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#1375 Invalid type syntax for pair segfaults the compiler defect critical scrutinizer 4.12.0
#1344 Panic on "invalid encoded numeric literal" error on 64-bit Windows defect major unknown 4.11.0
#1360 README instructions for building from git suggest setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH defect major unknown 5.0
#1362 A case when composing with ir-macro-transformer defect major expander 4.12.0
#1414 The statistic profiler gets stuck defect major compiler 4.12.0
#1290 Unit srfi-69: does not specify action when two merged hash tables contain the same keys defect minor extensions 4.10.x
#1364 chicken-install -override doesn't allow installation of eggs from a file felix defect minor core tools 4.12.0
#1424 (const c-string) as result type breaks with NULL defect minor compiler 4.11.0
#1367 Possible memory leak related to mutexes defect not urgent at all core libraries 4.12.0
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