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    5555* [[user:peter-bex|Peter Bex]] worked hard on [[egg:crypt|crypt]] the
    5656  last weeks
    57 * [[user:alan-post|Alan Post]] put tremendous effort into bug fixes in
     57* [[|Alan Post]] put tremendous effort into bug fixes in
    5858  [[egg:genturfahi|genturfahi]].
    114114== 3. Chicken Talk
     116Christian Kellermann
     118that he has set up a [[egg:salmonella|salmonella]] instance for
     119Chicken's experimental branch
     120[[|on his server]]. If
     121you are an egg maintainer and would like to know whether your eggs
     122will break with the upcoming Chicken, check out the reports. Christian
     123is going to move the installation over to once the
     124configuration has stabilized.
     127David Dreisigmeyer had a nice surprise for the mailing list last
     128week. After
     130a few suspicious
     132about embedding Chicken he came out with
     133[[|a Chicken REPL embedded in a Python REPL]]. Now
     134that's nice!
     136Sandro Schugk
     137[[|kicked off a discussion]]
     138about the type relationship of lists and pairs, featuring insightful
     139comparisons with Common Lisp's view of this affair as well as an
     140[[|ASCII art type diagram]]
     141by [[user:thomas-chust|Thomas Chust]].
     143Vilson Vieira
     144[[|found a shortcoming]]
     145in [[egg:bind|bind]]'s typedef parsing. Felix Winkelmann announced to
     146implement the missing functionality as soon as he gets
     147[[|around to it]]. Judging
     148by [[|Vilson's site]] we can probably hold our
     149breaths for something really cool to come out of this!
     151Finally, [[|Alan Post]] (again)
     152[[|uncovered a problem]]
     153while working on his infamous parser [[egg:genturfahi|genturfahi]]. It
     154turned out to be
     155[[|caused by a bug]]
     156in [[egg:matchable|matchable]]'s recently added tail-pattern
     157support. [[user:alex-shinn|Alex Shinn]] has promised to fix it as soon
     158as possible. Thanks Alan for shaking out yet another bug and thanks
     159Alex for your continued great job on your Scheme libraries!
    116162== 4. Omelette Recipes
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