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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1591 fmt: installation failure: fmt-unicode-chicken: No such file or directory iraikov defect major extensions 5.0.0
#1592 color: installation error caused by modifications in CHICKEN defect major unknown 5.0.0
#1594 tcp6: missing dependency on srfi-1 zbigniew defect major extensions 5.0.0
#1595 srfi-113: test failures DeeEff defect major extensions 5.0.0
#1598 beaker: installation failure: cannot import from undefined module debugger-protocol evhan defect major extensions 5.0.0
#1612 address-info: server responding "502 Bad Gateway" chust defect major extensions 5.0.0
#1622 srfi-41 does not compile with CHICKEN 5.1.0rc1 kon defect major extensions 5.1.0rc1
#1629 lexgen: installation failure (unbound identifiers: `lseq-first' and `lseq-rest') iraikov defect major extensions 5.1.0
#931 CR: make extended syntax bindings available by default enhancement minor expander 4.8.x
#932 CR: enable "scrutiny" be default enhancement minor compiler 4.8.x
#937 Types manual page missing in 4.8.0 defect minor documentation 4.8.x
#939 simple-directory-handler: error 500 on listing a directory with a link foo -> foo sjamaan defect minor extensions 4.8.x
#940 Cannot unset read syntax defect minor unknown 4.8.x
#941 Add option to process-fork to allow creating a subprocess with only the current thread enhancement minor core libraries 4.8.x
#947 make: phony support felix enhancement minor extensions 4.8.x
#948 scrutiny for list-of type seems wrong felix defect minor scrutinizer 4.8.x
#952 scrutiny for list-of type wrong when matched with pair types felix defect minor scrutinizer 4.8.x
#954 openssl egg is tripping on utf8, someplace chust defect minor extensions 4.8.x
#956 sha1sum: "sha1sum" should do something sensible on Windows defect minor extensions 4.8.x
#963 tcp6 egg ignores (tcp-read-timeout #f) zbigniew defect minor extensions
#968 csc: -oi and -ot enhancement minor core tools 4.8.x
#972 check let[rec] bindings for multiple occurrences of the same variable enhancement minor expander 4.8.x
#983 Unit lolevel is missing the documented vector-like? felix defect minor unknown 4.8.x
#987 apropos uses foldl but does not state the correct chicken dependency kon defect minor extensions 4.8.x
#994 http-session's session-del! fails when the entry is the session-item's first binding mario defect minor extensions 4.8.x
#1004 read-line inconsistency defect minor unknown 4.8.x
#1012 getopt-long discards doublequotes and option values after whitespace characters iraikov defect minor extensions 4.8.x
#1015 berkeley-db tests need srfi-42 and numbers chust defect minor unknown 4.8.x
#1023 cgi egg tests fail iraikov defect minor extensions 4.8.x
#1028 Some glm tests fail kristianlm defect minor unknown 4.8.x
#1029 sixtyfive-oh-two's tests need format felix defect minor extensions 4.8.x
#1030 sqlite3: error in tests chust defect minor extensions 4.8.x
#1032 srfi-40: a failure in tests klutometis defect minor extensions 4.8.x
#1033 zlib: one test fails defect minor extensions 4.8.x
#1034 sundials: assertion failure in tests iraikov defect minor extensions 4.8.x
#1035 bind: tests report a missing file (foreign-transformer-test.scm) felix defect minor extensions 4.8.x
#1038 byte-blob-find fails to matches at the end of a byte-blob iraikov defect minor extensions 4.7.x
#1040 coops: Hygiene issue with ensure-generic-procedure felix defect minor extensions 4.8.x
#1042 numbers-syntax doesn't accept self-evaluating vectors defect minor extensions 4.8.x
#1044 stalin: salmonella-friendly tests felix defect minor extensions 4.8.x
#1069 [intarweb] [PATCH] Full list of HTTP status codes sjamaan enhancement minor unknown 4.8.x
#1086 Port srfi-40's documentation to wiki format task minor documentation 4.8.x
#1121 Allow functor arguments to be optional enhancement minor expander 4.9.x
#1150 irc: tcp-read-timeout not paramaterized everywhere that it needs to be felix defect minor extensions 4.9.x
#1151 srfi-99: define-record-type doesn't properly define field accessor when the field name matches a previously defined symbol chust defect minor extensions 4.9.x
#1158 aand in the anaphora egg returns an unspecified value when one of the argument is #f juergen defect minor extensions 4.9.x
#1161 irc egg fails at removing message handler defect minor extensions 4.9.x
#1174 srfi-42: append-ec fails when apply limit is reached iraikov defect minor extensions 4.9.x
#1177 man pages deficient enhancement minor documentation 4.9.x
#1197 Egg: Schelog Error: unbound variable: %set-of defect minor extensions 4.9.x
#1200 file->byte-blob can only read files in text mode on Windows defect minor extensions 4.9.x
