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     39<chickenegg name="awk" license="LGPL" author="Olin Shivers, adapted to Chicken by [[felix winkelmann]]" description="The SCSH/PLT 'awk' macro"/>
     41<chickenegg name="make" license="LGPL" author="PLT, adapted to Chicken by [[felix winkelmann]]" description="The PLT 'make' macro"/>
     43<chickenegg name="loop" license="GPL" author="Heinrich Taube" description="The Common Lisp LOOP macro"/>
     45<chickenegg name="environments" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="User defined evaluation environments"/>
     47<chickenegg name="datatype" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="A facility for creating and deconstructing variant records (from EOPL)"/>
     49<chickenegg name="F-operator" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Shift/Reset Control Operators."/>
     51<chickenegg name="sandbox" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="A safe evaluation environment"/>
     53<chickenegg name="miscmacros" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Various helper macros"/>
     55<chickenegg name="autoload" license="BSD" author="Alex Shinn" description="Load modules lazily"/>
     57<chickenegg name="codewalk" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="macro-expansion and code-walking"/>
     59<chickenegg name="generalised-case" license="BSD" author="Peter Bex" description="A generalised version of CASE that accepts an equality predicate"/>
     61<chickenegg name="regex-case" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Provides an easy to use <code>case</code> construct for regular expression matching"/>
     63<chickenegg name="matchable" license="public domain" author="Alex Shinn" description="Syntax-case MATCH replacement"/>
     65<chickenegg name="tagged-begin" license="BSD" author="Jens Axel S&oslash;gaard" description="An extended form of <code>begin</code> similar to Common Lisp's <code>tagbody</code>"/>
     67<chickenegg name="defun-cond" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Create condition convenience procedures"/>
     69<chickenegg name="srfi-45" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Primitives for Expressing Iterative Lazy Algorithms"/>
     71<chickenegg name="srfi-60" license="BSD" author="Aubrey Jaffer" description="Integers as bits"/>
     73<chickenegg name="srfi-89" license="SRFI" author="Marc Feeley" description="reference implementation of SRFI-89"/>
     75<chickenegg name="contracts" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Simple contract-oriented programming"/>
     77<chickenegg name="modules" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="a simple module system"/>
     79<chickenegg name="suspension" license="BSD" author="felix" description="Serialized limited continuations"/>
     81<chickenegg name="fspath" license="Public Domain" author="Kon Lovett" description="CommonLISP similar namestring & pathname"/>
     83<chickenegg name="generator" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Provides generator-like coroutine operations."/>
     85<chickenegg name="lexmod" license="unknown" author="Taylor Campbell" description="A portable module system based on lexical scope"/>
     87<chickenegg name="pmatch" license="Public Domain" author="Mayer Goldberg" description="Macroless ML-style pattern matching"/>
     89<chickenegg name="match-action" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Match extension with explicit success & fail actions"/>
     91<chickenegg name="procedure-surface" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Generic Programming Support"/>
     93<chickenegg name="loopy-loop" license="public domain" author="Alex Shinn" description="Alex Shinn's LOOP macro"/>
     95<chickenegg name="object-apply" license="BSD" author="felix" description="Allows calling arbitrary data objects as procedures"/>
     97<chickenegg name="softscheme" license="GPL" author="Andrew Wright, packaged by Lars Thomas Hansen and ported to chicken by felix" description="Andrew Wright's soft type checker"/>
     99<chickenegg name="job-worker" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Background Job/Worker Associates"/>
     101<chickenegg name="regex-literals" license="MIT" author="Arto Bendiken" description="A reader extension providing precompiled regular expression literals of the form <code>#/[a-z0-9]+/i</code>"/>
     103<chickenegg name="uri-literals" license="MIT" author="Arto Bendiken" description="A reader extension providing URI literals of the form <code>#<></code>"/>
     105<chickenegg name="extended-cond" license="Public Domain" author="Shawn Wagner" description="cond conforming to SRFI-61 (Guard clauses)
     106case conformating to SRFI-87 (Passing the matched value to a function)
     107Generic case and switch versions that take a user-defined equality function."/>
     109<chickenegg name="misc-extn" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Miscellaneous useful stuff"/>
     111<chickenegg name="date-literals" license="MIT" author="Arto Bendiken" description="A reader extension providing SRFI-19 date/time literals of the form <code>#@2007-12-31T23:59:59Z</code>"/>
     113<chickenegg name="foof-loop" license="public domain" author="Taylor R Campbell" description="Extensible looping macros (originally based on Alex Shinn's)"/>
     122<chickenegg name="g2" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Interface to the G2 graphics libary"/>
     124<chickenegg name="fps" license="unknown" author="Wandy Sae-Tan and Olin Shivers" description="Functional PostScript"/>
     126<chickenegg name="sdl" license="LGPL" author="Tony Garnock-Jones" description="Basic SDL support"/>
     128<chickenegg name="xmi" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="An interface to libxmi, the 2D rasterization library"/>
     130<chickenegg name="epeg" license="BSD" author="Peter Bex" description="Chicken bindings for the JPEG thumbnail creation library epeg"/>
     132<chickenegg name="glfw" license="MIT" author="Alex Sandro Queiroz e Silva <>" description="Bindings for GLFW, an OpenGL framework"/>
