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(edit) @28352   7 years felix winkelmann ssax 5.0.7: more specific exn thrown on error (thanks to ckeen)
(edit) @25931   8 years Moritz Heidkamp ssax: also export nl' for ssax:make-parser' and `ssax:make-pi-parser'
(edit) @25929   8 years sjamaan Release ssax 5.0.6
(edit) @25928   8 years sjamaan ssax: Apply patch from Taylor Venable from …
(edit) @25001   9 years Jim Ursetto ssax: tag 5.0.5
(edit) @25000   9 years Jim Ursetto Version 5.0.5: Add html-entity-unicode-chars (closes ticket #325). …
(edit) @23920   9 years sjamaan Get rid of all release-info files. They are not neccessary in …
(edit) @23604   9 years felix winkelmann added export for ssax:warn and tagged 5.0.4
(edit) @23261   9 years sjamaan Add (currently unused) 'repo' form to all release-info files
(edit) @23255   9 years Moritz Heidkamp update (almost) all eggs' meta files to include a complete (files ...) …
(edit) @23154   9 years sjamaan Bulk add release-info files for all eggs (damn, I sure hope this …
(edit) @20112   10 years Jim Ursetto ssax: tag 5.0.3
(edit) @20111   10 years Jim Ursetto ssax: remove non-trunk copy, add tags/
(edit) @20110   10 years Jim Ursetto ssax: copy to trunk
(edit) @18810   10 years Jim Ursetto ssax: Override imported STRING identifier, providing a more robust fix …
(edit) @18803   10 years Jim Ursetto ssax: reapply utf8 patch (entities > 255) from r13364
(edit) @17273   10 years Ivan Raikov exporting ssax:read-char-data and related macros
(edit) @16629   11 years sjamaan Add a note that this code shouldn't be modified
(edit) @15202   11 years Ivan Raikov yet more fixes to the ssax import declarations
(edit) @15198   11 years Ivan Raikov incremented ssax version
(edit) @15197   11 years Ivan Raikov applied ssax patch from ticket #58
(edit) @15176   11 years Ivan Raikov incremented ssax version to 5.0.1
(edit) @15175   11 years Ivan Raikov removed definitions of fold from ssax (uses srfi-1)
(copy) @14581   11 years Alex Shinn porting ssax to chicken 4 (straight from cvs w/ downcased names, not …
copied from release/3/ssax:
(edit) @13364   11 years Jim Ursetto ssax: better utf8 fix
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