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    1515== 1. The Hatching Farm
     17The following new egg releases have taken place:
     19* [[user:peter-bex|Peter Bex]]
     20** [[egg:intarweb|intarweb 0.6]] (changed path parameters on cookies)
     21** [[egg:http-client|http-client 0.3]] (fixes related to cookies)
     22** [[egg:sendfile|sendfile 1.7.3]] (update for removed foreign type in development chicken)
     23** [[egg:md5|md5 2.4,]] 2.5 (updates for dev. chicken, made C functions static)
     24** [[egg:sha1|sha1 2.2.2,]] 2.3 (same here)
     25** [[egg:sha2|sha2 2.1.1]] (same here)
     26** [[egg:spiffy|spiffy 4.11]] (enhancements and modularization)
     27* [[user:mario-domenech-goulart|Mario Domenech Goulart]]
     28** [[egg:html-tags|html-tags 0.9]] (enhancements, correct test exit status code)
     29** [[egg:accents-substitute|accents-substitute 0.3]] (turkish support)
     30** [[egg:awful|awful 0.28]] (many enhancements)
     31* [[user:moritz-heidkamp|Moritz Heidkamp]]
     32** [[egg:uri-match|uri-match 0.4]] (cleanup)
     33** [[egg:vandusen|vandusen 0.7]] (irregex support)
     34* [[user:kon-lovett|Kon Lovett]]
     35** [[egg:uuid-ossp|uuid-ossp 1.22]] (version numbering change)
     36* [[user:ivan-raikov|Ivan Raikov]]
     37** [[egg:byte-blob|byte-blob 1.8]] (bugfixes)
     38** [[egg:mpd-client|mpd-client 1.13]] (simplifications)
     39** [[egg:interval-digraph|interval-digraph 1.1,]] 1.2 (enhancements)
     40* [[user:jim-ursetto|Jim Ursetto]]
     41** [[egg:chicken-doc-html|chicken-doc-html 0.2.1,]] 0.2.2 (bugfixes, added missing dependency)
     42** [[egg:atom|atom 0.1.2]] (fixed missing dependency on {{regex}} extension)
     43** [[egg:svnwiki-sxml|svnwiki-sxml 0.2.10]] (missing test-dependency)
     44** [[egg:vector-lib|vector-lib 1.2.1,]] 1.2.2 (missing test-dependency, tests exit with status 1 on test-failure)
     45** [[egg:base64|base64 3.3.1]] (test exit status)
     46** [[egg:rfc3339|rfc3339 0.1.1]] (missing test-dependency, test exit status)
     47** [[egg:regex-literals|regex-literals 1.0.4]] (missing {{regex}} dependency)
     48** [[egg:php-s11n|php-s11n 1.0.3]] (same here)
     49** [[egg:pdf|pdf 1.0.1]] (guess)
     50** [[egg:chicken-doc|chicken-doc 0.4.2]] (indentation tweaks - he takes this stuff seriously! missing {{regex}} dependency)
     51* [[user:alaric-blagrave-snellpym|Alaric Blagrave Snell-Pym]]
     52** [[egg:banterpixra|banterpixra 0.1]] (enhancements)
     53* [[user:felix-winkelmann|Felix Winkelmann]]
     54** [[egg:sequences|sequences 0.1]] (dependency fixes)
     55** [[egg:tinyclos|tinyclos 1.8.4]] (removed use of {{randomize}}, which is broken in the current chicken release)
     56** [[egg:coops|coops 1.1]] (bugfixes)
     57** [[egg:test|test]] (replaced use of {{getenv}})
     58** [[egg:honu|honu 1.6]] (bugfixes)
     59** [[egg:easyffi|easyffi 1.99.5]] (generated code used now removed foreign type {{pointer}})
     60** [[egg:bind|bind 0.92]] (same issue, fixed testcases)
     61** [[egg:cairo|cairo 0.1.8]] (removed {{pointer}} type)
     62** [[egg:sdl|sdl 0.5.2]] (the same)
     63** [[egg:ezxdisp|ezxdisp 2.6]] (same)
     64** [[egg:fast-generic|fast-generic 0.4]] (bugfixes)
     65** [[egg:fps|fps 1.1.4]] (used removed {{getenv}})
     66** [[egg:qt-light|qt-light 0.96]] (added support for changed include-directory in dev. chicken)
     67** [[egg:unix-sockets|unix-sockets 1.5]] (missing import and removed {{pointer}})
     69Extensions that have been added:
     71* [[uer:moritz-heidkamp|Moritz Heidkamp]] is working heavily on an interface to [[|PulseAudio]], a Linux sound server and ''mojo'', a simplified [[egg:ncurses|ncurses]] API.
     72* [[user:christian-kellermann|Christian Kellermann]] released [[egg:isbn|isbn]], which allows parsing ISBN numbers and querying [[]].
     73* [[user:ivan-raikov|Ivan Raikov]] added [[egg:flsim|flsim]], a simple applicative language for numerical simulation.
    1775== 2. Core development
     77Quite a number of bugs have been fixed, namely {{normalize-pathname}} (files unit)
     78and {{time->seconds}} (srfi-18 unit), which returned incorrect results (reported by
     79[[user:alan-post|Alan Post]]).
     81Single-char symbols were not correctly escaped by the printer.
     83[[user:peter-bex|Peter Bex]] discovered a bug in the handling of internal
     84definitions in bodies and kindly provided a fix.
     86Some bugs in the mingw/msys makefiles have been fixed.
     88[[user::kon-lovett|Kon Lovett]] and Julian Altfas pointed out errors in
     89the internal type-database.
     91{{file-creation-mode}} has been added to the {{posix}} unit, in
     92response to the accepted [[Ticket:424|change-request #424]].
     94The [[Ticket:441|change request]] for special handling of procedures
     95in {{equal?}}/{{equal=?}} has been implemented.
     97{{unsigned-integer64}} was not available as a result-type (thanks to
     98[[user:moritz-heidkamp|Moritz Heidkamp]] for pointing this out).
     100The recently added {{-picky}} option has been removed again! It turned out
     101that the generated warnings were incorrect in many cases and situations that
     102ought to be covered where not handled.
     104The build options for {{PROGRAM_PREFIX}} and {{PROGRAM_SUFFIX}} are now
     105applied to all installed directories and files, so it is possible to
     106install multiple CHICKEN versions in the same {{PREFIX}}. The header-files
     107have moved into a subdirectory.
     109The last remnants of support for MS Visual C have been removed. Thank god.
     111The names of toplevel-entry points for library units can now contain
     112arbitrary characters. Since the naming conversion is not backwards
     113compatible, bootstrapping may be a bit tricky.
     115Some useless warnings have been removed.
     117The runtime system now uses ISO C number predicates for detecting NaN
     118and infinity - this change needed quite a number of changes in the
     119headerfiles which hopefully don't break builds too much.
     121In an somewhat overeager cleaning-up spree many deprecated procedures have
     122been removed: {{time->milliseconds}}, {{milliseconds->time}}, {{project}},
     123{{global-ref}} and friends, {{left-section}}, {{right-section}}, {{noop}},
     124{{getenv}} and the {{pointer}}, {{nonnull-pointer}}, {{byte-vector}} and
     125{{nonnull-byte-vector}} foreign types. This broke a number of eggs, but
     126most have been fixed by now.
     128The binary version has been increased. This means all eggs have to be reinstalled
     129(which is advisable anyway, since a lot of things have been changed that may
     130affect binary compatibility).
    19132== 3. Chicken Talk
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