     134<chickenegg name="glut" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="GLUT bindings"/>
     136<chickenegg name="xlib" license="unknown" author="Richard Mann" description="Xlib bindings"/>
     138<chickenegg name="aalib" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Bindings for the AAlib ASCII renderer"/>
     140<chickenegg name="cairo" license="LGPL" author="Michael Bridgen and Tony Garnock-Jones" description="Chicken bindings for Cairo, a vector graphics library"/>
     142<chickenegg name="ezxdisp" license="LGPL" author="n-sibata and Morihiko Tamai" description="A simple 2D and 3D graphics library for X11"/>
     144<chickenegg name="imlib2" license="BSD" author="Peter Bex" description="Chicken bindings for the Imlib2 image library"/>
     146<chickenegg name="freetype" license="BSD" author="Alex Shinn" description="Freetype2 Interface"/>
     148<chickenegg name="octave" license="BSD" author="Pierre-Alexandre Fournier" description="Interface to GNU/Octave"/>
     150<chickenegg name="opengl" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="OpenGL bindings"/>
     152<chickenegg name="aquaterm" license="BSD" author="Thomas Chust" description="Bindings to the C API for AquaTerm"/>
     161<chickenegg name="gdb" license="MIT" author="Tony Sidaway <>" description="GDB-MI interface to the GNU debugger"/>
     163<chickenegg name="mayo" license="MIT" author="Tony Sidaway <>" description="Scheme source-level debugger"/>
     165<chickenegg name="dissector" license="BSD" author="Taylor Campbell" description="An object inspector for Chicken"/>
     174<chickenegg name="schelog" license="LGPL" author="Dorai Sitaram, substantially optimized by Brad Lucier" description="Dorai Sitaram's embedding of logic programming into Scheme"/>
     176<chickenegg name="kanren" license="MIT" author="Oleg Kiselyov and Dan Friedman" description="A declarative applicative logic programming system."/>
     185<chickenegg name="ftp" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Simple FTP client"/>
     187<chickenegg name="irc" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="A simple IRC client"/>
     189<chickenegg name="mpi" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Message-passing Interface (MPI)"/>
     191<chickenegg name="rpc" license="BSD" author="Thomas Chust" description="A flexible peer-to-peer RPC system."/>
     193<chickenegg name="udp" license="BSD" author="Category 5" description="An interface to User Datagram Protocol sockets"/>
     195<chickenegg name="dict" license="BSD" author="David Krentzlin" description="Simple API for the dict client/server-protocol"/>
     197<chickenegg name="dpfw" license="GPL" author="Dan Muresan" description="A lightweight distributed programming framework"/>
     199<chickenegg name="http" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="HTTP client and server"/>
     201<chickenegg name="pcap" license="BSD" author="Category 5" description="Interface to the portable packet-capture library"/>
     203<chickenegg name="pop3" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Mail retrieval via the POP3 protocol"/>
     205<chickenegg name="scgi" license="BSD" author="Thomas Chust" description="SCGI server library"/>
     207<chickenegg name="smtp" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="A simple library to send e-mail via SMTP (RFC 821)"/>
     209<chickenegg name="tcp6" license="BSD" author="Jun-ichiro Itojun Hagino and felix winkelmann" description="A replacement for the <code>tcp</code> library unit that supports IPv6"/>
     211<chickenegg name="tcp-server" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="A simple generic multithreaded tcp-server"/>
     213<chickenegg name="remote-launch" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Remote Launch Service"/>
     215<chickenegg name="uuid-lib" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="OSF DCE 1.1 UUID"/>
     217<chickenegg name="uuid-ossp" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="OSSP UUID"/>
     219<chickenegg name="raw-sockets" license="BSD" author="Ben Kurtz" description="Simple access to UNIX raw sockets"/>
     221<chickenegg name="remote-mailbox" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Remote Mailbox"/>
     223<chickenegg name="hostinfo" license="BSD" author="Zbigniew Szadkowski" description="Look up host, protocol, and service information"/>
     225<chickenegg name="unix-sockets" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="UNIX domain sockets"/>
     227<chickenegg name="spread" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="An interface to the Spread communication library"/>
     229<chickenegg name="sendfile" license="BSD" author="David Krentzlin" description="Sending a file over the network"/>
     231<chickenegg name="memcached" license="BSD" author="Alaric B. Snell-Pym" description="A client for accessing a memcached cluster"/>
     233<chickenegg name="openssl" license="BSD" author="Thomas Chust" description="Bindings to the OpenSSL SSL/TLS library"/>
     242<chickenegg name="fmt" license="BSD" author="Alex Shinn" description="Combinator Formatting"/>
     244<chickenegg name="ppi" license="MIT" author="Michal Dybizbanski" description="user-space interface to ppbus parallel 'geek' port under FreeBSD"/>
     246<chickenegg name="pty" license="BSD" author="Alex Shinn" description="Easy Pseudo-Terminal Interface"/>
     248<chickenegg name="vfs" license="BSD" author="[[felix winkelmann]]" description="TinyCLOS wrappers for file operations"/>
     250<chickenegg name="sfio" license="BSD" author="Category 5" description="Interface to AT&T's Safe/Fast I/O Library"/>
     252<chickenegg name="stty" license="BSD" author="Alex Shinn" description="stty-style interface to termios"/>
     254<chickenegg name="binary-parse" license="Public Domain" author="Oleg Kiselyov" description="Reading variable number of bits from a sequential input stream"/>
     256<chickenegg name="ioctl" license="BSD" author="Alex Shinn" description="ioctl system call interface"/>
     258<chickenegg name="srfi-38" license="SRFI" author="Al Petrofsky and Ray Dillinger" description="A Chicken version of the SRFI-38 reference implementation"/>
