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(edit) @33655   4 years sjamaan Update prcc notes with current timings Apparently the maybe/list hack …
(edit) @33654   4 years sjamaan Same
(edit) @33653   4 years sjamaan Explain why "this sucks" :)
(edit) @33652   4 years sjamaan Also apply srfi-14 workaround to prcc alternative. All tests pass!
(edit) @33651   4 years sjamaan Update prcc notes
(edit) @33650   4 years sjamaan uri-generic prcc alternative: Make query and fragment truly optional …
(edit) @33648   4 years sjamaan uri-generic: update prcc alternative with a few bugfixes Still …
(edit) @33646   4 years sjamaan Use ascii-letter instead of letter in "alpha"
(edit) @33645   4 years sjamaan Fix abnf alternative by adding the SRFI-14 workaround so it passes tests
(edit) @33644   4 years sjamaan Fix comparse alternative by adding the SRFI-14 workaround so it …
(edit) @33643   4 years sjamaan Update matchable implementation by copying current base implementation …
(edit) @33642   4 years sjamaan Update packrat parser with workaround for srfi-14 being latin1
(edit) @33641   4 years sjamaan uri-generic: Don't use irregex in the abnf alternative example …
(edit) @33640   4 years sjamaan abnf had another API change? range now accepts chars instead of integers.
(edit) @33639   4 years sjamaan Explain limitation in prcc regarding error handling
(edit) @33637   4 years sjamaan Update uri-generic alternatives with prcc implementation (slow as hell)
(edit) @33061   5 years sjamaan uri-generic: update copyright year and version number
(edit) @32958   5 years sjamaan uri-generic: Update copyright year
(edit) @30969   7 years sjamaan Comparse vs abnf: abnf is a little nicer to use and more readable as …
(edit) @30968   7 years sjamaan Update README notes for URI-generic parser alternatives to latest …
(edit) @30967   7 years sjamaan uri-generic: fixup packrat alternative due to bitrot (probably it …
(edit) @30966   7 years sjamaan Update uri-generic parser alternative based on the abnf egg
(edit) @30842   7 years sjamaan uri-generic: Copy current base implementation back to alternatives dir
(edit) @30841   7 years sjamaan uri-generic: Update irregex-based implementation to the latest version
(edit) @30840   7 years sjamaan Fix bug due to alist-ref
(edit) @30839   7 years sjamaan uri-generic: Add comparse-based alternative implementation
(edit) @30804   7 years sjamaan Fix ipv4-address in uri-generic irregex alternative
(edit) @20514   10 years sjamaan uri-generic: update alternatives code to match the current main code. …
(edit) @20511   10 years sjamaan uri-generic: Update matchable 'alternative' with main code
(edit) @19628   10 years sjamaan uri-generic: Do not handle exceptions, but ask whether the submatch …
(edit) @19048   10 years sjamaan uri-generic: Fix abnf alternative by using abnf-charlist. According to …
(add) @16935   11 years sjamaan Add alternative implementations, so I won't lose them
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