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(edit) @33091   4 years felix winkelmann added debugger-protocol egg
(edit) @32396   4 years evhan r7rs: Tag release 0.0.2
(edit) @32395   4 years evhan r7rs/read: Hook read so that csi comma commands handle circular data
(edit) @32356   4 years evhan r7rs/read: Register csi read hook on load
(edit) @32355   4 years evhan r7rs: Preserve read-info-hook on include
(edit) @31926   5 years Moritz Heidkamp r7rs: Remove case-lambda from scheme.base again as it is already …
(edit) @31925   5 years Moritz Heidkamp r7rs: Export case-lambda, too (thanks retroj for reporting)
(edit) @31714   5 years evhan r7rs/synrules: Fix misnamed internal syntax-error procedure
(edit) @31586   5 years evhan r7rs/base: types fix for error-object-{message,irritants} (results may …
(edit) @31501   5 years evhan r7rs/write: Override csi's writer with r7rs's when scheme.write is loaded
(edit) @31483   5 years evhan r7rs/eval: Use r7rs' when building environment modules
(edit) @31117   5 years evhan r7rs: Tag release 0.0.1
(edit) @31081   5 years evhan r7rs: Reexport scheme.base from the r7rs module
(edit) @31045   5 years evhan r7rs/read: #![no-]fold-case, check read's argument type
(edit) @31044   5 years evhan r7rs/time: Include TAI offset in current-second
(edit) @30995   5 years evhan r7rs: Use specific boolean types
(edit) @30994   5 years evhan r7rs: Expand library forms in toplevel begins
(edit) @30990   5 years evhan r7rs: bug fixes, type fixes, include expansion, vector-fill!, support …
(edit) @30929   5 years evhan r7rs: generative d-r-t, remove ports dep, misc cleanup
(edit) @30900   5 years evhan r7rs: add missing ":" import for & write
(edit) @30898   5 years evhan r7rs: read/write for shared data
(edit) @30890   5 years evhan r7rs/char: Use downcase for foldcase
(edit) @30889   5 years evhan r7rs/time: Use current-milliseconds for jiffies
(edit) @30653   5 years evhan r7rs/base: Bytevector ports (credit to Seth Alves)
(edit) @30612   5 years felix winkelmann Added note about parameters
(edit) @30579   6 years evhan r7rs/base: Fix peek-u8 to correctly return eof (patch credit to Seth Alves)
(edit) @30508   6 years evhan r7rs/char: Export string-upcase & -downcase from srfi-13
(edit) @30369   6 years evhan r7rs: Add (not <req>) cond-expand syntax
(edit) @30365   6 years evhan egg-locations: update ini-file URI to indicate kiatoa's repo
(edit) @30338   6 years evhan r7rs/base: Substring went missing, export it (again)
(edit) @30325   6 years evhan r7rs: most of scheme.base, stub rest of libs, define-library/inclusion …
(edit) @30319   6 years evhan r7rs/base: export list->vector
(edit) @30318   6 years evhan r7rs/base: export substring
(edit) @30317   6 years evhan r7rs/char: export numeric/whitespace/etc. test procedures from …
(edit) @30284   6 years evhan r7rs/eval: ensure tmp mod is removed
(edit) @30283   6 years evhan r7rs: import/library loading, scheme.eval, scheme.r5rs, a bunch of …
(edit) @29977   6 years evhan r7rs: Add library
(edit) @29959   6 years evhan r7rs: Add missing "obj" param to list-set!'s type signature
(edit) @29958   6 years evhan r7rs: bytevectors (mostly reexported from srfi-4)
(edit) @29957   6 years evhan r7rs: Whoops, cond-expand is er, rename begin
(edit) @29956   6 years evhan r7rs: cond-expand's matching clause should expand to a begin
(edit) @29955   6 years evhan r7rs: Stub scheme.char, add char-ci*? & string-ci*? comparators
(edit) @29954   6 years evhan r7rs: Extended-arity char*? and string*? comparators
(edit) @29599   6 years sjamaan r7rs: import and export the quotient/remainder division procedures. …
(edit) @29493   6 years sjamaan r7rs: Use register-feature to declare that the module is loaded …
(edit) @29481   6 years sjamaan r7rs: Special-case handling of (srfi n) library definitions and …
(edit) @29433   6 years sjamaan Copy the examples for "not" as tests, for completeness
(edit) @29432   6 years sjamaan r7rs: mem*, ass*, list-copy; this completes 6.4: pairs and lists
(edit) @29431   6 years sjamaan r7rs: reverse, list-tail, list-ref and list-set!
(edit) @29429   6 years sjamaan r7rs: Add tests for several list/pair procedures, and re-export them …
(edit) @29420   6 years sjamaan r7rs: Fix import spec to expand to "use" instead of just plain …
(edit) @29419   6 years sjamaan r7rs: Fix cond-expand library declaration parser to also recur down …
(edit) @29323   6 years evhan Add module
(edit) @29322   6 years evhan Add scheme.file module
(edit) @29319   6 years sjamaan Don't check the same object's type twice
(edit) @29318   6 years sjamaan I guess it's not really pure if it can read from mutable slots which …
(edit) @29317   6 years sjamaan r7rs: Don't cache the command-line! This change also makes it fully pure
(edit) @29316   6 years sjamaan Tweak type definitions for predicates and eof-object constructor to be pure
(edit) @29315   6 years sjamaan Add boolean=? to r7rs, and export 'not' and 'boolean?'
(edit) @29302   6 years felix winkelmann added a few minor modules
(edit) @29135   6 years felix winkelmann added type declaration and exporting .types files
(edit) @29110   6 years felix winkelmann added eval + environment (only very basic testing done in the moment)
(edit) @29104   6 years sjamaan Implement syntax-rules in r7rs egg
(edit) @29092   6 years sjamaan R7RS: Fix with-exception-handler and "guard"; improve tests a bit
(edit) @29050   6 years sjamaan r7rs: process-context stuff is already *in* a separate module
(edit) @29049   6 years sjamaan r7rs: Simplify, add tests for input string ports, add …
(edit) @29048   6 years sjamaan r7rs: Fix call-with-port, it should only close the port on normal …
(edit) @29030   6 years felix winkelmann added import
(edit) @29029   6 years felix winkelmann added various extensions and restructured the modules, initial …
(edit) @28994   6 years evhan r7rs: add test to test-depends
(edit) @28993   6 years evhan r7rs: call-with-port, close-port & eof-object
(edit) @28992   6 years evhan r7rs: basic with-exception-handler & guard tests
(edit) @28991   6 years evhan r7rs: first cut at exception semantics
(edit) @28990   6 years evhan r7rs: add command-line procedure
(edit) @28989   6 years evhan r7rs: add exit procedures
(edit) @28980   6 years evhan r7rs: add/alias R7RS exception procedures
(edit) @28978   6 years evhan fix arity in call to old ##sys#user-read-hook
(add) @28950   6 years Moritz Heidkamp r7rs: Long boolean read syntax
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