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    56== 0. Introduction
    78Welcome to issue 19 of the Chicken Gazette.
    9 == 1. The Hatching Farm
     10== 1. Save The Gazette
     12As you may have noticed the Gazette hasn't been updated in a
     13while. This is bad as we feel it is a good way to communicate to the
     14outside world what's going on inside Chicken and thus would like to
     15keep it alive. However since it is a volunteer effort it is difficult
     16to keep the regular schedule up. In order to improve this we need your
     17help! If you like Chicken and have some spare time on the weekend,
     18please don't hestitate to contact us through the mailing list or IRC
     19to get involved in authoring the Gazette. Another way to help is by
     20contributing tools for automation of the tedious parts. For more
     21information see
     23Alaric's appeal on the mailing list]]
     24as well as [[wiki:gazette|the Gazette wiki page]]. Thanks!
     26== 2. The Hatching Farm
    1128The following new extensions were added:
    13 * [[egg:gts|gts]]: Initial import of gts, bindings for the GNU Triangulated Surface library ([[user:ivan-raikov|Ivan Raikov]])
    14 * [[egg:netstring|netstring]]: behold, the netstring egg is coming ([[user:moritz-heidkamp|Moritz Heidkamp]])
    15 * [[egg:mongrel2|mongrel2]]: initial import ([[user:moritz-heidkamp|Moritz Heidkamp]])
    16 * [[egg:udp6|udp6]]: Initial import of socket, tcp6, udp6 extensions ([[user:jim-ursetto|Jim Ursetto]])
    17 * [[egg:socket|socket]]: Initial import of socket, tcp6, udp6 extensions ([[user:jim-ursetto|Jim Ursetto]])
    18 * [[egg:tcp6|tcp6]]: Initial import of socket, tcp6, udp6 extensions ([[user:jim-ursetto|Jim Ursetto]])
    19 * [[egg:cvjm|cvjm]]: imported cvjm - unfinished, experimental, incomplete ([[user:felix-winkelmann|Felix Winkelmann]])
    20 * [[egg:spock|spock]]: imported spock ([[user:felix-winkelmann|Felix Winkelmann]])
    21 * [[egg:simple-sha1|simple-sha1]]: imported simple-sha1 egg prepared by mario ([[user:felix-winkelmann|Felix Winkelmann]])
    22 * [[egg:medea|medea]]: initial import of the medea JSON parser based on genturfa'i ([[user:moritz-heidkamp|Moritz Heidkamp]])
    23 * [[egg:usage|usage]]: importing ([[user:mario-domenech-goulart|Mario Domenech Goulart]])
    24 * [[egg:gazette-tools|gazette-tools]]: added ([[user:mario-domenech-goulart|Mario Domenech Goulart]])
    25 * [[egg:contracts|contracts]]: imported hidden eggs by jugilo ([[user:felix-winkelmann|Felix Winkelmann]])
    26 * [[egg:er-macros|er-macros]]: imported hidden eggs by jugilo ([[user:felix-winkelmann|Felix Winkelmann]])
    27 * [[egg:ssql|ssql]]: port to chicken 4 and remove prometheud dependency ([[user:moritz-heidkamp|Moritz Heidkamp]])
    28 * [[egg:feature-test|feature-test]]: import feature-test extension ([[user:jim-ursetto|Jim Ursetto]])
    29 * [[egg:ssql-postgresql|ssql-postgresql]]: ssql: move ssql-pgsql into a separate egg to remove the postgresql dependency and rename it to ssql-postgresql in the course to match with awful-postgresql and autoform-postgresql ([[user:moritz-heidkamp|Moritz Heidkamp]])
    30 * [[egg:sexp-diff|sexp-diff]]: added sexp-diff, stolen from racket-unstable ([[user:felix-winkelmann|Felix Winkelmann]])
     30* [[egg:gts|gts]]: bindings for the GNU Triangulated Surface library ([[user:ivan-raikov|Ivan Raikov]])
     31* [[egg:netstring|netstring]]: parsing and emitting of [[|netstrings]] ([[user:moritz-heidkamp|Moritz Heidkamp]])
     32* [[egg:mongrel2|mongrel2]]: experimental [[|Mongrel2]] handler library ([[user:moritz-heidkamp|Moritz Heidkamp]])
     33* [[egg:socket|socket]]: an interface for the BSD socket API ([[user:jim-ursetto|Jim Ursetto]])
     34* [[egg:udp6|udp6]]: UDP for IPv6 ([[user:jim-ursetto|Jim Ursetto]])
     35* [[egg:tcp6|tcp6]]: TCP for IPv6 ([[user:jim-ursetto|Jim Ursetto]])
     36* [[|cvjm]]: initial import - unfinished, experimental, incomplete ([[user:felix-winkelmann|Felix Winkelmann]])
     37* [[egg:spock|spock]]: a compiler and runtime system for R5RS in JavaScript environments ([[user:felix-winkelmann|Felix Winkelmann]])
     38* [[egg:simple-sha1|simple-sha1]]: an alternative SHA1 implementation ([[user:felix-winkelmann|Felix Winkelmann]])
     39* [[egg:medea|medea]]: a JSON parser based on [[egg:genturfahi|genturfa'i]] ([[user:moritz-heidkamp|Moritz Heidkamp]])
     40* [[egg:usage|usage]]: create CLI usage messages ([[user:mario-domenech-goulart|Mario Domenech Goulart]])
     41* [[egg:gazette-tools|gazette-tools]]: automation tools for the Chicken Gazette ([[user:mario-domenech-goulart|Mario Domenech Goulart]])
     42* [[egg:contracts|contracts]]: Design by Contract programming support (Juergen Lorenz)
     43* [[egg:er-macros|er-macros]]: syntactic sugar for simplifying ER macro transformer definitions (Juergen Lorenz)
