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Added explanation of portability between Scheme implementations vs. portability of implementations.

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    5555However, in the real world you will need much more than just
    5656programming constructs, you need things to interact with the operating
    57 system, networking libraries etcetera.  That's where the difference
     57system, networking libraries, etc.  That's where the difference
    5858between Scheme and other languages comes in: Every implementation of
    5959Scheme defines the things it thinks are necessary to build real
    6060programs with.  Unfortunately, this means most Scheme programs are
    61 inherently unportable, but it also means that Scheme implementations
     61inherently not portable from one implementation to another, but it also means that Scheme implementations
    6262are free to experiment how they want and explore new language
    6363territory.  This gives each Scheme implementation its uniqueness.
     65Fortunately, most Scheme implementations including Chicken are fairly portable to modern hardware architectures and operating systems.  You or may not be able to port a Chicken program to another Scheme, but you can port it from Windows to Mac OS X or Linux, or from the 32-bit Intel 386 to the 64-bit SPARC architecture, because Chicken runs in all those environments.
    6567Chicken's power is in how it extends the Scheme standard.  It has a
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