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  • wiki/man/4/Acknowledgements

    r17815 r18110  
    3333Pearson, Jeronimo Pellegrini, Nicolas Pelletier, Derrell Piper, Carlos
    3434Pita, Robin Lee Powell, Pupeno, Davide Puricelli, presto, Doug Quale,
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    37 Burton Samograd, Reed Sheridan, Ronald Schroeder, Spencer Schumann,
    38 Ivan Shcheklein, Alex Shinn, Ivan Shmakov, Shmul, Tony Sidaway,
    39 Jeffrey B. Siegal, Andrey Sidorenko, Michele Simionato, Volker Stolz,
    40 Jon Strait, Dorai Sitaram, Robert Skeels, Jason Songhurst, Clifford
    41 Stein, Sunnan, Zbigniew Szadkowski, Rick Taube, Nathan Thern, Mike
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    43 Henrik Tramberend, Vladimir Tsichevsky, Neil van Dyke, Sam Varner,
    44 Taylor Venable, Sander Vesik, Jaques Vidrine, Panagiotis Vossos, Shawn
    45 Wagner, Peter Wang, Ed Watkeys, Brad Watson, Thomas Weidner, Goeran
    46 Weinholt, Matthew Welland, Drake Wilson, Joerg Wittenberger, Peter
    47 Wright, Mark Wutka, Richard Zidlicky and Houman Zolfaghari for
    48 bug-fixes, tips and suggestions.
     35Eric Raible, Ivan Raikov, Joel Reymont, Eric Rochester, Paul
     36Romanchenko, Andreas Rottman, David Rush, Lars Rustemeier, Daniel
     37Sadilek, Oskar Schirmer, Burton Samograd, Reed Sheridan, Ronald
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     45Vidrine, Panagiotis Vossos, Shawn Wagner, Peter Wang, Ed Watkeys, Brad
     46Watson, Thomas Weidner, Goeran Weinholt, Matthew Welland, Drake
     47Wilson, Joerg Wittenberger, Peter Wright, Mark Wutka, Richard Zidlicky
     48and Houman Zolfaghari for bug-fixes, tips and suggestions.
    5050CHICKEN uses the "irregex" regular expression package written by Alex Shinn.
  • wiki/man/4/The User's Manual

    r17537 r18110  
    9 This is the manual for Chicken Scheme, version 4.4.0
     9This is the manual for Chicken Scheme, version 4.5.0
    1111; [[Getting started]] : What is CHICKEN and how do I use it?
  • wiki/man/4/Unit library

    r17945 r18110  
    4949<procedure>(fxmin N1 N2)</procedure>
    5050<procedure>(fxmax N1 N2)</procedure>
    51 <procedure>(fx= N1 N2)</procedure>
    52 <procedure>(fx> N1 N2)</procedure>
    53 <procedure>(fx< N1 N2)</procedure>
    54 <procedure>(fx>= N1 N2)</procedure>
    55 <procedure>(fx<= N1 N2)</procedure>
    5651<procedure>(fxand N1 N2)</procedure>
    5752<procedure>(fxior N1 N2)</procedure>
     68==== Fixnum comparison and predicates
     70<procedure>(fxodd? N)</procedure>
     71<procedure>(fxeven? N)</procedure>
     72<procedure>(fx= N1 N2)</procedure>
     73<procedure>(fx> N1 N2)</procedure>
     74<procedure>(fx< N1 N2)</procedure>
     75<procedure>(fx>= N1 N2)</procedure>
     76<procedure>(fx<= N1 N2)</procedure>
     78Comparison of fixnums and predicates on them.
    7380==== fixnum?
    8895==== Arithmetic floating-point operations
     97In safe mode, these procedures throw a type error when given non-float
     98arguments. In unsafe mode, these procedures do not check their
     99arguments. A non-flonum argument in unsafe mode can crash the
    90102<procedure>(fp+ X Y)</procedure>
  • wiki/man/4/Unit regex

    r17537 r18110  
    4040=== glob->regexp
    42 <procedure>(glob->regexp PATTERN)</procedure>
     42<procedure>(glob->regexp PATTERN [SRE?])</procedure>
    4444Converts the file-pattern {{PATTERN}} into a regular expression.
    5656 [-C...]
    5757 ?
     59{{glob->regexp}} returns a regular expression object if the optional
     60argument {{SRE?}} is false or not given, otherwise the SRE of the
     61computed regular expression is returned.
  • wiki/man/4/faq

    r17815 r18110  
    425425{{fx-}} {{fx*}} {{fx/}} {{fxmod}}
    426426{{fx=}} {{fx>}} {{fx>=}} {{fixnum?}} {{fxneg}} {{fxmax}} {{fxmin}}
     427{{fxodd?}} {{fxeven?}}
    427428{{fxand}} {{fxior}} {{fxxor}} {{fxnot}} {{fxshl}} {{fxshr}}
    428429{{finite?}} {{fp=}} {{fp>}} {{fp<}} {{fp>=}} {{fp<=}} {{fpinteger?}}
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