     260<chickenegg name="nbstdin" license="BSD" author="Daishi Kato" description="Non-blocking Standard Input"/>
     262<chickenegg name="pipeline" license="BSD" author="Hans Bulfone" description="Run multiple subprocesses connected via pipes"/>
     264<chickenegg name="format-modular" license="Public Domain" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo, Alex Shinn and Kon Lovett" description="Modular Common-Lisp style formatted output"/>
     266<chickenegg name="http-fs" license="BSD" author="[[felix winkelmann]]" description="Simple read-only HTTP access over [[vfs]]"/>
     268<chickenegg name="endian-port" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="An I/O port that supports different endian formats."/>
     270<chickenegg name="format-graph" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Prints a graph in various formats."/>
     272<chickenegg name="readline" license="GPL" author="Tony Garnock-Jones" description="An interface to the GNU readline library"/>
     274<chickenegg name="format-textdiff" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Output text diff scripts in different formats"/>
     283<chickenegg name="sql" license="BSD" author="Hans Bulfone" description="A small scheme library for constructing SQL queries"/>
     285<chickenegg name="gdbm" license="BSD" author="Alex Shinn" description="GNU DBM interface"/>
     287<chickenegg name="qdbm" license="GPL" author="Sven Hartrumpf" description="Some bindings for qdbm (depot interface)"/>
     289<chickenegg name="geoip" license="MIT" author="Arto Bendiken" description="Chicken bindings for the GeoIP C API"/>
     291<chickenegg name="mysql" license="MIT" author="Toby Butzon" description="MySQL bindings for Chicken"/>
     293<chickenegg name="sedna" license="Apache" author="The Institute for System Programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISP RAS)" description="An interface to the Sedna XML database management system."/>
     295<chickenegg name="sql-null" license="public domain" author="Ivan Shmakov" description="A convenience extension for representing SQL NULL values"/>
     297<chickenegg name="metakit" license="MIT" author="Sergey Khorev" description="An interface to the Metakit database"/>
     299<chickenegg name="sqlite3" license="BSD" author="Thomas Chust" description="Bindings to version 3.x of the SQLite API"/>
     301<chickenegg name="sqlite3-tinyclos" license="BSD" author="Thomas Chust" description="A bridge between persistent storage in SQLite3 tables and TinyCLOS objects."/>
     303<chickenegg name="sqlora" license="BSD" author="Graham Fawcett <>" description="A wrapper for libsqlora8, the Oracle-database library"/>
     305<chickenegg name="postgresql" license="BSD" author="Johannes Groedem" description="Some simple bindings for PostgreSQL's C-api"/>
     314<chickenegg name="daemon-tools" license="BSD" author="Hans Bulfone" description="Collection of useful functions for daemons"/>
     316<chickenegg name="macosx" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="MacOS X Utilities"/>
     318<chickenegg name="locale" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Provides locale operations"/>
     320<chickenegg name="lirc-client" license="BSD" author="Hans Bulfone" description="Interface to LIRC (Linux Infrared Remote Control) client library"/>
     322<chickenegg name="rlimit" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Setting resource limits"/>
     324<chickenegg name="osprocess" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Subprocess Object"/>
     333<chickenegg name="jni" license="BSD" author="Daishi Kato and felix winkelmann" description="An interface to Java(tm) via JNI"/>
     335<chickenegg name="lua" license="MIT" author="PUC Rio, chicken interface by felix winkelmann" description="Embed Lua interpreter into Scheme applications"/>
     337<chickenegg name="objc" license="MIT" author="Zbigniew" description="An Objective-C interface"/>
     339<chickenegg name="pyffi" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="An interface to the Python programming language."/>
     341<chickenegg name="easyffi" license="BSD" author="[[felix winkelmann]]" description="Generates bindings from C/C++ declarations"/>
     343<chickenegg name="dollar" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="FFI convenience macro"/>
     345<chickenegg name="q-lang" license="GPL" author="John Cowan" description="An interface to the programming language Q"/>
     347<chickenegg name="javahack" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="A simple interface to Java(tm)"/>
     349<chickenegg name="lazy-ffi" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="A foreign function interface for lazy people"/>
     358<chickenegg name="stream-flash-tree-map" license="GPL" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Generates Shockwave Flash files representing for trees with sizes"/>
     360<chickenegg name="uri" license="BSD" author="Felix Winkelmann and Kon Lovett, with code taken from Aubrey Jaffers' SLIB" description="URL (RFC 1739 & 3986) parsing"/>
     362<chickenegg name="fancypants" license="BSD" author="Peter Bex" description="Automatic ASCII smart quotes and ligature handling for SXML"/>
     364<chickenegg name="ajax" license="MIT" author="[[felix winkelmann]]" description="Using xmlHttpRequest with the Spiffy web-server"/>
     366<chickenegg name="curl" license="BSD" author="Tony Sidaway <>" description="Bindings for libcurl, the multiprotocol file transfer library"/>
     368<chickenegg name="hart" license="BSD" author="Graham Fawcett <>" description="An efficient HTML-generation library."/>
     370<chickenegg name="idna" license="BSD" author="Zbigniew" description="An interface to Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications"/>
     372<chickenegg name="honu" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="A parser for `honu' syntax"/>
     374<chickenegg name="mime" license="BSD" author="Shiro Kawai, ported to Chicken by Hans Bulfone" description="Parse MIME Messages"/>
     376<chickenegg name="xml-rpc" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="XML-RPC client/server"/>
