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gazette 20: organizing the description for new extensions (Hatching Farm section)

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    77The following new extensions were added:
    9 * [[egg:hen|hen]]: Adding hen dir for Joseph Gay. ([[user:mario-domenech-goulart|Mario Domenech Goulart]])
    10 * [[egg:canvas-draw|canvas-draw]]: [canvas-draw] Created new egg directory ([[user:thomas-chust|Thomas Chust]])
    11 * [[egg:bindings|bindings]]: bindings 0.1 ([[user:felix-winkelmann|Felix Winkelmann]])
    12 * [[egg:tuples|tuples]]: tuples 0.1 ([[user:felix-winkelmann|Felix Winkelmann]])
    13 * [[egg:egg-locations|egg-locations]]: Move egg-locations to release/4 to allow for separate egg listings per major Chicken release ([[user:peter-bex|Peter Bex]])
    14 * [[egg:multidoc|multidoc]]: The return of zombie multidoc. Do not use this, or terrible things will happen. ([[user:ivan-raikov|Ivan Raikov]])
    15 * [[egg:srfi-71|srfi-71]]: some stupid created the srfi-71 at the wrong place ([[user:mario-domenech-goulart|Mario Domenech Goulart]])
    16 * [[egg:svn-egg-author|svn-egg-author]]: Add egg 'svn-egg-author' to make it easier for people still using svn to tag/release eggs ([[user:peter-bex|Peter Bex]])
    17 * [[egg:memcached|memcached]]: initial import of memcached client interface ([[user:ivan-raikov|Ivan Raikov]])
    18 * [[egg:tree-rewrite|tree-rewrite]]: initial import of tree-rewrite, an adaptation of Oleg Kiselyov's term rewriting system PostL ([[user:ivan-raikov|Ivan Raikov]])
     9* [[egg:hen|hen]]: a [[|beanstalk]] client (Joseph Gay).
     10* [[egg:canvas-draw|canvas-draw]]: bindings to the CanvasDraw graphics library ([[user:thomas-chust|Thomas Chust]])
     11* [[egg:bindings|bindings]]: a light-weight alternative to the matchable egg together with some enhancements, in particular the bind macro, which is Common Lisp's destructuring-bind ([[user:felix-winkelmann|Felix Winkelmann]])
     12* [[egg:tuples|tuples]]: tuples datastructure (Juergen Lorenz, packed as an egg by [[user:felix-winkelmann|Felix Winkelmann]])
     13* [[egg:srfi-71|srfi-71]]: [[|SRFI 71]] (Extended LET-syntax for multiple values) implementation ([[user:evan-hanson|Evan Hanson]])
     14* [[egg:svn-egg-author|svn-egg-author]]: a set of tools for egg authors who host their code in Subversion repositories ([[user:peter-bex|Peter Bex]])
     15* [[egg:memcached|memcached]]: procedures that implement the client side of the [[|Memcached]] protocol ([[user:ivan-raikov|Ivan Raikov]])
     16* [[egg:tree-rewrite|tree-rewrite]]: an adaptation of Oleg Kiselyov's term rewriting system PostL ([[user:ivan-raikov|Ivan Raikov]])
    2018The following new versions have been released:
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