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(edit) @8363   12 years Ivan Raikov Removed unnecessary README.Debian files.
(edit) @8211   12 years Ivan Raikov Updated Debian dependency version information.
(edit) @8181   12 years Ivan Raikov Updated Debian clean rule
(edit) @8169   12 years Ivan Raikov Updated to new style of egg package building for Debian.
(edit) @8096   12 years Ivan Raikov Updated Debian package info
(edit) @6026   13 years Ivan Raikov Added Debian package scripts.
(edit) @5099   13 years Kon Lovett Changed to chicken-setup tests directory structure.
(edit) @4845   13 years felix winkelmann reverted unneeded format-modular change, chicken update, minor fixes
(edit) @4740   13 years felix winkelmann format-modular trunk changes for utf8
(edit) @4476   13 years Kon Lovett Rmvd print. Chgd verno.
(edit) @4475   13 years Kon Lovett Rmvd print. Chgd verno.
(edit) @4448   13 years Kon Lovett Comments.
(edit) @4447   13 years Kon Lovett Rplcd ' w/ ` so version code is evaled.
(edit) @4409   13 years azul Release 1.7.
(edit) @4406   13 years azul Use doc-from-wiki.
(edit) @4405   13 years azul Get version from file.
(edit) @4403   13 years azul Giving this egg the usual trunk/tags structure.
(edit) @4402   13 years azul Export formatter-padded.
(edit) @4401   13 years azul Optimization that somehow Kon or someone removed: build the table of …
(edit) @4388   13 years Kon Lovett 2.6 rqr.
(edit) @4385   13 years azul Adding Kon to the list of authors everywhere, to make things …
(edit) @4384   13 years Kon Lovett $ bug fix.
(edit) @4383   13 years Kon Lovett Doc update. Made output list public.
(edit) @4377   13 years Kon Lovett ~\n, localization, bugfixes for ~&, integer commas. Doc update.
(edit) @4360   13 years Kon Lovett Appropriated SLIB format tests. write-string & memeoized …
(edit) @4348   13 years Kon Lovett Updated doc, test. New write-string support fails case conv, order is …
(edit) @4345   13 years Kon Lovett Bugfix for ~@[ where the arg was consumed if true, but should only be …
(edit) @4344   13 years Kon Lovett Added write-string support.
(edit) @4323   13 years Kon Lovett Doc fix. $ per CL spec.
(edit) @4319   13 years Kon Lovett Added KY$I&.
(edit) @3916   13 years Kon Lovett Yes, it does work with the full-numeric-tower.
(edit) @3908   13 years felix winkelmann static linkage for format-modular and honu
(edit) @3137   13 years Kon Lovett Chg for record sym.
(edit) @2753   13 years Kon Lovett Bug fix for numbers egg use & float/expon format, made port optional …
(edit) @1866   14 years Kon Lovett Made semi-compatible w/ numbers egg.
(edit) @1865   14 years Kon Lovett Uses fixnum arithmetic where possible.
(edit) @1864   14 years Kon Lovett Support for utf8, chgd out-* proc names to *formatter-out-* since …
(edit) @1853   14 years Kon Lovett .html doesn't need to be in the repo, too much stuff anyway.
(edit) @1852   14 years Kon Lovett Minor doc & test chgs
(edit) @370   14 years felix winkelmann sdl fixes, added alexpander
(edit) @293   14 years felix winkelmann udp, http fixes; released jni
(edit) @235   14 years azul Updating from my development version, which now seems ready to make a …
(edit) @30   14 years felix winkelmann crc, nbstdin meta-file fixes, udp socket-headers
(edit) @27   14 years rsheridan Added link to Common Lisp Hyperspec format entry to format-modular docs
(add) @1   14 years azul Import everything.
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