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(edit) @31769   2 years juergen juergen.scm updated
(edit) @31343   3 years juergen juergen added options
(edit) @31235   3 years juergen custom-feeds for juergen updated
(edit) @31038   3 years mario salmonella-custom-feeds/ckeen.scm: update Christian's config file to …
(edit) @30570   3 years juergen cells egg added to salmonella-custom-feeds/juergen.scm
(edit) @30158   3 years juergen juergen.scm added
(edit) @30022   3 years Timusan Added Timusan's custom Salmonella egg feed.
(edit) @29992   3 years evhan Add a custom egg feed (for myself)
(edit) @29566   4 years hugoarregui add hugoarregui custom feed
(edit) @27795   4 years sjamaan Add the new spiffy eggs to my custom Salmonella feed
(edit) @27682   5 years kon fix srfi 28 ref. rmv unrel'ed eggs.
(edit) @27541   5 years sjamaan Add scsh-process to my custom salmonella feed
(edit) @27225   5 years sjamaan Add sxml-modifications to my custom feed
(edit) @26089   5 years alaric A meaningless change to check my SVN authentication is still set up …
(edit) @26036   5 years sjamaan Ignore tests for postgres and freetds eggs since those servers aren't …
(edit) @26026   5 years sjamaan Ignore tests for estraier-client
(edit) @25975   5 years mario salmonella-custom-feeds: converted all config files to the new syntax
(edit) @25529   5 years alaric salmonella-custom-feeds: added aes
(edit) @24688   6 years ckeen add a custom feed for my own eggs
(edit) @24466   6 years sjamaan Add a couple of my new eggs to my custom salmonella-feed. I should …
(edit) @23045   6 years syn add mongrel2, medea and netstring to my salmonella feed
(edit) @22371   6 years syn update my salmonella feed
(edit) @22313   6 years sjamaan Add crypt to my custom egg feed
(edit) @22230   6 years alaric salmonella-custom-feeds: Added one for me
(edit) @22000   6 years mario Added statvfs to my egg list (salmonella-custom-feeds).
(edit) @21390   6 years kon Newer eggs.
(edit) @21239   6 years alanpost Additional commenting and cleanup of salmonella report file. …
(edit) @21237   6 years alanpost Update alanpost salmonella feed: track dependencies of my eggs.
(edit) @21230   6 years alanpost Update alanpost.scm salmonella feed to account for kiksispehi and …
(edit) @21165   6 years alanpost add an RSS feed to track Alan Post's eggs.
(edit) @20700   7 years sjamaan Add numbers to my custom feeds
(edit) @20650   7 years sjamaan Add slatex to my custom feed
(edit) @20267   7 years kon Added srfi-102
(edit) @19903   7 years kon Some interest
(edit) @19873   7 years syn add my salmonella custom feed
(edit) @19019   7 years ecloud try again
(edit) @18637   7 years sjamaan Add colorize to my salmonella custom feed
(edit) @18376   7 years mario Eggs that I'm observing.
(edit) @18373   7 years sjamaan And a couple more eggs
(edit) @18372   7 years sjamaan Add some more eggs to my feed
(edit) @12928   8 years sjamaan Add uri-common to my eggs
(edit) @12820   8 years sjamaan Add uri-generic to my custom feed
(edit) @11915   9 years sjamaan Add ssql to custom feed
(edit) @11384   9 years sjamaan Add my new egg to custom feeds for later
(edit) @10451   9 years sjamaan Add postgres to my custom salmonella feed
(edit) @8601   9 years sjamaan Add wmiirc to sjamaan's eggs
(edit) @8377   9 years sjamaan Add 9p to custom feed for sjamaan
(edit) @7002   9 years hans added daemon-tools.egg to my custom salmonella feed.
(edit) @6302   10 years hans added salmonella-custom-feeds/hans.scm
(edit) @6286   10 years sjamaan fix mistake and add some more eggs
(edit) @6285   10 years mario Adding a custom feed for Peter (with an intentional mistake).
(edit) @6284   10 years mario My custom feed.
(add) @6283   10 years mario Custom feeds dir.
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