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The version clashes are easily solved

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    245245emergency bugfix releases, but these could be continued on a different
    246246branch (release-info only takes into account tarballs which get
    247 generated from a tag name, after all!).  The version tags would clash,
    248 though: an egg has released 1.0, 1.2 and 1.3 for CHICKEN 4, and then
    249 releases 1.4 which is for CHICKEN 5.  This means we're forced to make
    250 a bugfix release as 1.3.1, for example.  This could work for most
    251 simpler eggs.
     247generated from a tag name, after all!).
     249To prevent version tag clashes, the egg's major version should be
     250bumped for CHICKEN 5.  Let's take for example an egg which has
     251released 1.0, 1.2 and 1.3 for CHICKEN 4.  If we bump the major
     252version, we can release 2.0, 2.1, etc for CHICKEN 5.  If an important
     253bugfix needs to be made for the CHICKEN 4 version, we can continue
     254with 1.4.  If we don't bump the major version, the egg would be forced
     255to use micro version numbers for those, like 1.3.1.  Both approaches
     256are fine, depending on how much effort is expected to be put into the
     257"old" branch.
    253259The old release-info file will be untouched and continue to be used by
    254 the CHICKEN 4 version of Henrietta-cache.  For CHICKEN 5, a new file is
    255 made (ie myegg.chicken-5.release-info) which starts out empty.
     260the CHICKEN 4 version of Henrietta-cache.  For CHICKEN 5, a new file
     261is made (ie myegg.chicken-5.release-info) which starts out empty, and
     262as new releases are made will continue with the number where the
     263CHICKEN 4 branch left off.
    257265==== Rework each egg's release namespace
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