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    9595Scheme cognoscenti will appreciate the method of compilation and the
    9696design of the runtime-system, which follow closely Henry Baker's
    97 [[|CONS Should Not
     97[[|CONS Should Not
    9898CONS Its Arguments, Part II: Cheney on the M.T.A.]] paper and expose a
    9999number of interesting properties.
    188188  installable from the App Store.
    189189* On Windows, you have three choices:
    190 * Cygwin ([[]]) provides a relatively
     190* Cygwin ([[]]) provides a relatively
    191191  full-featured Unix environment for Windows.  CHICKEN works
    192192  substantially the same in Cygwin and Unix.
    193193* The GNU Compiler Collection has been ported to Windows, in the
    194   MinGW system ([[]]). Unlike Cygwin,
     194  MinGW system ([[]]). Unlike Cygwin,
    195195  executables produced with MinGW do not need the Cygwin DLLs in order
    196196  to run.   MSYS is a companion package to MinGW; it provides a minimum
    219219window (Windows: Command Prompt, OSX: Terminal, Linux/Unix: xterm) for
    220220using the interpreter and/or invoking the compiler.  If you install one
    221 of the line editing extensions (e.g., [[/egg/breadline|breadline]],
    222 [[/egg/parley|parley]], [[/egg/linenoise|linenoise]]), you have some
     221of the line editing extensions (e.g., [[/egg/breadline|breadline]], [[/egg/linenoise|linenoise]]), you have some
    223222useful command line editing features in the interpreter (e.g., Emacs
    224223or vi-compatible line editing, customization).
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