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#1346 define-external variables can't be exported felix winkelmann defect major compiler 4.12.0
#1645 Invalid letrec usage hangs the compiler felix winkelmann defect minor unknown 5.1.0

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1294 define-record-printer messes with internal defines defect major expander 4.11.0
#1379 Improve "heap-shrinkage" rate enhancement minor core libraries 4.12.0
#1470 Should -analyze-only imply -specialize? task minor compiler 4.13.0
#1475 (scrutinizer) Types for global variables are not refined by predicates defect major scrutinizer 5.0.0
#1620 Some let bindings are not replaced resulting in unnecessary CPS calls defect major compiler 5.0.0
#1633 define-record-type does not check constructor arguments sjamaan defect major unknown 5.1.0
#1637 Build fails on Debian/armel defect critical core libraries 5.1.0
#1646 ck-macros egg tests fail due to unknown ck-wrapper identifier defect major unknown 5.1.0
#1647 chicken-install on windows fails from other drive than C: defect minor extensions 5.1.0
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