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#1452 [test egg]: test-group eats the call-chain on error new minor someday extensions
#1496 zlib: checksum mismatch in tests starting on 2018-08-05 new major someday extensions
#1519 salt: test failure: can't read MLB path map file new Ivan Raikov major someday extensions
#1520 binary-search: test failure: (=) bad argument type - not a number: #f new major someday extensions
#1523 srf-113 0.9: test failure: unbound variable: hash-table-exists? new Jeremy Steward minor someday extensions
#1524 environments 1.6.2 breaks the installation of eggs which depend on it new major someday extensions
#1526 gochan: test failure: 10ms messages for 105ms means 10 messages: expected 10 but got 11 new kristianlm minor someday extensions
#1561 Rewrite .egg file before installation new major someday extensions
#1564 srfi-18: (mutex-unlock) Internal scheduler error new major 5.4 extensions
#1571 Sources for blowfish egg no longer available in bitbucket new rivo major someday extensions
#1596 envsubst: test failure: Error: (include) cannot open file: "tests/call-with-environment-variables.scm" assigned Robert C Jensen major someday extensions
#1597 dbus 0.96: installation failure new Shawn Rutledge major someday extensions
#1599 spock: failure in tests: Error: library not found: "syntax.scm" assigned Mario Domenech Goulart major someday extensions
#1607 zlib: failure in tests new Robert C Jensen major someday extensions
#1621 apropos support disjoint keyword new Kon Lovett minor someday extensions
#1628 hopefully: deadlock in tests new joergw minor someday extensions
#1632 atom: failure in tests new Jim Ursetto major someday extensions
#1639 srfi-13: string-concatenate stops when cdr is non-list new minor someday extensions
#1669 9p: wrong test directory assigned sjamaan minor someday extensions
#1670 address-info: wrong test directory assigned Thomas Chust minor someday extensions
#1671 aes: wrong test directory assigned Alaric Snell-Pym minor someday extensions
#1672 crypto-tools: wrong test directory assigned Alaric Snell-Pym minor someday extensions
#1673 srfi-99: wrong test directory assigned Thomas Chust minor someday extensions
#1674 tweetnacl: wrong test directory assigned Thomas Chust minor someday extensions
#1701 Egg SRFI-37 - wrong result new minor someday extensions
#1716 coops + s11n malfunction new major someday extensions
#1729 [fmt egg]: Num fails with numbers near 0 assigned foof major someday extensions
#1731 Lowdown some minor issues assigned Moritz Heidkamp not urgent at all someday extensions
#1739 math: failure in tests assigned Diego minor someday extensions
#1740 ephem: failures in tests (on 32bit systems) assigned rca minor someday extensions
#1745 apropos doesn't report macros assigned Kon Lovett major someday extensions
#1750 apropos sort drops macros assigned Kon Lovett major someday extensions
#1752 spiffy-cgi-handlers: infinite redirect with cgit 'about' page new major someday extensions
#1754 sandbox egg test fails on missing ##sys#eval-decorator procedure new minor someday extensions
#1769 Svn-client egg: changes needed to build under musl assigned Peter Bex minor someday extensions
#1775 fuse tests hang assigned evhan minor someday extensions
#1778 Typo or incorrect export in fmt egg assigned Alex Shinn minor someday extensions
#1780 wishlist: support keywords in coops (make <class> ...) form new major someday extensions
#1789 md5 egg doesn't run tests on the correct CHICKEN assigned Kon Lovett major someday extensions
#1795 Types for srfi-69 egg new minor someday extensions
#1503 Fix dev-snapshot script new Mario Domenech Goulart major someday infrastructure
#1155 values and the scrutinizer new not urgent at all someday scrutinizer
#1399 Scrutinizer produces incorrect procedure types after merge reopened evhan major 5.4 scrutinizer
#1475 (scrutinizer) Types for global variables are not refined by predicates new major 5.4 scrutinizer
#377 STATICBUILD doesn't seem to run on cygwin assigned minor unknown
#980 make input-parse more neighbourly by signalling an exception in assert-curr-char instead of calling error new major someday unknown
#985 read-line blocks intermittantly on Atom based netbook assigned Matt Welland minor someday unknown
#991 spiffy-request-vars' test fails sometimes reopened major someday unknown
#1007 socket egg: socket-close should track closed status new Jim Ursetto minor someday unknown
#1095 AD egg compilation fails due to unsupported gcc flag on OpenBSD-current new major someday unknown
#1113 chicken-install -s should not use sudo if it is not necessary new major someday unknown
#1131 Kill ##sys#alias-global-hook with fire new major 5.4 unknown
#1204 chicken-install permissions with executables new major someday unknown
#1220 Problems with chicken-status -f after using chicken-install -p reopened Christian Kellermann minor someday unknown
#1302 Syntax error for csc -postlude '(main)' new minor someday unknown
#1303 File ports should be nonblocking new major someday unknown
#1321 async-io tests hang new major someday unknown
#1335 Building on OS X: egg uses 1 deprecated function and 1 missing function assigned Thomas Chust major someday unknown
#1340 Unable to compile a mathh gama instruction at or above optimize-level 3 new minor someday unknown
#1350 Static linking is broken on Solaris new major someday unknown
#1453 Running MinGW-produced Chicken from a MSVC-produced executable causes a stack overflow during initialization new major someday unknown
#1627 Negative zero literals are miscompiled new minor someday unknown
#1696 mutex-lock! doesn't always lock mutex new major someday unknown
#1714 types.db not found on mingw32 new major someday unknown
#1720 r7rs "write" procedure does not escape "invalid" symbols new major someday unknown
#1728 chicken-install postgresql fails on Windows new major someday unknown
#1753 macOS case-insesitive fs resolves C++ <version> to chicken-install generated VERSION file new major someday unknown
#1759 Module system weirdness new major someday unknown
#1765 enable-warnings time-travelling shenanigans new not urgent at all someday unknown
#1791 format-date reports bad argument count new major someday unknown
#1792 Some eggs install into system /share and /bin (even when CHICKEN_INSTALL_REPOSITORY is set); this fails when the directory is RO new major someday unknown
#1794 (r7rs) syntax-rules doesn't allow combining ellipsis and dotted tail new major 5.4 unknown
#1485 edit of wiki entries - specific "Description of your changes" leads to error new not urgent at all someday wiki
#1527 Procedures grouping in the wiki is confusing new major someday wiki
#1582 List of available eggs in RSS format contain incomplete URLs new minor someday wiki
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