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gazette #18: core development added, some eggs also since I was at it

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    99== 1. The Hatching Farm
     11Egg tickets fixed:
     13* [[ticket:480|Ticket #480]] utf8 egg noop->void in experimental branch.
     14* [[ticket:476|Ticket #476]] unix-sockets missing (require-library posix)
     15* [[ticket:477|Ticket #477]] unix-sockets using obsolete pointer type
     16* [[ticket:471|Ticket #471]] (message-digest tests fail
     17* [[ticket:470|Ticket #470]] locale egg should rename getenv calls
     18* [[ticket:468|Ticket #468]] MAGIC-LIMIT is undefined in lookup-table
    1120== 2. Core development
     22We part from the following bugs:
     24* [[ticket:484|Ticket #484]] -scrutinize not properly expanding match macro, reported by Alan Post.
     25* [[ticket:479|Ticket #479]] bind egg should support ___blob
     26* [[ticket:466|Ticket #466]] csc -gui broken (OS X)
     28But also the core has been busy:
     30[[ticket:439|CR439]] has been added by [[user:peter-bex|Peter Bex]] as
     31voting time is up and noone spoke (against it).
     33A Bug related ##sys#unblock-threads-for-i/ has been reported by
     34[[user:jim-ursetto|Jim Ursetto]] and fixed in experimental.
     36A new function called ''condition->list'' has been added to the
     37library. This allows programmatical conversion and handling of
     38conditions without knowledge of the inner structure of conditions.
     40Of course some entries have been missing again from the types.db,
     41reported by [[user:kon-lovett|Kon Lovett]].
     43''(compile-file)'' now returns ''#f'' on error.
     45The default ''trace-buffer'' size is now 16.
     47[[user:sven-hartrumpf|Sven Hartrumpf]] provided a patch to the
     48''make-dist'' helper scripts fixing the deprecated ''getenv''
     49procedure, the new one is named ''get-environment-variable''.
     51''__byte_vector'' has been marked deprecated. ''__blob'' has been
     52added to bind.
     54The ''-gui'' option has been fixed, as it tried to link with
     55chicken.rc.o on all platforms. Thanks to ddp for reporting that.
     57Taylor Venable has reported serious breakage in the accumulated
     58profiling code, thanks!
     60[[user:christian-kellermann|Christian Kellermann]] spotted a problem
     61in the newly changed equal? patch.
     63Kon also spotted inefficient type checks for the 64 bit
     64integers. Felix fixed it, then Sven provided a patch for broken
     65integer64 type checks.
     67[[user:felix-winkelmann|Felix Winkelmann]] appeaced some compiler
     68warnings in the runtime code, apart from being busy appllying all the
     69patches :)
     71Jules Altfas spotted that ''vector-copy!'' was missing from
     72''types.db''. Good catch!
    1374== 3. Chicken Talk
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