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#915 fixed "(read-string #f)" from console does not detect EOF correctly felix winkelmann felix winkelmann

For example:

csi -e '(read-string #f)'

will read input forever and the input can not be terminated via C-d. Apparently fast_read_string_from_file() resets the EOF status (using clearerr()) which will continue reading when reading from the console.

#740 worksforme "-d0" is accepted as number syntax on some systems felix winkelmann

The core number parser reads this as a floating-point number, when the underlying C runtime accepts something like -e0.

Found by andy while porting the system to irix.

#189 fixed "Deployment" page from the User's Manual TOC (wiki) points to an empty page Mario Domenech Goulart

The "Deployment" link at points to an empty page.

However, the manual dir from the chicken-core git repo (master branch) contains a Deployment page. Maybe it was just not copied to SVN?

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