 extend "list" command for henrietta CGI enhancement minor infrastructure
#239 errors in record-printers give "error in error" error defect minor core libraries
#244 Update "Release policy" wiki page defect minor documentation
#253 README mentions the subversion repo for Chicken defect minor documentation
#269 Maybe better message for minimum extension requirements enhancement not urgent at all core libraries
#270 Wiki menu task major infrastructure
#275 when giving a read-error for a missing closing delimiter, show line of opening one enhancement minor core libraries
#280 assert should show source-location info, if possible enhancement minor core libraries
#288 remove "outer" bindings for non-standard procedures in library procedure definitions task not urgent at all core libraries
#289 use fixed-argc C_inline routines for vector/list/##sys#make-structure enhancement not urgent at all compiler
#292 clarify use if import libraries when compiling modules defect minor documentation
#298 SRFI-18 time objects store time span as fixnums, which can overflow defect critical core libraries
#299 Should "Getting Started" (manual) mention bind instead of easyffi? enhancement minor documentation
#300 allow reading without "hanging" enhancement not urgent at all core libraries
#302 `cpu-time' must handle fixnum overflow defect major unknown
#303 amb does not fail when there's no acceptable values defect minor extensions
#315 make parameters settable enhancement not urgent at all core libraries
#316 spiffy hangs sometimes defect critical extensions
#318 if `-force' is given, continue installation of extensions even if building one ore more fails enhancement minor core tools
#319 make `thread-specific`settable enhancement not urgent at all core libraries
#320 The require-library ID & import IMPORT module name forms are disjoint enhancement not urgent at all 4.9.0 unknown
#326 error in `compile' in setup-api shouldn't call `reset' defect minor core tools
#333 read/write invariance on symbols consisting of digits defect minor core libraries
#334 turn henrietta into an extension task minor infrastructure
#339 port dbus egg to chicken 4 task minor extensions
#340 Spiffy hangs occasionally (again!) defect critical wiki
#362 Official CHICKEN capitalization task major 4.10.0 unknown
#386 install HTML manual with chicken distribution defect minor documentation
#390 C_mutate can omit registering mutation if value is identical enhancement not urgent at all 4.9.0 core libraries
#391 3rd argument to hash-table-update! should be required task not urgent at all core libraries
#393 chicken-install error when explicit verno & > 1 extension defect minor 4.9.0 infrastructure
#400 fix extensions that refer to the regex library unit using `(declare (uses ...))' defect critical extensions
#402 string-match is not identical to string-search even with regexp defect minor 4.9.0 unknown
#408 `define-record' should allow using SRFI-17 setters enhancement not urgent at all unknown
#409 bind: add support for more types task minor extensions
#410 chicken-install question does ignore abort defect major 4.9.0 unknown
#413 integer64 not working with let-location defect major 4.9.0 unknown
#418 csi unable to load core libraries in 4.6.0 on amd64 defect major 4.9.0 core libraries
#421 #!optional arguments are not "evaluated in an environment in which all previous parameters have been bound." defect major 4.9.0 expander
#427 salmonella does not report errors in .meta files. defect minor infrastructure
#428 Escape control characters in printed representation of symbols defect minor 4.9.0 core libraries
#430 commit cbb27fe380ff8e45cdf04d812e1ec649bf45ca47 not (always) compatible with DSSSL key arguments defect critical 4.9.0 compiler
#434 feature for irregex enhancement major 4.9.0 unknown
#438 clean target removes generated setup-api DISTFILEs defect minor 4.9.0 build system
#441 equal? may not recurse into closures change request major 4.9.0 core libraries
#447 Inconsistency when calling set-finalizer! multiple times on the same object defect major 4.9.0 unknown
#448 Spiffy: allow code to be executed after dropping privileges and before accepting connections enhancement major 4.9.0 extensions
#449 csc doesn't handle relative paths correctly defect major 4.9.0 compiler
#452 FIXMEs in Manual's "Data representation" chapter defect major 4.9.0 documentation
#457 srfi-18 time->seconds not returning seconds. defect major 4.9.0 core libraries
#459 -picky shouldn't warn when other path also returns an undefined value? defect minor 4.9.0 compiler
#461 undefined symbol compiling genturfa'i after updating Chicken defect major 4.9.0 compiler
#466 csc -gui broken (OS X) defect minor 4.9.0 compiler
#470 locale egg should rename getenv calls defect minor 4.9.0 extensions
#479 bind egg should support ___blob enhancement minor 4.9.0 extensions
#480 utf8 egg noop->void in experimental branch. defect major 4.9.0 extensions
#484 -scrutinize not properly expanding match macro. defect major 4.9.0 compiler
#487 matchable: crash matching a symbol when a production contains |...| defect major 4.9.0 extensions
#497 cairo egg install broken defect major 4.9.0 unknown
#499 load .types files for all requirements enhancement minor core tools
#506 pretty-print does not escape strings like write does defect major 4.9.0 core libraries
#507 Eggs using deprecated `pointer' type specifier defect major extensions
#508 Eggs using deprecated `getenv' procedure defect major 4.9.0 extensions
#509 Eggs using deprecated `milliseconds->time' procedure defect major 4.9.0 extensions
#510 Eggs using deprecated `noop' procedure defect major 4.9.0 extensions
#523 contracts: "unterminated list" error defect major 4.9.0 extensions
#526 enable parallel builds enhancement not urgent at all unknown
#527 ezxdisp egg setup file does not work with linker on OS X 10.6 defect not urgent at all 4.9.0 extensions
#536 sassy - broken tests and missing export defect major extensions
#553 setup file for slime 1.0 declares version as 0.1 defect major extensions
#555 -pthreads needs to be escaped in call to csc defect major 4.9.0 extensions
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