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(edit) @32707   5 years evhan test: Tag version
(edit) @32706   5 years evhan test: Remove regex dependency (patch from Arthur Maciel)
(edit) @31453   6 years Alex Shinn Fixing bug in test approx-equal? on 0 (ticket 1157).
(edit) @31123   6 years Alex Shinn Adding patch for test-total-count from Mario.
(edit) @30595   7 years Alex Shinn Patch from David Krentzlin - fixing indentation of values and source …
(edit) @29348   7 years Alex Shinn Fixing default inexact comparison, which was ignoring sign previously. …
(edit) @25472   9 years Alex Shinn Fixing bug introduced with last change to re-allow test with no group …
(edit) @25426   9 years Alex Shinn adding support for less verbose tests w/ TEST_QUIET=1 env var
(edit) @25175   9 years sjamaan test: Fix require-library statement to load data-structures, ports and …
(edit) @23920   9 years sjamaan Get rid of all release-info files. They are not neccessary in …
(edit) @23261   10 years sjamaan Add (currently unused) 'repo' form to all release-info files
(edit) @23255   10 years Moritz Heidkamp update (almost) all eggs' meta files to include a complete (files ...) …
(edit) @23154   10 years sjamaan Bulk add release-info files for all eggs (damn, I sure hope this …
(edit) @22206   10 years felix winkelmann applied ckeen's patch for test and tagged
(edit) @20732   10 years felix winkelmann test 0.9.9 (regex)
(edit) @20435   10 years Alex Shinn adding new tag
(edit) @20434   10 years Alex Shinn bumping version
(edit) @20433   10 years Alex Shinn fixing test report indentation
(edit) @20012   10 years Ivan Raikov test release 0.9.7
(edit) @20011   10 years Ivan Raikov test trunk and tags
(edit) @18988   10 years Alex Shinn fixing subgroup total reporting for nested groups
(edit) @12563   12 years sjamaan Forgot to export test-assert
(edit) @12362   12 years sjamaan Pull up changes in release 3 test
(edit) @11936   12 years sjamaan Try again to merge test
(edit) @11928   12 years sjamaan Mark release/3/test as completely merged into release/4/test
(edit) @11907   12 years sjamaan Add test-group-inc! to implicit export list for test-group macro
(edit) @11778   12 years sjamaan Fix small bug in 4th test clause
(edit) @11761   12 years sjamaan Import latest changes from release/3/test... by hand!
(edit) @11444   12 years elf dont forget to include the documentation in the setup :)
(edit) @11439   12 years elf include file fix
(edit) @11433   12 years sjamaan Merge latest changes in test egg from release 3
(edit) @11419   12 years sjamaan Port new changes in test egg to chicken 4 (let's see how this works …
(edit) @11357   12 years sjamaan Require regex library and _then_ import it
(edit) @11177   12 years sjamaan Version 0.8 is the latest
(edit) @11173   12 years sjamaan Add additional exports
(edit) @11170   12 years sjamaan Clean up compilation strategy of test egg
(copy) @11169   12 years sjamaan Port the 'test' egg to hygienic chicken
copied from release/3/test:
(copy) @7669   13 years felix winkelmann creating branch release/3
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