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    259259; [[|Vim]] : Vim is a highly configurable text editor built to enable efficient and fast text editing. It is an improved version of the vi editor distributed with most UNIX systems. Vim comes with generic Lisp (and therefore Scheme) editing capabilities out of the box. [[|Here are a few tips on the matter]]. TODO: the chicken community is in the process of putting together a common set of extensions for editing Chicken with Vim
     261; [[|SciTE]] : SciTE, unlike Emacs or Vim, follows typical graphical UI design conventions and control-key mappings, and for simple tasks is as familiar and easy to use as Notepad, KEdit, TeachText etc.  However it has many programming features such as multiple open files, syntax highlighting for a large number of languages (including Lisps), matching of brackets, ability to fold sections of code based on the matched brackets, block selections, comment/uncomment, and the ability to run commands in the same directory as the current file (such as make, grep, etc.)  SciTE is written with the GTK toolkit and is portable to any GTK platform, including Windows, Linux and MacOS.  It uses the Scintilla text-editing component, which lends itself well to embedding within other IDEs and graphical toolkits.  It does not have any other Scheme-specific features, but being open-source and modular, features like auto-formatting of S-expressions could be added.
    261263TODO: other editors? Slick? Multi-Edit? Visual Studio? Eclipse? TextMate?  jEdit? some other editor? Please fill in anything you know about. Has somebody done a SchemeScript for Chicken?
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