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    88* netcat redirecting tcp ports, with a test framework that uses string ports for test cases
    99* Link dumping app by html-parser and http-client, page scraping
     11=== Topic ideas from the old wiki (alaric's machine)
     13* The chicken way of writing things (read deviations from the standard)
     14** srfi-12
     15** lowlevel macros
     16** the egg system
     17* naming conventions (*, ->, ?, with-, call-with-, etc.)
     18* chicken-install
     19* The power of representing hierarchical data/information as s-expressions (mabye as a preface to the SRE and SXML chapters)
     20* The power of closures. As a case in point, many programmers from other languages will often do things like make a list of tasks to perform, with some kind of record describing the task, with a method of the task class to do the task. As closures begin to sink in, they might make a list of records that contain a 'run me' closure to do the task, and a driver function that performs them. Then eventually, they replace that with a single global reference to a closure that, when called, runs the tasks; and queuing a task is done by making a closure that does the work then calls the old closure from the global ref, etc.
     21* Talk about call/cc, but emphasise that we use it to create tools like coroutines, threads, and signals; emphasise using such tools rather than putting call/cc into your own code willy-nilly, as call/cc needs a lot of thinking about. It's a powerful tool, but sharp.
     22* SREs
     23* SXML/SSAX
     24* "Shell scripting" tasks
     25* C binding example. Someone suggest a simple lib to wrap?
     26* Bitparsing using scheme
     27* spiffy
     28* Filter spam with scheme
     29* openurl-server (simple example for daemonization and a tcp server)
     30* DSLs
     33== TOC proposal
     35=== Introduction
     37[ What Scheme is.  What Chicken is.  What eggs are. ]
     39=== Chicken history
     41=== Getting started
     43==== Installing Chicken
     45[ How to install Chicken on popular operating systems (e.g., Gnu systems, BDSs, Windows).  Mention required tools, installation steps etc. ]
     48==== Chicken tools
     50[ Introduction about the Chicken tools ]
     52===== csi
     54===== csc
     56===== chicken-install
     58===== chicken-uninstall
     60===== chicken-status
     62===== chicken-bug
     64=== "Hello world" programming in Chicken
     66==== A "Hello, world" program
     68[ How to make an executable program in Chicken, both interpreted and compiled. ]
     71==== A "Hello, world" extension
     73[ How to make a module for a "hello, world" extension ]
     76=== Real-world programming in Chicken
     79==== Systems programming
     81[ File manipulation, using Chicken as a replacement for shell scripts, implementing some common shell programs in Chicken etc ]
     84==== Web programming
     86[ Spiffy, SXML/SSAX, Awful, database access ... ]
     89==== Domain Specific Languages
     91==== Binding Chicken to C code
     93==== Embeding Chicken in C applications
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