     378<chickenegg name="html-plots" license="GPL" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Parsing files in wiki format and rendering them to HTML"/>
     380<chickenegg name="http-session" license="BSD" author="Mario Domenech Goulart" description="Facilities for managing HTTP sessions"/>
     382<chickenegg name="html-stream" license="GPL" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Tiny, functional HTML generator, generating srfi-40 streams of characters"/>
     384<chickenegg name="uri-namespaces" license="MIT" author="Arto Bendiken" description="Facilities for converting between prefixed symbols (such as 'dc:title) and absolute URI references (such as #<>). This is useful e.g. for working with XML documents and RDF triples."/>
     386<chickenegg name="cgi-util" license="unknown" author="Oleg Kiselyov. Ported to chicken by Shawn Wagner." description="CGI GET and POST query string parsing."/>
     388<chickenegg name="htmlprag" license="LGPL" author="Neil W. Van Dyke" description="A permissive HTML parser"/>
     390<chickenegg name="http-server-form-posts" license="Public Domain" author="Moe Aboulkheir" description="Extends http-server to handle multipart/form-data POSTs"/>
     392<chickenegg name="stream-wiki" license="GPL" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Parsing files in wiki format and rendering them to HTML"/>
     394<chickenegg name="fastcgi" license="BSD" author="Alex Drummond <>" description="Bindings for the FCGX API of libfcgi"/>
     396<chickenegg name="phoghorn" license="BSD" author="Peter Bex" description="A thumbnail gallery library for spiffy"/>
     398<chickenegg name="estraier" license="GPL" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Thin wrapper around the Hyper Estraier API for indexing documents and searching them."/>
     400<chickenegg name="irnc-base" license="BSD" author="Tony Sidaway <> and Martin Sidaway <>" description="Base package for the ironchicken bot framework for Mediawiki"/>
     402<chickenegg name="web-scheme" license="BSD" author="Mario Domenech Goulart" description="Scheme for web programming"/>
     404<chickenegg name="stream-cgi" license="Public Domain" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="A library with functionality useful for creating applications that run under CGI using streams"/>
     406<chickenegg name="spiffy" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Spiffy the web-server"/>
     408<chickenegg name="stream-httplog" license="GPL" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Parser for Apache access_log files"/>
     410<chickenegg name="scheme-dissect" license="GPL" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Functions useful to show Scheme code in an HTML file"/>
     412<chickenegg name="spiffy-utils" license="BSD" author="Peter Bex" description="Utility library for Spiffy"/>
     421<chickenegg name="rss" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="A RSS parser"/>
     423<chickenegg name="asxt" license="LGPL" author="Neil van Dyke" description="Another Scheme XML Transformer"/>
     425<chickenegg name="ssax" license="Public Domain" author="Oleg Kiselyov, ported to CHICKEN by Kirill Lisovsky, packaged as an extension by felix winkelmann" description="Oleg Kiselyov's XML parser"/>
     427<chickenegg name="expat" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="An interface to James Clark's Expat XML parser"/>
     429<chickenegg name="doctype" license="Public Domain" author="Zbigniew Szadkoswski" description="Exports strings corresponding to standard XML (XHTML, HTML) doctypes"/>
     431<chickenegg name="sxml-match" license="MIT" author="Reed Sheridan <>" description="Pattern matching of SXML"/>
     433<chickenegg name="sxml-tools" license="Public Domain" author="Oleg Kiselyov, Kirill Lisovsky, Dmitry Lizorkin" description="The sxml-tools from the SSAX project"/>
     435<chickenegg name="sxml-templates" license="Public Domain" author="Moe Aboulkheir" description="A simple facility for subtituting values into SXML expressions"/>
     437<chickenegg name="sxml-transforms" license="Public Domain" author="Oleg Kiselyov" description="The SXML transformations (to XML, SXML, and HTML) from the SSAX project at Sourceforge"/>
     439<chickenegg name="xxexpr" license="LGPL" author="Tony Garnock-Jones" description="Manipulation of eXtended Xml EXPRessions"/>
     441<chickenegg name="lazy-ssax" license="Public Domain" author="Dmitry Lizorkin" description="A specialized lazy XML->SXML parser"/>
     450<chickenegg name="man" license="BSD" author="Mario Goulart" description="Access the manual from the REPL"/>
     452<chickenegg name="mole" license="Public Domain" author="Kirill Lisovsky" description="A literate programming tool for Scheme"/>
     454<chickenegg name="eggdoc-texinfo" license="BSD" author="Zbigniew" description="Render eggdoc source to Texinfo"/>
     456<chickenegg name="eggdoc-svnwiki" license="BSD" author="Zbigniew" description="Render eggdoc source to svnwiki syntax"/>
     458<chickenegg name="eggdoc" license="BSD" author="Zbigniew" description="An egg documentation tool"/>
     467<chickenegg name="nest-tool" license="BSD" author="Mario Domenech Goulart" description="Extension and command-line tool for extracting information from eggs repositories listings"/>
     469<chickenegg name="meta-setup" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="A tool for various operations on a local CHICKEN extension repository"/>
     471<chickenegg name="salmonella" license="BSD" author="Mario Domenech Goulart" description="A tool for testing eggs"/>
     480<chickenegg name="gmp" license="LGPL" author="Peter Keller" description="Bindings for the <b>GNU Multiprecision Arithmetic Library</b>"/>
     482<chickenegg name="ode" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Numerical solver framework for systems of first-order differential equations (ODE)."/>
     484<chickenegg name="SO31" license="GPL" author="Will M. Farr <>" description="Basic functions to manipulate SO(3,1) group elements."/>
     486<chickenegg name="blas" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="An interface to level 1, 2 and 3 BLAS routines"/>
