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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1381 The windows feature should not be set on Cygwin felix defect major core libraries 4.12.0

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1341 import-for-syntax doesn’t seem to work right when the imported module is in the same file defect major compiler 4.11.0
#1347 functor test fails when compiled on chicken-5 defect major compiler
#1366 linking tests fail when "make check" is run without installing first defect major compiler 5.0
#1390 The behavior between `values` and `call/cc` is inconsistent. defect minor compiler 4.12.0
#1429 "make check" requires installing first defect major compiler 4.12.0
#133 (require 'id) may load executable "id" evhan defect minor core libraries 4.3.x
#736 make CHICKEN_REPOSITORY support a search path zbigniew enhancement not urgent at all core libraries
#929 chicken-install should rm shared libraries prior to install zbigniew defect minor core libraries 4.8.x
#1096 (abs most-negative-fixnum) does return negative value defect minor core libraries 4.8.x
#1142 CR: remove queues, mmap, evict and binary search from core libraries felix change request minor core libraries 4.9.x
#1173 Symbols held in GC-roots are sometimes collected in "symbol-gc" mode defect major core libraries 4.9.x
#1191 In deployed binaries, evaluated code cannot load modules evhan defect major core libraries 4.9.x
#1270 process procedures should expect their env parameter in the same format get-environment-variables uses change request not urgent at all core libraries 4.11.0
#1309 CHICKEN allows misplaced internal defines, which live on outside the body defect critical core libraries 4.11.0
#1342 define-record-type doesn't define type name defect major core libraries 4.11.0
#1385 bit-set? argument order is reversed enhancement not urgent at all core libraries 5.0
#1386 file-read-access? returns #f for non-existent files defect minor core libraries 4.12.0
#1398 read-all in C5 felix defect major core libraries 5.0
#1433 Static egg linkling seems to be broken defect critical core libraries 5.0
#1093 chicken-uninstall should not interpret the given egg as a pattern by default enhancement minor core tools 4.8.x
#1100 chicken-install uninstalls eggs on updating defect minor core tools 4.8.x
#1169 *.setup-info installed with user login and group instead of root defect minor core tools 4.9.x
#1193 Ambiguity in csc's command line options defect major core tools 4.9.x
#1368 Command line options for adding directories to include-path should prepend, not append defect major core tools 4.12.0
#1369 Use different file extension for object files intended for shared or static egg components defect minor core tools 5.0
#1314 The R5RS section of the manual does not document CHICKEN-specific extensions defect major documentation 4.11.0
#1421 problems with building json egg in c5 egg repo defect critical expander 5.0
#1218 chicken-install may fail if TMPDIR is mounted noexec (depending on setup-file details) defect major extensions 4.10.x
#1219 read-char could be better optimized enhancement major scrutinizer 4.9.x
#962 Cygwin can't load Chicken units properly on my system defect major unknown 4.8.x
#1098 Remove the apply limit wrt the number of arguments defect minor unknown 4.8.x
#1156 compiler warnings when import specifiers are used for setup-api and setup-download defect minor unknown 4.9.x
#1195 ,q in csi gives an error sjamaan defect major unknown
#1257 out-of-memory sometimes causes infinite loop defect major unknown 4.10.x
#1356 trace buffer unnecessarily holds on to thread objects felix defect minor unknown 4.12.0
#1418 #e1e500 is not exact (numbers egg, possibly Chicken 5 as well) defect major unknown 4.12.0

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1432 Build error on Cygwin after randomness merge defect major compiler 5.0
#703 Restructure core libraries defect major core libraries 4.7.x
#1361 Update explicit info strings in calls to `getter-with-setter` enhancement minor core libraries 5.0
#1315 Move FAQ section from manual into wiki enhancement major documentation 4.11.0
#1431 Document deployment enhancement major documentation 4.13.0
#1437 csi needs double imports defect major expander 5.0
#1430 local binding should not trigger scritinizer warning defect major scrutinizer 4.13.0
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