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#1341 import-for-syntax doesn’t seem to work right when the imported module is in the same file defect major 4.11.0 wontfix
#1347 functor test fails when compiled on chicken-5 defect major fixed
#1366 linking tests fail when "make check" is run without installing first defect major 5.0 fixed
#1429 "make check" requires installing first defect major 4.12.0 fixed
#1432 Build error on Cygwin after randomness merge defect major 5.0 fixed
#1390 The behavior between `values` and `call/cc` is inconsistent. defect minor 4.12.0 fixed
#1438 clang warnings defect minor 5.0 fixed
#1451 interrupts-enabled vs disable-interrupts task minor 4.13.0 fixed
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