     488<chickenegg name="fpfz" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Floating-point Comparison With Epsilon"/>
     490<chickenegg name="mapm" license="Public Domain" author="[[mailto:tjaden(at)|Peter Wang]]" description="Binding to Mike's Arbitrary Precision Math Library"/>
     492<chickenegg name="complex" license="BSD" author="Thomas Christian Chust" description="Support for complex numbers in Chicken"/>
     494<chickenegg name="unitconv" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Conversion of units of measurement"/>
     496<chickenegg name="matrix-utils" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Generation of special utility matrices."/>
     498<chickenegg name="mathh" license="Public domain" author="John Cowan" description="Some ISO C math functions"/>
     500<chickenegg name="grobner-basis" license="MIT" author="Naruto Canada" description="Grobner Basis"/>
     502<chickenegg name="matpak" license="BSD" author="Norman Hardy, packaged by Terrence Brannon" description="matrix multiplication, inverse, transpose, determinant, and vector inner product"/>
     504<chickenegg name="gsl-srfi-27" license="GPL" author="Will M. Farr" description="SRFI-27 library which uses the GSL behind the scenes to generate random numbers."/>
     506<chickenegg name="numbers" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Full numeric tower support"/>
     508<chickenegg name="atlas-lapack" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="An interface to the LAPACK routines implemented in ATLAS."/>
     510<chickenegg name="probdist" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Probability distributions"/>
     512<chickenegg name="predicate-calculus" license="MIT" author="Naruto Canada" description="Predicate calculus with equality."/>
     514<chickenegg name="interp1d" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="One-dimensional numerical interpolation."/>
     523<chickenegg name="c3" license="BSD" author="Alex Shinn" description="Implements C3 class linearization for TinyCLOS"/>
     525<chickenegg name="pos" license="unknown" author="Blake McBride" description="POS is a portable object system for Scheme"/>
     527<chickenegg name="prometheus" license="GPL" author="Jorgen Schaefer" description="The Prometheus prototype-based object system"/>
     529<chickenegg name="modds" license="BSD" author="Thomas Chust" description="A prototype based object system with multiple object dynamic dispatch"/>
     531<chickenegg name="operations" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="The object system from the T Lisp system"/>
     533<chickenegg name="meroon" license="LGPL" author="Christian Queinnec, ported to CHICKEN by felix winkelmann" description="A fast and feature-rich object system"/>
     535<chickenegg name="tinyclos" license="BSD" author="Gregor Kiczales (ported to CHICKEN and heavily modified by felix and kon)" description="Gregor Kiczales TinyCLOS object system"/>
     537<chickenegg name="protobj" license="LGPL" author="Neil van Dyke" description="A prototype-delegation object model"/>
     546<chickenegg name="z3" license="BSD" author="Oskar Schirmer and felix winkelmann" description="A gzip (RFC1952) compression and decompression library"/>
     548<chickenegg name="amb" license="BSD" author="Thomas Chust" description="The non-deterministic backtracking ambivalence operator"/>
     550<chickenegg name="box" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Boxing"/>
     552<chickenegg name="ftl" license="LGPL" author="Sergei Egorov, partially reimplemented by felix winkelmann" description="Interface based sequence library"/>
     554<chickenegg name="iset" license="BSD" author="Alex Shinn" description="Integer sets"/>
     556<chickenegg name="sfht" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="A dictionary data structure based on counting Bloom filters."/>
     558<chickenegg name="lookup-table" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Simple Lookup Table"/>
     560<chickenegg name="random-swb" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="A random number generator based on the subtract-with-borrow (SWB) method."/>
     562<chickenegg name="bloom-filter" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Bloom Filter"/>
     564<chickenegg name="records" license="public domain" author="David Carlton, Aubrey Jaffer" description="Procedural record-type interface"/>
     566<chickenegg name="graph-cycles" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Enumerate all simple cycles in a graph."/>
     568<chickenegg name="digraph" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Directed graph in adjacency list format."/>
     570<chickenegg name="vector-lib" license="Artistic" author="Taylor Campbell, with CHICKEN-specific modifications by William S. Annis. Adapted to final version and bugs fixed by Zbigniew Szadkowski" description="A port of the reference implementation of SRFI-43 with additions and fixes"/>
     572<chickenegg name="stack" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Provides LIFO queue (stack) operations"/>
     574<chickenegg name="treap" license="GPL" author="Oleg Kiselyov; packaged for Chicken Scheme by Ivan Raikov" description="A sorted dictionary data structure based on randomized search trees."/>
     576<chickenegg name="plist-utils" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Provides property list operations"/>
     578<chickenegg name="kvlists" license="MIT" author="Arto Bendiken" description="Provides keyword/value list (or key-value list, for short) operations."/>
     580<chickenegg name="charplot" license="public domain" author="Aubrey Jaffer" description="Character plots"/>
     582<chickenegg name="dyn-vector" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Dynamic (dense) vectors based on SRFI-43."/>
     584<chickenegg name="pairing-heap" license="BSD" author="Will M. Farr" description="Persistent heap datastructure which is adaptive and supports O(1) merge."/>
     586<chickenegg name="srfi-4-comprehensions" license="SRFI" author="Will Farr" description="SRFI-42 Comprehensions for SRFI-4 Vectors"/>
