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(edit) @33910   2 years evhan Add "hash-table-walk" to srfi-69 exports Thanks to Jörg F. …
(edit) @33882   2 years evhan compile-file: Add wiki page
(edit) @33880   2 years evhan compile-file: Tag v1.0
(edit) @33879   2 years evhan compile-file: Import egg from core
(edit) @33767   3 years mario release/5/srfi-1 (trunk): export `reverse!'
(edit) @33727   3 years evhan srfi-18: Remove use of ##sys#fudge and tag version 1.2
(edit) @33720   3 years felix tagged srfi-13/14 for testing recursive download
(edit) @33686   3 years felix queues 1.1: added egg file for testing
(edit) @33682   3 years felix queues: added experimental *.egg file
(edit) @33488   3 years sjamaan Apply srfi-18 bugfix from core to egg
(edit) @33450   3 years evhan make: Add srfi-1 dependency
(edit) @33443   3 years sjamaan object-evict: Remove 'optional' import from chicken, now that #806 has …
(edit) @33435   3 years evhan srfi-18: Remove extraneous colon on scheduler error messages
(edit) @33432   3 years sjamaan object-evict: Specify a few imports in the new style. Get rid of …
(edit) @33431   3 years sjamaan srfi-69: Import align-to-word from chicken.memory instead of lolevel
(edit) @33430   3 years sjamaan memory-mapped-files: use (chicken memory) instead of lolevel for …
(edit) @33428   3 years evhan posix-groups: Minor formatting fixes
(edit) @33427   3 years evhan posix-groups: Import POSIX group functions from core
(edit) @33426   3 years evhan srfi-18: Update thread-sleep! to support new "sleep" behaviour in core
(edit) @33359   3 years evhan Copy make egg into release/5 with minor updates for chicken-5
(edit) @33353   3 years evhan various import fixes in release/5/* after core library changes
(edit) @33262   3 years evhan Fix up srfi-18 and srfi-69 imports after core library changes
(edit) @33260   3 years evhan scan-input-lines: Move from chicken-5 to egg
(edit) @33197   3 years evhan srfi-1: Reexport map, for-each
(edit) @33194   3 years evhan srfi-1: Export lset procedures
(edit) @33193   3 years evhan srfi-1: Import list tests from Larceny
(edit) @33192   3 years sjamaan srfi-18: Tag version 1.1
(edit) @33191   3 years sjamaan srfi-18: Apply #1231 fix from master to egg. Thanks to Felix …
(edit) @33184   3 years evhan srfi-1: Export alist procedures and delete-duplicates[!]
(edit) @33183   3 years evhan srfi-1: Import tests adapted from srfi-116 (courtesy of jcowan)
(edit) @33182   3 years sjamaan srfi-1: Bring types file in synch with latest changes in master, and …
(edit) @33178   3 years evhan srfi-1: Export assoc, member, delete[!]
(edit) @33085   4 years evhan scan-input-lines: Convert to module
(edit) @33081   4 years evhan srfi-13: Add extras dependency for sprintf in tests
(edit) @32925   4 years evhan In thread-join! handle joining a thread in state sleeping (thanks to …
(edit) @32852   4 years sjamaan Update CHICKEN 5 egg-locations with srfi-14
(edit) @32843   4 years evhan Add missing version info to chicken-5 egg setup files
(edit) @32842   4 years evhan binary-search: Use extras in tests for random
(edit) @32781   4 years evhan srfi-18: Ensure numeric time arguments satisfy real?
(edit) @32684   4 years sjamaan memory-mapped-files: Remove tempfile like we do in chicken core master
(edit) @32586   4 years evhan srfi-1: Tag release 1.1
(edit) @32337   4 years evhan srfi-1: Convert to module
(edit) @32318   4 years felix added srfi-1 egg for chicken 5
(edit) @32316   4 years evhan srfi-13: Add srfi-14 import and remove ports dependency from tests
(edit) @32275   4 years evhan srfi-14: Add missing char-sets to export list
(edit) @31665   5 years evhan Add srfi-14 egg
(edit) @31492   5 years evhan object-evict: Add srfi-69 dependency
(edit) @31456   5 years felix removed old tagged versions of bind
(edit) @31455   5 years felix updated bind to use exported compiler API, dependencies are not ported yet
(edit) @31454   5 years felix Copied bind egg into release/5 tree.
(edit) @31429   5 years sjamaan Add release 5 eggs to location list
(edit) @31427   5 years evhan Install object files for release/5 eggs (except object-evict)
(edit) @31410   5 years mario /release/5/srfi-13: set version as 1.0 in the setup script
(edit) @31408   5 years mario release/5/srfi-13: use tags/trunk layout
(edit) @31406   5 years felix added remaining test (signal-test) to srfi-18 tests
(edit) @31403   5 years felix added srfi-18 and srfi-69 eggs
(edit) @31398   5 years felix removed documentation which has been added to the wiki
(edit) @31384   5 years felix created trunk and tag directories for extracted eggs
(edit) @31383   5 years felix moved binary-search to release/5 branch
(edit) @31382   5 years felix moved object-evict to release/5 branch
(edit) @31381   5 years felix moved queues to release/5 branch
(edit) @31380   5 years felix Moved memory-mapped-files to release/5 branch
(edit) @31377   5 years mario release/5: add srfi-13
(add) @31365   5 years sjamaan Remove stale 'current' symlink. Add chicken 5 eggdir with (so far) …
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