     44* [[egg:ssql|ssql]]: ported from Chicken 3 ([[user:moritz-heidkamp|Moritz Heidkamp]])
     45* [[egg:feature-test|feature-test]]: provides foreign feature testing macros and read-syntax ([[user:jim-ursetto|Jim Ursetto]])
     46* [[egg:ssql-postgresql|ssql-postgresql]]: separated the postgresql transformer from the main ssql egg ([[user:moritz-heidkamp|Moritz Heidkamp]])
     47* [[egg:sexp-diff|sexp-diff]]: a port of the [[|Racket library]] ([[user:felix-winkelmann|Felix Winkelmann]])
    3249The following new versions have been released:
    133150* [[egg:stalin|stalin]] '''0.11.4''': fix for #537, thank to sjamaan ([[user:felix-winkelmann|Felix Winkelmann]])
    135 == 2. Core development
     152== 3. Core development
    137154[[user:peter-bex|Peter Bex]] added tail-pattern support to
    148165[[user:jim-ursetto|Jim Ursetto]]'s [[ticket:486|ticket #486]]
    149166regarding a problem with the {{tcp}} unit got fixed. Also, on the
    150 experimental branch, Jim's patch of [[ticket:505|ticket #505]] got
    151 applied adding the ability to discard input in read-syntax. This makes
    152 it possible to implement something like the {{#;}} syntax inside
    153 Chicken itself. Cool!
     167experimental branch, Jim's patch attached to
     168[[ticket:505|ticket #505]] got applied adding the ability to discard
     169input in read-syntax. This makes it possible to implement something
     170like the {{#;}} syntax inside Chicken itself. Cool!
    155172There are two other notable changes on the experimental branch:
    156 Chicken now links with {{libpthread}} BSD systems Chicken to allow
     173Chicken now links with {{libpthread}} on BSD systems Chicken to allow
    157174linking other libraries that are linked with {{libpthread}}
    158175themselves. The other patch allows using {{(const c-string)}} as a
    163 == 3. Chicken Talk
    164 ...
    166 == 4. Omelette Recipes
     179== 4. Chicken Talk
     181Attention all Windows users:
     183Matt Welland has built an all-in-one installer]]
     184for your platform. This will make it much easier to sneak Chicken into
     185the lair of Microsoft. Thanks a lot Matt!
     189David Dreisigmeyer announced an update of his Chicken REPL for Python]]
     190which is an interesting experiment. Any takers for Ruby?
     193pmarin asked about an offline version of the manual|]] and it was
     194pointed out that you can either use the
     195[[egg:manual-labor|manual-labor egg]] to build a static HTML version
     196of the manual or
     198download it as a PDF]] from Matt Welland's site.
     200Another interesting thread was started by Thomas Hintz about
     202using Amazon S3 with Chicken]]. Apparently it is necessary to
     203calculate HMAC-SHA1 signatures to access it and there is no egg yet to
     204do that. However Thomas said he would create one as well as an S3 egg
     205when he gets around to it.
     207Patrick Li tried to implement a {{macroexpand-all}} function which
     208would expand forms until there are no macros left in it. Unfortunately
     209it turns out that this is not possible for the general case with
     210Chicken at the moment but
     212he ended up with a solution that does as much as is possible]].
     215A longish thread unspun about svnwiki]] started by Paul
     216Nelson. Unfortunately, svnwiki has not been ported to Chicken 4 so far
     217and since Chicken 3 is deprecated [[user:peter-bex|Peter Bex]] advised
     218him to switch to [[egg:qwiki|qwiki]] instead.
     220People interested in other programming languages may like Jack Trade's
     222announcement of the Pointless Programming Language Reference]]. It
     223"features 1,875 solutions to 400 common programming tasks in 7
     224languages" and Chicken is one of them!
     226Moritz Heidkamp gave a Lisp workshop with a Chicken focus at the
     227[[|C4 in Cologne, Germany]] on March 12. A report
     228on it (including the slides used for the presentation)
     230found in the mailing list archive]]. Another event at the same
     231location took place from March 18 to 20 which was basically a Chicken
     232hacking weekend (as [[|
     233announced on the mailing list]]). Expect a report on that soon!
     236Finally, Tobia Conforto did [[|an informal benchmark of different programming language implementations]]
     237printing "Hello, world" to standard out with Chicken scoring quite
     238well. Although it may seem silly at first it makes sense to compare
     239startup overhead of the different implementations which can be
     240relevant for short and simple programs.
     243== 5. Omelette Recipes
    168245Some time ago I decided I wanted to produce some
    368445Go, make pretty things!
    370 == 5. About the Chicken Gazette
     447== 6. About the Chicken Gazette
    372449The Gazette is produced occasionally by a volunteer from the Chicken
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