     588<chickenegg name="srfi-19" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Time Data Types and Procedures"/>
     590<chickenegg name="srfi-25" license="SRFI" author="Jussi Piitulainen" description="Multidimensional arrays"/>
     592<chickenegg name="srfi-27" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Sources of Random Bits"/>
     594<chickenegg name="srfi-40" license="SRFI" author="Based on the original SRFI 40 reference implementation by Philip L. Bewig and Andre von Tonder, modified for Chicken by Category 5" description="SRFI-40 (Streams)"/>
     596<chickenegg name="srfi-42" license="SRFI" author="Sebastian Egner" description="SRFI-42 (Eager comprehensions)"/>
     598<chickenegg name="srfi-47" license="SRFI" author="Aubrey Jaffer" description="SRFI-47 arrays"/>
     600<chickenegg name="srfi-66" license="BSD" author="felix" description="Octet vectors"/>
     602<chickenegg name="srfi-85" license="SRFI" author="Will Clinger, modified for Chicken by John Cowan" description="Recursive equivalence predicates"/>
     604<chickenegg name="srfi-95" license="public domain" author="Richard O'Keefe, modified for Chicken by John Cowan" description="Sorting and merging"/>
     606<chickenegg name="coerce" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Type Coerce"/>
     608<chickenegg name="random-mtzig" license="BSD" author="Ivan Raikov" description="An implementation of the MT19937 random number generator with Marsaglia and Tang's Ziggurat algorithm to generate random numbers from a non-uniform distribution."/>
     610<chickenegg name="array-lib" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="SRFI-25 Similar, SRFI-47, SRFI-63 & More"/>
     612<chickenegg name="ftl-peg" license="BSD" author="Thomas Chust" description="Parsing expression grammars for FTL"/>
     614<chickenegg name="npdiff" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Compute the longest common subsequence of two sequences"/>
     616<chickenegg name="orders" license="GPL" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Functions useful for defining orders (for sorting)"/>
     618<chickenegg name="graph-bfs" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Breadth-first search in a graph."/>
     620<chickenegg name="graph-dfs" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Depth-first search in a graph."/>
     622<chickenegg name="graph-scc" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Compute strongly-connected components (SCC) of a graph."/>
     624<chickenegg name="rgraph" license="BSD" author="Jonah Beckford" description="A graph library for Scheme"/>
     626<chickenegg name="stream-ext" license="Public Domain" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="A library of extensions to the SRFI-40 streams"/>
     628<chickenegg name="sparse-vectors" license="BSD" author="Richard Kelsey and Jonathan Rees" description="Arbitrarily large vectors"/>
     630<chickenegg name="topological-sort" license="public domain" author="Mikael Djurfeldt" description="Topological sorting"/>
     632<chickenegg name="metaphone" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Metaphone 'sounds like' algorithm"/>
     634<chickenegg name="srfi-4-utils" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Utility functions for SRFI-4 vectors."/>
     636<chickenegg name="random-test" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Some simple randomness tests for a sequence of numbers."/>
     638<chickenegg name="bit-cat" license="BSD" author="Ben Kurtz" description="Bitstring Concatenator for u8vectors"/>
     640<chickenegg name="defstruct" license="BSD" author="Dorai Sitaram" description="Another record-type facility"/>
     642<chickenegg name="perfect-hash" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Provides perfect hashing"/>
     644<chickenegg name="wt-tree" license="MIT-ish" author="Reed Sheridan <>" description="Weight-balanced trees"/>
     646<chickenegg name="rb-tree" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="A sorted dictionary data structure based on red-black trees."/>
     655<chickenegg name="csv" license="LGPL" author="Neil van Dyke" description="Parsing comma-separated values"/>
     657<chickenegg name="tar" license="BSD" author="feix winkelmann" description="Reading and writing tar archives"/>
     659<chickenegg name="json" license="MIT" author="Tony Garnock-Jones" description="A JSON library"/>
     661<chickenegg name="lalr" license="GPL" author="Dominique Boucher" description="An efficient LALR(1) parser generator"/>
     663<chickenegg name="s11n" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Serialization of arbitrary data."/>
     665<chickenegg name="utf8" license="BSD" author="Alex Shinn" description="Unicode support"/>
     667<chickenegg name="rfc3339" license="LGPL" author="Neil van Dyke" description="RFC3339 Date and Time Format"/>
     669<chickenegg name="iconv" license="Public Domain" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Character-set conversions"/>
     671<chickenegg name="magic" license="BSD" author="Peter Busser" description="Identifies file types"/>
     673<chickenegg name="mpeg3" license="Public Domain" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Decodes several MPEG standards into uncompressed data suitable for editing and playback."/>
     675<chickenegg name="silex" license="Other" author="Danny Dub&eacute;" description="An efficient and powerful lexer generator"/>
     677<chickenegg name="stream-base64" license="Public Domain" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Performs lazy encoding and decoding of streams of characters to and from Base64"/>
     679<chickenegg name="stream-ldif" license="Public Domain" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Library to parse and produce files in the LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF) file format"/>
     681<chickenegg name="php-s11n" license="MIT" author="Arto Bendiken" description="Serialization/unserialization of PHP data types."/>
     683<chickenegg name="charconv" license="BSD" author="Alex Shinn" description="Character encoding utilities"/>
