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    7070==== Proposed libraries [incomplete]
    72 Let's follow R7RS for these:
    74 * chicken.base
    75 *
    76 * chicken.char
    77 * chicken.complex
    78 * chicken.cxr
    79 * chicken.eval
    80 * chicken.file
    81 * chicken.inexact
    82 * chicken.lazy
    83 * chicken.load
    84 * chicken.process-context
    85 *
    86 * chicken.repl
    87 * chicken.time (need this? want this?)
    88 * chicken.write
     72Refer to the concrete reorganization plan [[/core-libraries-reorganization|here]].
    9074What will we do with the SRFIs we implement?  It would make sense to
    10892* If we get rid of dots, then it's just {{srfi-2}} without special-casing it as the R7RS egg apparently does right now.
    109 ** I don't quite understand this comment. {{srfi.2}} will map without special casing, is that what's meant by that? -- eh
    111 The list below is just a proposal, can be changed at any time.  We
    112 should also keep an eye on R7RS WG2, which may define a few things
    113 CHICKEN currently defines already.
    115 See also the concrete proposal taking shape
    116 [[/core-libraries-reorganization|here]], which subsumes the following.
    118 ; chicken.modules : module, import, export, reexport, define-interface, module-environment, functor, use
    119 ; chicken.types : {{:}}, the, assume, define-type, define-specialization, compiler-typecase
    120 ; chicken.reader-extensions : set-read-syntax!, set-sharp-read-syntax!, set-parameterized-read-syntax!, copy-read-table, current-read-table (perhaps re-export define-reader-ctor?)
    121 ; chicken.fixnum : fx+, fx-, fx/, fx*, fx<, fx<=, fx=, fx>, fx>=, fxand, fxeven?, fxior, fxmax, fxmin, fxmod, fxneg, fxnot, fxodd?, fxshl, fxshr, fxxor, fixnum-bits(?), fixnum-precision, most-positive-fixnum,  most-negative-fixnum, fixnum-bits, fixnum-precision, fixnum?
    122 ; chicken.flonum : fp+, fp-, fp/, fp*, fp<, fp<=, fp=, fp>, fp>=, fpfloor, fpceiling, fptruncate, fpround, fpsin, fpcos, fptan, fpasin, fpacos, fpatan, fpatan2 (?), fplog, fpexp, fpexpt, fpsqrt, fpabs, fpinteger?, maximum-flonum, minimum-flonum, flonum-radix, flonum-epsilon, flonum-precision, flonum-decimal-precision, flonum-maximum-exponent, flonum-minimum-exponent, flonum-maximum-decimal-exponent, flonum-minimum-decimal-exponent, flonum?
    123 ; chicken.syntax : er-macro-transformer, ir-macro-transformer, gensym(?), expand (is this useful at all?), get-line-number, strip-syntax.
    124 ; chicken.bitwise : the subset of srfi-60 we support: bit-set?, bitwise-and, bitwise-not, bitwise-ior, bitwise-xor.  Possibly complete it with the remaining operations, and call it just "srfi-60"?
    125 ; chicken.ports : The current stuff in ports, except for the string ports in scheme.base (also, see below).  Perhaps get rid of port-fold, copy-port, port, map, port-for-each?
    126 ; chicken.exceptions (or srfi-12?  Would make more sense, but what about our extensions?  Put those in chicken.srfi-12?) : All the exception handling stuff.
    127 ; chicken.load : If we want to keep them, load-noisily, load-relative, load-library
    128 ; chicken.format : {{[fs]?printf}}, format (do we need this?), pp, pretty-print, pretty-print-width
     93** I think we should just support both. -- eh
    13095* If you put {{use}} in a module, how do you get access to that module?  I favor the R7RS solution, in which {{import}} does what Chicken {{use}} does, and is special-cased in terms of the module system so that it is always available.  --John Cowan
    13398* There will be R7RS (scheme fixnum) and (scheme flonum) modules.  I'm currently proposing to base the fixnums on R6RS and the flonums on {{math.h}} (not the egg of that name, but the whole C interface).  --John Cowan
    13499** That sounds like they'll be somewhat different from the list of identifiers we have.  And it will take a while before it's finalized I guess, so it's safer to define our own and later add the r7rs versions if we deem it acceptable. --Peter Bex
    137101==== Proposed removal from core
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