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     575=== Testing new eggs before publishing them
     577The initial setup of a new egg is relatively tricky.  Some details have to be
     578properly configured before the official release.  For example:
     580* The .release-info file must be publicly available, so that [[/egg/henrietta-cache|henrietta-cache]] can access it.
     581* The syntax of the .release-info file must be correct, and the releases and tarballs it points to must be consistent.
     582* The egg code must be compilable and installable.  Usually you test it from the local source code repository, which can be in a different state from the remote source repository -- that leads to problems when making the egg available.
     583* The egg metadata must be properly specified (e.g., dependencies) -- that's another thing that can cause problems if the egg is tested with the CHICKEN installation that is used for development (on which environment the dependencies are already installed, thus missing specification of dependencies go unnoticed).
     585Manually testing all these aspects can be boring and prone to mistakes.  To make the life of egg authors easier, we have a tool to test initial versions of eggs: [[/egg/test-new-egg|test-new-egg]].  Using it is very easy: just install it (via chicken-install) and provide the URI for the .release-info file as argument to it:
     587  $ test-new-egg <.release-info file's URI>
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