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(edit) @15925   10 years iraikov -setup-mode doc merged into prerelease branch
(edit) @15924   10 years iraikov topological-sort documentation merged into prerelease branch
(edit) @15921   10 years iraikov merged -setup-mode support into prerelease branch
(edit) @15920   10 years iraikov including topological-sort in the prerelease branch
(edit) @15919   10 years iraikov prerelease now includes some important bug fixes to chicken-install
(edit) @15918   10 years kon 'dynamic-load-mode' didn't handle case of no dload-flags. …
(edit) @15913   10 years kon 'local-timezone-abbreviation' wasn't using the current time so tz-name …
(edit) @15908   10 years kon Made raising an error optional for dynamic load routines. Updated …
(edit) @15907   10 years kon Made dynld routines handle string allocation. Use of common code for …
(edit) @15902   10 years kon Rmvd 'C_dynamic_library_symbol' from initial ptable - not a scheme routine.
(edit) @15901   10 years kon Rmvd non-scheme procs from initial ptable.
(edit) @15900   10 years kon Extended len of initial ptable.
(edit) @15899   10 years kon Added check for unsuccessful alloc of lf_list node. Rmvd attempt at …
(edit) @15898   10 years iraikov merged manual from trunk into prerelease branch
(edit) @15897   10 years iraikov added Getting started back
(edit) @15896   10 years iraikov merged manual from wiki
(edit) @15869   10 years kon library Added new dynamic library sys namespace procedures runtime …
(edit) @15845   10 years iraikov trunk version set to 4.2.1
(edit) @15844   10 years iraikov Merged trunk r15734 into the prerelease branch.
(edit) @15830   10 years felix strip module names
(edit) @15828   10 years felix handle case where proc in for-each/map is macro name
(edit) @15823   10 years kon More work on loaded library introspection
(edit) @15819   10 years kon files, path-tests Fix for "empty" but absolute pathnames library, …
(edit) @15817   10 years felix avoid inlining map/for-each for possibly side-effecting operator
(edit) @15816   10 years kon Begin of "module" (actually loaded .so) introspection. Reminder about …
(edit) @15815   10 years felix inlining of multi-arg for-each/map
(edit) @15813   10 years kon posixwin use of 'fx= 0' instead of 'zero?' posixunix use of 'fx= 0' …
(edit) @15799   10 years felix enabled compiler-syntax for map, better rewrites for add1/sub1; …
(edit) @15795   10 years felix added compiler-syntax for map (not enabled yet)
(edit) @15794   10 years felix documented reexport; added test
(edit) @15773   10 years felix units used by default have been reduced to library and eval (expand); …
(edit) @15772   10 years felix module-names in import forms and imports generated for import-libs are …
(edit) @15770   10 years felix added -emit-all-import-libraries
(edit) @15761   10 years kon Want to see mkdir cmd.
(edit) @15758   10 years kon Forgot about "sudo" mode with 'create-directory/parents'. …
(edit) @15742   10 years kon Applied Dave N Murray's OpenBSD patch for 'convert_string_to_number'.
(edit) @15734   10 years iraikov trunk version set to 4.1.9
(edit) @15733   10 years iraikov rewrite of create-directory
(edit) @15728   10 years kon Use of '##sys#expand-home-path' in unix & win posix …
(edit) @15720   10 years iraikov trunk version set to 4.1.8
(edit) @15719   10 years kon Fix for 'create-directory' when parents wanted; was always trying an …
(edit) @15708   10 years felix deprecated for-each[-argv]-line; bumped version to 4.1.7
(edit) @15703   10 years felix print note in test-script
(edit) @15700   10 years felix fixed load bug #72, reported by Mario
(edit) @15669   10 years felix added possible patch for combination unit
(edit) @15668   10 years felix added TODO item
(edit) @15660   10 years felix chicken-install tries alternative servers if server responds with error
(edit) @15659   10 years felix sparc wordsize detection by Thomas Chust
(edit) @15657   10 years felix ptables were not enabled for compiled files compiled with csc
(edit) @15647   10 years felix fixed version in NEWS
(edit) @15646   10 years felix bumped version to 4.1.6; deprecated cross-chicken procedure
(edit) @15637   10 years felix updated bootstrap tarball
(edit) @15614   10 years felix cross-chicken fixes
(edit) @15613   10 years felix no install-libs toplevel target
(edit) @15612   10 years felix added regex benchmarks to manifest and test-script
(edit) @15603   10 years felix soname-related fix (when will it finally work?)
(edit) @15601   10 years felix types.db fixes
(edit) @15600   10 years felix added get-condition-property
(edit) @15583   10 years felix tcp ports allow accessing buffer and buffer size; wrapper for setting …
(edit) @15580   10 years felix moved internally used compiler syntax into separate unit
(edit) @15579   10 years felix rartional? still not right; more mingw build fixes by Fadi
(edit) @15578   10 years felix only list globals that are not keywords
(edit) @15576   10 years felix slight changes
(edit) @15575   10 years felix added shinns regex benchmarks
(edit) @15574   10 years felix mingw-specific build fixes (thanks to Fadi Moukayed)
(edit) @15573   10 years felix removed redundant use of -inline
(edit) @15564   10 years kon Use of 'C_randomize' only in init..
(edit) @15563   10 years felix updated bootstrap tarball; bumped version to 4.1.5
(edit) @15562   10 years felix ackd Fadi Moukayed
(edit) @15561   10 years felix replaced static platform test with dynamic one
(edit) @15559   10 years felix test for srandom availability in extras was insufficient - removed …
(edit) @15555   10 years felix -O2 enables inlining by default; fixed bug in rational? reported by …
(edit) @15545   10 years iraikov updated NEWS file
(edit) @15544   10 years felix removed inlining branch
(edit) @15543   10 years felix merged inlining branch (r15318:15542) into trunk; updated bootstrap …
(edit) @15542   10 years felix added note in TODO
(edit) @15541   10 years felix need more not-inline declarations
(edit) @15540   10 years felix added OPTIMIZE_FOR_SPEED build option
(edit) @15531   10 years kon Chgd to more inclusive msg.
(edit) @15530   10 years kon The create dir is now "sudo" sensitive.
(edit) @15528   10 years iraikov Chicken version set to 4.1.3
(edit) @15527   10 years felix added topological-sort to data-structures unit; chicken-install sorts …
(edit) @15513   10 years felix tiny fixes
(edit) @15512   10 years felix inlining in local mode didn't treat multiply assigned global as unkown
(edit) @15506   10 years felix assembler files weren't preprocessed at all
(edit) @15503   10 years felix added test to manifest
(edit) @15502   10 years felix added test for inlining/capture bug
(edit) @15501   10 years felix remove symlink in make clean if soname is used
(edit) @15496   10 years felix added note about test
(edit) @15495   10 years felix assignment also marks lexically accessed variable as captured, not …
(edit) @15487   10 years felix more info in bench log
(edit) @15486   10 years felix added file-lists in misc/, inlining tweaks and fixes
(edit) @15485   10 years felix enabled soname for bsd builds
(edit) @15484   10 years felix apply patch by Zbigniew to disable executable stack in assembly code …
(edit) @15483   10 years felix applied patch to csc by Zbigniew to always exit with a status code of …
(edit) @15482   10 years felix uninstall only removes libraries installed for this version
(edit) @15446   10 years felix mark all outer lambdas as inline-targets
(edit) @15445   10 years felix various fixes related to soname; bnumped version to 4.1.2
(edit) @15438   10 years felix reactivated SONAME, possibly messed everything up
(edit) @15430   10 years felix setup-api.c and setup-download.c are not removed in make clean …
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