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gazette issue 19: moved discount to the new eggs section, updated description for ssql and cvjm.

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    r23200 r23224  
    3434* [[egg:udp6|udp6]]: UDP for IPv6 ([[user:jim-ursetto|Jim Ursetto]])
    3535* [[egg:tcp6|tcp6]]: TCP for IPv6 ([[user:jim-ursetto|Jim Ursetto]])
    36 * [[|cvjm]]: initial import - unfinished, experimental, incomplete ([[user:felix-winkelmann|Felix Winkelmann]])
    3736* [[egg:spock|spock]]: a compiler and runtime system for R5RS in JavaScript environments ([[user:felix-winkelmann|Felix Winkelmann]])
    3837* [[egg:simple-sha1|simple-sha1]]: an alternative SHA1 implementation ([[user:felix-winkelmann|Felix Winkelmann]])
    4241* [[egg:contracts|contracts]]: Design by Contract programming support (Juergen Lorenz)
    4342* [[egg:er-macros|er-macros]]: syntactic sugar for simplifying ER macro transformer definitions (Juergen Lorenz)
    44 * [[egg:ssql|ssql]]: ported from Chicken 3 ([[user:moritz-heidkamp|Moritz Heidkamp]])
     43* [[egg:ssql|ssql]]: SQL as S-expressions. Ported from Chicken 3 ([[user:moritz-heidkamp|Moritz Heidkamp]])
    4544* [[egg:feature-test|feature-test]]: provides foreign feature testing macros and read-syntax ([[user:jim-ursetto|Jim Ursetto]])
    4645* [[egg:ssql-postgresql|ssql-postgresql]]: separated the postgresql transformer from the main ssql egg ([[user:moritz-heidkamp|Moritz Heidkamp]])
    4746* [[egg:sexp-diff|sexp-diff]]: a port of the [[|Racket library]] ([[user:felix-winkelmann|Felix Winkelmann]])
    4847* [[egg:zlib|zlib]]: zlib bindings for Chicken. zlib is a popular data compression library that uses the DEFLATE algorithm internally. It is defined in [[|RFC 1950]] (Joseph Gay)
     48* [[egg:discount|discount]]: bindings to the Discount library, which is a Markdown parser to HTML written in C, ([[|Stephen Eilert]])
     49* [[|cvjm]]: a compiler that translates Java ".class" files into Scheme ([[user:felix-winkelmann|Felix Winkelmann]])
    5051The following new versions have been released:
    132133* [[egg:fmt|fmt]] '''0.705''': tag 0.705 ([[user:jim-ursetto|Jim Ursetto]])
    133134* [[egg:udp|udp]] '''1.16''': udp release 1.16 ([[user:ivan-raikov|Ivan Raikov]])
    134 * [[egg:discount|discount]] '''0.1''': - Tagging version 0.1 (outworlder)
    135135* [[egg:spock|spock]] '''0.01''': still broken, but at least useful for experimentation ([[user:felix-winkelmann|Felix Winkelmann]])
    136136* [[egg:bind|bind]] '''0.98''': rm'd stupid check (thanks to ckeen) ([[user:felix-winkelmann|Felix Winkelmann]])
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