#1203 Users manual hyperlink in index.html throws error in eww/emacs defect minor unknown 4.9.x
#1214 Specialization on certain `or' types doesn't work evhan defect minor scrutinizer 4.10.x
#1223 sigma egg seems to be missing import of utils defect minor extensions 4.9.x
#1225 Strange static compilation behaviour enhancement minor compiler 4.10.x
#1287 csc -deploy fails with modules defect minor unknown 4.10.x
#1288 qwiki sections have no permalink sjamaan enhancement minor wiki 4.10.x
#1299 Encoding of file "tests/compiler-tests.scm" is latin1 defect minor unknown 4.11.0
#1300 Broken image links in felix defect minor unknown
#1301 Wiki site title is "Chicken" instead of "CHICKEN" defect minor unknown
#1304 fastcgi egg segfaults with SIGUSR1 defect minor extensions 4.11.0
#1307 invalid number of parameters in install target on Windows defect minor build system 4.11.0
#1312 Wiki CSS breaks when the wiki page starts with <enscript ...> arthurmaciel defect minor wiki
#1316 Avoid define-macro warning in sxpath egg enhancement minor extensions 4.11.0
#1406 srfi-27: tests use "test" but don't declare it as a dependency kon defect minor extensions 4.12.0
#1408 suspension (tests): cannot open file - No such file or directory: "" sjamaan defect minor unknown 4.12.0
#1413 srfi-27 (tests): cannot import from undefined module: composite-entropy-source kon defect minor extensions 4.12.0
#1419 `test` egg doesn't detect the terminal supports colors defect minor unknown 4.12.0
#1420 coerce (tests): Error: unbound variable: make-mutex kon defect minor extensions 4.12.0
#1473 stb-image and stb-image-write test failures on 32-bit systems kristianlm defect minor extensions 4.13.0
#1499 srfi-42: tests: Error: unbound variable: fx> iraikov defect minor extensions 5.0.0
#1501 datatype: tests: unbound variable: ->string iraikov defect minor extensions 5.0.0
#1530 uri-generic fails with match error on IPv6 addresses using bracket notation defect minor extensions 5.0.0rc1
#1549 internet-message: tests: missing dependency on srfi-13 iraikov defect minor extensions 4.13.0
#1568 graph-bfs: srfi-13 is required for tests iraikov defect minor extensions 5.0.0
#1569 stmp: missing dependency on srfi-13 for tests iraikov defect minor extensions 5.0.0
#1603 Bogus module resolution error for fx+ when using scsh-process sjamaan defect minor extensions 5.0.0
#978 Ports don't keep track of "column" anymore - restore this sjamaan defect not urgent at all core libraries 4.8.x
#1292 Unit posix: documentation incomplete defect not urgent at all core libraries 4.10.x
#1394 Missing hex->string in string-utils kon enhancement not urgent at all extensions
#1440 Something goes wrong when generating inline file for module using foregin-lambda* defect not urgent at all compiler 4.13.0

Resolution: invalid (17 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1230 spatial-trees and kd-tree both install the same files ( and iraikov defect critical extensions 4.9.x
#998 uri->string / make-uri path encoding inconsistencies sjamaan defect major unknown 4.8.x
#1006 cygwin master make check fails with address space needed by '' (0x2D0000) is already occupied defect major unknown 4.8.x
#1011 float and double foreign-lambdas return wrong values defect major unknown 4.8.x
#1127 dynamic wind in its own thread defect major unknown 4.9.x
#1140 Build failure on OS X 10.6.8 defect major build system 4.9.x
#1306 The body of a syntax definer should be allowed to be a macro call defect major unknown 4.11.0
#1319 check-errors egg installation in GuixSD defect major extensions 4.11.0
#1326 load then import of module inside eval fails to find module defect major unknown 4.11.0
#1328 (import (only ...)) strange behaviour defect major unknown 4.11.0
#1380 make check fails on Alpine Linux ppc64le defect major compiler 4.12.0
#1444 Chicken will not build from tarball if contents are placed in version control and then retrieved defect major build system 4.13.0
#969 cond/case: warn if "else" clause is followed by other clauses enhancement minor expander 4.8.x
#1490 csi: Modules leak identifiers defect minor unknown 5.0.0
#1083 cannot import procedure from one egg during macro expansion in another egg. defect not urgent at all compiler 4.8.x
#1284 Incorrect Expansion of => Clauses with Literals in Cond defect not urgent at all expander 4.9.x
#1556 Make inline files less expanded for the scrutinizer enhancement not urgent at all compiler 5.0.0

Resolution: wontfix (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1018 sending a SIGQUIT to csi makes it segfault defect major unknown 4.8.x
#1073 Spiffy should signal request-header-fields-too-large upon (exn http line-limit-exceeded) sjamaan defect major extensions 4.8.x
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