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(edit) @14264   11 years sjamaan Tag version 2.0.6 of utf8 (I hope everything's cool with this)
(edit) @14263   11 years sjamaan Now, make use of the proper result of string-{search,match}-offsets so …
(edit) @14262   11 years sjamaan And another procedure contains the same bug…
(edit) @14261   11 years sjamaan Fix silly bug; regex string should be converted to regex, not the …
(edit) @12613   11 years Kon Lovett Fix for compiler rewrite of some string operations to ##sys …
(edit) @11873   11 years Kon Lovett Doesn't need Unit extras.
(edit) @9961   12 years Kon Lovett Rel 2.0.4 w/ Explict use of SRFI 69.
(edit) @9876   12 years Kon Lovett Added tests to meta
(edit) @9875   12 years Kon Lovett Rel 2.0.3
(edit) @9873   12 years Kon Lovett Canon test struct.
(edit) @9872   12 years Kon Lovett Canonical dir struct
(edit) @9871   12 years Kon Lovett Wrong name for ci string hash.
(edit) @9837   12 years Kon Lovett Added byte-string-for-each.
(edit) @9797   12 years Kon Lovett regex routines can return boolean instead of list.
(edit) @9792   12 years Kon Lovett Made calls to 'with-substring-offsets' match use in "utf8-srfi-13' (& …
(edit) @9743   12 years Kon Lovett Added missing byte srfi 13 file.
(edit) @9741   12 years Kon Lovett Copied from release/2 utf8.scm
(edit) @9729   12 years sjamaan Mark utf8 as using doc-from-wiki, release 3
(edit) @9713   12 years Alex Shinn Adding in test file I had maintained locally - other people should …
(edit) @9608   12 years Alex Shinn No longer using syntax-case modules, relying on default integrations …
(edit) @9509   12 years Kon Lovett Fix spelling error.
(edit) @7852   12 years Kon Lovett No def for read/write-byte since in Chicken core. Split mods into sep …
(copy) @7665   12 years felix winkelmann creating branch release/3
copied from utf8:
(edit) @4845   12 years felix winkelmann reverted unneeded format-modular change, chicken update, minor fixes
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