     685<chickenegg name="stream-htpasswd" license="Public Domain" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Lazy parser and generator of Apache htpasswd password files."/>
     687<chickenegg name="stream-parser" license="Public Domain" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="A stream-based parser"/>
     689<chickenegg name="mat5-lib" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Reading and writing Level 5 MAT-File format."/>
     691<chickenegg name="base64" license="BSD" author="James Bailey" description="Parsing and unparsing of base-64 strings"/>
     693<chickenegg name="chasen" license="BSD" author="Alex Shinn" description="Bindings to ChaSen Japanese Morphological Analyzer"/>
     695<chickenegg name="cookie" license="BSD" author="Reed Sheridan <>" description="Parse and construct HTTP cookies"/>
     697<chickenegg name="mistie" license="BSD" author="Dorai Sitaram" description="A programmable filter"/>
     699<chickenegg name="rfc822" license="BSD" author="Reed Sheridan <>" description="Parse Internet Message Format"/>
     701<chickenegg name="stream-sections" license="GPL" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Split a document into sections and do useful things with the results."/>
     703<chickenegg name="levenshtein" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Levenshtein edit distance"/>
     705<chickenegg name="packrat" license="MIT" author="Tony Garnock-Jones" description="A packrat parsing library"/>
     707<chickenegg name="scsh-regexp" license="GPL" author="Dan Muresan" description="Emulates SCSH regular expression API"/>
     709<chickenegg name="content-type" license="Public Domain" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Parsing of Content-type headers"/>
     711<chickenegg name="input-parse" license="unknown" author="Oleg Kiselyov. Ported to chicken by Shawn Wagner." description="input-stream tokenizing and parsing routines."/>
     713<chickenegg name="packedobjects" license="BSD" author="John P. T. Moore" description="cross platform bit-stuffing based on Packed Encoding Rules"/>
     722<chickenegg name="sbky" license="BSD" author="Angel Ortega, ported to Scheme by felix winkelmann" description="A Scheme port of the `bky' version control system"/>
     724<chickenegg name="patch" license="MIT" author="Tony Sidaway <" description="Simple source patch utility"/>
     726<chickenegg name="sigma" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="An image gallery generator."/>
     735<chickenegg name="mpd-client" license="BSD" author="Hans Bulfone" description="Interface to Music Player Daemon"/>
     737<chickenegg name="openal" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="OpenAL 1.1 bindings"/>
     746<chickenegg name="test" license="BSD" author="Alex Shinn" description="Yet Another Testing Utility"/>
     748<chickenegg name="check" license="SRFI" author="Sebastian Egner" description="SRFI-78 leightweight testing"/>
     750<chickenegg name="testbase" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Unit Testing Framework"/>
     752<chickenegg name="testeez" license="LGPL" author="Neil van Dyke" description="Simple Test Mechanism for Scheme"/>
     754<chickenegg name="testbase-results" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="TestBase Test Results Support"/>
     756<chickenegg name="testbase-driver" license="Open Source" author="Kon Lovett" description="Unit Testing Framework Test Runner"/>
     765<chickenegg name="crc" license="BSD" author="Daishi Kato" description="Computes CRC checksum"/>
     767<chickenegg name="md5" license="GPL" author="Chistophe Devine (packaged for CHICKEN by felix winkelmann)" description="Computes MD5 (RFC1321) checksums"/>
     769<chickenegg name="sha1" license="GPL" author="Chistophe Devine (packaged for CHICKEN by [[felix winkelmann]])" description="Computes SHA1 (FIPS-180-1) checksums"/>
     771<chickenegg name="sha2" license="BSD" author="Aaron D. Gifford and Daishi Kato" description="Computes 256-, 385- and 512-bit SHA2 checksums"/>
     773<chickenegg name="tiger-hash" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Tiger/192 Message Digest"/>
     775<chickenegg name="crc16" license="BSD" author="Ben Kurtz" description="CRC16 Algorithm"/>
     777<chickenegg name="crypt" license="BSD" author="Thomas Christian Chust" description="Bindings to the cryptlib library"/>
     779<chickenegg name="crypt3" license="BSD" author="Thomas Christian Chust and Kon Lovett" description="Bindings to the cryptlib library (for cryptlib 3.2.2)"/>
     781<chickenegg name="hashes" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Miscellaneous Hash Functions"/>
     783<chickenegg name="ripemd" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="RIPE Message Digest"/>
     785<chickenegg name="message-digest" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Message Digest Support"/>
    186794<chickenegg name="bb" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="An easy-to-use GUI toolkit based on FLTK"/>
     796<chickenegg name="qt" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="A leightweight Qt 4 interface"/>
     798<chickenegg name="tk" license="Bremer License" author="Wolf-Dieter Busch" description="An interface to the Tk GUI toolkit"/>
     800<chickenegg name="sx" license="LGPL" author="Dominic Giampaolo, chicken interface by felix winkelmann" description="Simple X programming"/>
     802<chickenegg name="japi" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="A set of bindings for the JAPI GUI toolkit"/>
     804<chickenegg name="xosd" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="An interface to the XOSD (On Screen Display) library"/>
     806<chickenegg name="PS-tk" license="BSD" author="Nils M Holm [Chicken: Kon Lovett]" description="PS-tk"/>
     808<chickenegg name="slang" license="MIT" author="Tony Sidaway <>" description="Bindings for slang text-based user interface library."/>
     810<chickenegg name="ncurses" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="An interface to the UNIX <code>ncurses</code> package"/>
    195819<chickenegg name="fp" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="An interpreter/translator for a dialect of John Backus' FP language"/>
