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Add a note about scsh-process and SRE

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    1414** Provide hooks in the garbage collector to implement native threading
    1515* Allow for less copying when dealing with blobs, particularly when transferring to/from the FFI. I'd like to be able to take a void*+size_t pair from C and wrap it as a chicken blob that I can then view as a string or as an SRFI-4 vector with a make-.../shared call - and have a finalizer so that an arbitrary C callback (such a free) is invoked when the blob is GCed. This will make blob-shuffling apps such as Ugarit use less CPU and RAM.
    16 * Add a compatibility module for the core of scsh.
     16* Add a compatibility module for the core of scsh. - ''There's support for scsh's SRE syntax in core and support for its process forms and most process-related procedures in the [[/egg/scsh-process|scsh-process egg]] (sjamaan)''
    1717* Weak References
    1818* An better escape for C compiler options on the csc command line: Most configure scripts like ''sdl-config'' will output more flags than are currently recognised by csc as compiler flags. A more general approach could use '''--''' as a separator for C compiler/linker flags:
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