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Put in a few sentences about MinGW, courtesy of Ashley Bone.

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    206206  MinGW system ([[]]). Unlike Cygwin,
    207207  executables produced with MinGW do not need the Cygwin DLLs in order
    208   to run.   
    209 *** TODO: explain mingw build here
    210 ** MSys is a companion package to MinGW; it provides a minimum
     208  to run.   MSys is a companion package to MinGW; it provides a minimum
    211209  Unix-style development/build environment, again ported from free
    212210  software.
    213 *** TODO: explain mingw-msys build here
     211*** You can build Chicken either with MinGW alone or with MinGW plus
     212  MSys. Both approaches produce a Chicken built against the mingw headers
     213  and import libraries.
     214  The only difference is the environment where you actually run make.
     215  {{Makefile.mingw}} is can be used in {{cmd.exe}} with the version of make
     216  that comes with mingw.  {{Makefile.mingw-msys}}
     217  uses unix commands such as {{cp}} and {{rm}}.  The end product is the
     218  same.
    214219** Microsoft Visual Studio will soon be supported, including the
    215220  Express edition, which is a non-free but no-cost compiler suite
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