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(edit) @13855   10 years sjamaan Fix cache lookup
(edit) @10941   11 years sjamaan Also work when no host name is sent (default to empty string)
(edit) @10786   11 years sjamaan Change note about rewriting requests. It's implemented in http now
(edit) @10770   11 years sjamaan Remove htmlize-after, and rename htmlize-before to htmlize …
(edit) @10769   11 years sjamaan Remove some more procedures from spiffy that don't belong here: …
(edit) @10759   11 years sjamaan Move the current-workdir to the place where directories are handled. …
(edit) @10705   11 years sjamaan Add javascript to default file-type-map
(edit) @10554   11 years sjamaan Simplify path handling, don't do the same job twice…
(edit) @10552   11 years sjamaan Make the dos-test use http:read-body
(edit) @10551   11 years sjamaan Bump version number of Spiffy trunk to 3.10
(edit) @10550   11 years sjamaan Tag release 3.9 of Spiffy
(edit) @10547   11 years sjamaan Preserve GET arguments on 301 redirection
(edit) @10546   11 years sjamaan Fix load-once and add a test for it
(edit) @10545   11 years sjamaan Add really basic regression test for web-scheme handler
(edit) @10542   11 years sjamaan Remove comment about removing current-workdir - we really need it in …
(edit) @10541   11 years sjamaan Oops, checked in version bump before tagging
(edit) @10540   11 years sjamaan Fix ssp handler for subdir changes
(edit) @10539   11 years sjamaan Forgot to add file to testweb dir for latest tests
(edit) @10538   11 years sjamaan Add tests for vhosts and subdirs with redirection
(edit) @10537   11 years sjamaan Add test for breaking out of webroot
(edit) @10536   11 years sjamaan Implement redirect on directory request without trailing slash, and …
(edit) @10337   11 years sjamaan Explicitly reset response code on resources, too
(edit) @10336   11 years sjamaan Add tests for HTTP/1.1 stuff
(edit) @9976   11 years Kon Lovett Rel 3.8.1 w/ Explict use of SRFI 69.
(edit) @9825   12 years sjamaan Add a few HTTP/1.1 tests
(edit) @9813   12 years sjamaan Bump spiffy version number in trunk
(edit) @9812   12 years sjamaan Tag version 3.8 of spiffy
(edit) @9811   12 years sjamaan Bump version (forgotten to do so!)
(edit) @9810   12 years sjamaan Fix bug in http-add-resource handler and add tests for it
(edit) @9809   12 years sjamaan Oops, checked in some testing code
(edit) @9070   12 years sjamaan Bump trunk's version number of Spiffy
(edit) @9069   12 years sjamaan Tag Spiffy release 3.7 for Chicken release 3
(edit) @9067   12 years sjamaan Add tests for SSP Fix bug in the way ssp-stringize and include-ssp …
(edit) @8644   12 years Jim Ursetto spiffy: repair insidious fd leak in send-static-file
(edit) @7864   12 years felix winkelmann fixed uses of time->string and seconds->string (no trailing newline)
(copy) @7450   12 years felix winkelmann creating branch release/3
copied from spiffy:
(edit) @7190   12 years sjamaan Fix stupid bug in ssp handler
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