     821<chickenegg name="tcc" license="BSD" author="[[felix winkelmann]]" description="Accessing the Tiny C compiler from Scheme"/>
     823<chickenegg name="sassy" license="LGPL" author="Jonathan Kraut" description="A portable 32-bit assembler for x86 processors"/>
     825<chickenegg name="crunch" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="A restricted statically typed subset of Scheme"/>
     827<chickenegg name="inline" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Use compiled code inside interpreter scripts"/>
     829<chickenegg name="lightning" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="An interface to GNU Lightning"/>
     838<chickenegg name="syntactic-closures" license="MIT" author="Alan Bawden, Chris Hanson" description="Hygienic macros with syntactic closures"/>
     840<chickenegg name="simplify" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="simplifies macroexpand code"/>
     842<chickenegg name="syntax-case" license="MIT" author="R. Kent Dybvig, Oscar Waddell, Bob Hieb, Carl Bruggeman" description="Portable syntax-case macro and module system"/>
     844<chickenegg name="alexpander" license="BSD" author="Al Petrofsky" description="A syntax-rules macro-expander"/>
     846<chickenegg name="riaxpander" license="public domain, with one file under modified BSD" author="Taylor R Campbell (with one file written by Jonathan A Rees)" description="Flexible macro expander"/>
     855<chickenegg name="args" license="BSD" author="Zbigniew" description="Command-line argument handling, on top of SRFI 37"/>
     857<chickenegg name="eopl" license="unknown" author="various" description="Support code for the book 'Essentials of Programming Languages'"/>
     859<chickenegg name="logo" license="Creative Commons" author="Arthur Nunes-Harwitt" description="A small Logo implementation"/>
     861<chickenegg name="peep" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Explore the compiler's symbol database"/>
     863<chickenegg name="tool" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Simplified command-line parsing"/>
     865<chickenegg name="svn-post-commit-hooks" license="GPL" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Convenience functions for creating applications that run as post-commit hooks for a Subversion repository."/>
     867<chickenegg name="svn-client" license="Public Domain" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="A wrapper around Subversion's libsvn_client C library."/>
     869<chickenegg name="logging" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Logging Facility"/>
     871<chickenegg name="srfi-29" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Localization"/>
     873<chickenegg name="srfi-34" license="SRFI" author="ben" description="SRFI-34: Exception Handling for Programs"/>
     875<chickenegg name="srfi-37" license="BSD" author="Anthony Carrico" description="A simple and flexible command-line option parsing facility"/>
     877<chickenegg name="free-gettext" license="BSD" author="Alex Shinn" description="Binary-compatible flexible gettext reimplementation"/>
     879<chickenegg name="gettext" license="Public Domain" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Wrapper around the gettext API for translating messages."/>
    211881<chickenegg name="egg-post-commit" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Maintenance tool for egg repository management and upload"/>
     883<chickenegg name="args-doc" license="public domain" author="Ivan Shmakov" description="Formatting GNU-style help messages"/>
     885<chickenegg name="runcmd" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Convenience macros for invoking shell commands"/>
     887<chickenegg name="currency-converter" license="GPL" author="Jean-Philippe Theberge" description="Perform currency conversion"/>
     889<chickenegg name="tabexpand" license="LGPL" author="Neil W. van Dyke" description="Tab Character Expansion in Scheme"/>
     891<chickenegg name="numspell" license="LGPL" author="Neil van Dyke" description="Spelling Numbers as English in Scheme"/>
     900<chickenegg name="synch" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Synchronization Forms"/>
     902<chickenegg name="mailbox" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann and kon lovett" description="Thread-safe queues with timeout"/>
     904<chickenegg name="futures" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Concurrent evaluation of expressions"/>
    228 </table>
     913<chickenegg name="url" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="URL (RFC 1739) parsing"/>
     915<chickenegg name="structures" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="A module system inspired by SML structures and Taylor Campbell's lexmod module system"/>
     917<chickenegg name="matcher" license="BSD" author="Andre van Tonder; ported to CHICKEN by Dale Jordan" description="Match extension to srfi-57"/>
     919<chickenegg name="srfi-57" license="SRFI" author="Andre van Tonder" description="[[|SRFI-57]] records"/>
     921<chickenegg name="simple-macros" license="SRFI" author="Andre van Tonder" description="Simple, hygienic macros and portable modules (SRFI-72 compliant)"/>
     923<chickenegg name="format" license="Public Domain" author="Dirk Lutzebeck" description="Common-Lisp style formatted output"/>
     925<chickenegg name="test-infrastructure" license="BSD" author="Peter Keller & Kon Lovett" description="Unit-testing framework"/>
     927<chickenegg name="oblist" license="BSD" author="[[felix winkelmann]]" description="Obtain list of all interned symbols and variables"/>
     929<chickenegg name="sqlite" license="BSD" author="Lars Rustemeier, with some modifications by [[felix winkelmann]]" description="A wrapper for the SQLite database engine"/>
     931<chickenegg name="r6rs-libraries" license="SRFI" author="Andre van Tonder and felix" description="Simple, hygienic macros (SRFI-72 compliant) and R6RS (draft) libraries"/>
     933<chickenegg name="proplist" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Provides property list operations"/>
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