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#1336 Another parameterize issue reported by Joo ChurlSoo defect critical core libraries 4.11.0
#740 "-d0" is accepted as number syntax on some systems defect major unknown 4.7.x
#1260 Make locative-ref inlineable defect major unknown 4.10.x
#1298 Packaging in OpenEmbedded and Arch broken by CHICKEN 4.11.0 defect major core tools 4.11.0
#1317 fibc hangs when compiled with -O3 or -O4 defect major compiler 4.11.0
#1322 Locale can influence how CHICKEN reads numbers defect major core libraries 4.11.0
#1329 try-compile: optional argument to specify output file enhancement major unknown 4.11.0
#1332 keywords have no read/write invariance defect major core libraries 4.11.0
#1334 csc's -prelude and -postlude options don't work defect major compiler 4.11.0
#1337 Runtime crashes on C callbacks defect major core libraries 4.11.0
#894 ##core#direct_call nodes should get debug-info felix winkelmann defect minor compiler 4.7.x
#1107 Compiling with OpenBSD's gcc-4.2.1 produces 2 warnings when compiling posixunix.c defect minor core libraries 4.8.x
#1144 chicken-install's -keep-installed and -prefix/-deploy options don't play nicely together enhancement minor core tools 4.9.x
#1308 process-execute segfaults with huge amount of arguments defect minor core libraries 4.11.0
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