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    133133== 3. Chicken Talk
     135The mailing lists have seen a lot of talk during the last few
     136weeks. David Dreisigmeyer started a few threads about problems he
     137encountered when
     138[[|compiling Chicken with LLVM's clang]]
     139and when
     140[[|trying to use SWIG for bindings]]. Felix
     141noted that SWIG is not really maintained anymore so it is probably
     142better forget about it and use
     143[[manual:Interface to external functions and variables|Chicken's FFI]]
     146[[user:christian-kellermann|Christian Kellermann]] finally got a reply
     147by the [[|FOSDEM]] organizers. Unfortunatley
     148[[|he had to tell us that our application for a booth got rejected this time]]. However,
     149we decided to attend FOSDEM from 5-6 February 2011 anyway, so if you
     150are interested in meeting some Chicken hackers save the date! Although
     151we didn't get a booth, Felix could manage to sneak in a lightning talk
     152about Chicken's implementation strategy (Cheney on the MTA). If that's
     153your kind of thing you should definitely stop by!
     155[[|Matt Welland had some issues]]
     156with [[egg:tinyclos|tinyclos]] on Windows systems. One information may
     157be of interest for the broader Chicken public here: if you want to use
     158a classical object system in a new project you may want to choose
     159[[egg:coops|coops]] over Tiny-CLOS for it is actively worked on and
     160implemented to be very efficient
     162Joe Python posted a
     163[[|Christmas wish for parallel map]],
     164i.e. a way to apply `map` in parallel. Jörg F. Wittenberger replied
     165with some code which allows offloading arbitrary thunks to
     166pthreads. Very interesting hack!
     168Probably the nicest mail of the last few weeks was Nick Gasson's
     169[[|announcement of his work on a SLIME backend for Chicken]]. Check
     170out this issue's Omelette Recipes for details on how to use it.
    135173== 4. Omelette Recipes
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