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#1596 envsubst: test failure: Error: (include) cannot open file: "tests/call-with-environment-variables.scm" assigned Robert C Jensen major someday extensions
#1740 ephem: failures in tests (on 32bit systems) assigned rca minor someday extensions
#1251 eping attempts to emit an import library out of the import source file new mikele major someday extensions
#1293 eq?-hash tables calculcate different value for objects after they're mutated and lose locatives after GC new critical someday core libraries
#1236 equal? can break at random moments new minor someday core libraries
#1723 exports of (chicken module) are not obvious new major 5.4 documentation
#1775 fuse tests hang assigned evhan minor someday extensions
#1465 get-keyword fails to operate correctly if keywords in first and second arguments come from different environments new major someday core libraries
#1091 glut: unexpected exit on (use glut) new felix winkelmann major someday extensions
#1427 gochan's test failure new kristianlm minor someday extensions
#1526 gochan: test failure: 10ms messages for 105ms means 10 messages: expected 10 but got 11 new kristianlm minor someday extensions
#1320 henrietta-cache & openssl crash new major someday extensions
#1233 hexgrid: test failure new estevo minor someday extensions
#1615 hidden/gensymed variables are registered for export new sjamaan major 5.4 expander
#749 honu: handle octal format escapes in string literals new minor extensions
#1628 hopefully: deadlock in tests new joergw minor someday extensions
#945 html-parser supports only a few entities assigned Alex Shinn major someday extensions
#1141 hyde: execute permissions on hyde executable assigned Moritz Heidkamp major someday extensions
#779 hyde: support trailing slashes on directories new major extensions
#934 improve documentation for functors and named interfaces new minor someday documentation
#1348 improvement to manual pages new minor someday documentation
#1721 include file install w/ CHICKEN_INSTALL_PREFIX causes duplicated install prefix in final pathname new major someday core tools
#1464 ir-macro-expander's compare + define-syntax + modules don't mix new major someday expander
#1371 locative table is only grown, never shrunk new minor 5.4 core libraries
#1291 lowdown: markdown->sxml produces unnormalised SXML assigned Moritz Heidkamp major someday extensions
#1774 mac.r is installed in the wrong location new not urgent at all someday build system
#1753 macOS case-insesitive fs resolves C++ <version> to chicken-install generated VERSION file new major someday unknown
#1372 mailbox timeouts and thread signaling assigned Kon Lovett major someday extensions
#980 make input-parse more neighbourly by signalling an exception in assert-curr-char instead of calling error new major someday unknown
#1168 make install: umask problem with modules.db new major someday build system
#1739 math: failure in tests assigned Diego minor someday extensions
#1005 mmap test doesn't correctly catch error situations reopened major someday extensions
#1295 module-environment use with macros new major someday core libraries
#1412 msgpack (tests): Error: segmentation violation new hugoarregui major someday extensions
#1696 mutex-lock! doesn't always lock mutex new major someday unknown
#1238 mw (tests): openssl egg is needed for HTTPS new Tony Sidaway major someday extensions
#961 option quoting in csc is a complete mess new major someday core tools
#1801 parley constructs an internally inconsistent input port new minor someday extensions
#1180 parley seems to insert the same sexpression to the reader again when getting input while sleeping new Christian Kellermann major someday extensions
#1566 ports-tests are not testing file-lock procedures new Christian Kellermann major 5.4 core libraries
#1353 posix-semaphore egg won't build on OS X: uses deprecated API assigned dleslie major someday extensions
#766 posix: can't collect exit status and close all process ports at the same time new not urgent at all someday core libraries
#951 print-length-limit new minor someday core libraries
#1454 process-wait does not function corrently with nohang on Windows new major someday core libraries
#1684 programs that specify component-dependencies should build-depend on their import libraries new major 5.4 core libraries
#1241 pty: test failure new Alex Shinn major someday extensions
#1325 qt-light egg: timers may put chicken into an inconsistent state new major someday extensions
#1720 r7rs "write" procedure does not escape "invalid" symbols new major someday unknown
#1793 r7rs incompatibility regarding identifier renames in macro expansion new major 5.4 expander
#985 read-line blocks intermittantly on Atom based netbook assigned Matt Welland minor someday unknown
#1165 redis relies on GNU make, which is not the default make on BSDs new 0xab major someday extensions
#1642 replace "params" slot in nodes of intermediate representation new not urgent at all someday compiler
#1397 s11n4j depends on `numbers', but doesn't specify it as a dependency new andyjpb major someday extensions
#1519 salt: test failure: can't read MLB path map file new Ivan Raikov major someday extensions
#1147 sendfile 1.7.29 feature test should fail on OpenBSD but passes new certainty major someday extensions
#1685 shell-variable in egg-compile should quote environment variables assigned evhan major 5.4 core libraries
#1007 socket egg: socket-close should track closed status new Jim Ursetto minor someday unknown
#1752 spiffy-cgi-handlers: infinite redirect with cgit 'about' page new major someday extensions
#991 spiffy-request-vars' test fails sometimes reopened major someday unknown
#1599 spock: failure in tests: Error: library not found: "syntax.scm" assigned Mario Domenech Goulart major someday extensions
#1382 sql-de-lite ignores new versions of sqlite3 on Cygwin new Jim Ursetto minor someday extensions
#1523 srf-113 0.9: test failure: unbound variable: hash-table-exists? new Jeremy Steward minor someday extensions
#1639 srfi-13: string-concatenate stops when cdr is non-list new minor someday extensions
#1564 srfi-18: (mutex-unlock) Internal scheduler error new major 5.4 extensions
#1673 srfi-99: wrong test directory assigned Thomas Chust minor someday extensions
#784 ssax's `ssax:warn' ignores its first argument (port) new minor extensions
#1411 ssql-record (tests): Error: unbound variable: test-table-rec-update (and other failures/errors) new arthurmaciel major someday extensions
#1128 stty termios struct, add feature test for speed attributes new Alex Shinn major someday extensions
#1351 syntax-rules has difficulty handling ellipsis in some cases? new sjamaan not urgent at all someday expander
#863 transparent handling of executable file-suffix for "make" extension new major extensions
#1674 tweetnacl: wrong test directory assigned Thomas Chust minor someday extensions
#1247 twilio's license is BSD, but it depends on a GPL-3 egg (s) new Peter Danenberg major someday extensions
#1714 types.db not found on mingw32 new major someday unknown
#1719 unbounded growth from parameterize new minor someday core libraries
#1155 values and the scrutinizer new not urgent at all someday scrutinizer
#1780 wishlist: support keywords in coops (make <class> ...) form new major someday extensions
#1496 zlib: checksum mismatch in tests starting on 2018-08-05 new major someday extensions
#1607 zlib: failure in tests new Robert C Jensen major someday extensions
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